SH FiguArts Shinkenger Figures coming to US Toys’R’Us?!: Can’t post, must check store…

Wow, this is HUGE!!! Why hasn’t this gotten a ton of coverage? Looks like US Super Sentai fans can now purchase SH FiguArts ShinkenRed and ShinkenGold figures from your local Toys’R’Us stores! These are legit, real, Bandai Japan figures, not overpriced Bandai America ripoffs, and now you can buy them someplace other than an obscure specialty shop or online. Not only that, but with a $34.99 sticker price, I believe they might also be slightly cheaper at Toys’R’Us than at the usual set of options available for US Sentai fans.

Here’s how Toys’R’Us described the two figures:

Collectors, here’s a unique opportunity to own a figure from the Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Japanese TV series, now airing in the US as Power Rangers Samurai! This distinct Power Rangers 6 inch Shinkenger Action Figure exhibits ultimate
detail and the highest articulation in the Power Rangers line. The figure has sleek Samurai styling making it stand out from the rest of the pack. Attach the included hand accessories and create a dynamic pose, or make the figure ready for battle with all the gear! The Shinkenger Figure is an essential item for the Power Rangers enthusiast. Collect all figures to discover the Power!

So if I’m reading that description right, then if this becomes popular, they might just add the other Shinkenger figures from the SH FiguArts line. And who knows, this could lead to other SH FiguArts figures being brought over and sold in the US. There are definitely plenty of collectors over here that would buy them. 😛

These six inch figures are $34.99 a piece, and currently are only available in-store (currently out-of-stock for shipping, not eligible for store pick-up). Be sure to check your local Toys’R’Us for availability. I think I might just have to check mine sometime this weekend. 😉

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Author: M.F. Calhoun

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