Go-Kaiger Episode Summaries: Going over Classroom Time to talk about Ahim.

Hey, there are some new episode rumors flying around for Go-Kaiger, looks like we have a bit more story behind some future episode rumors from last week, and this is just a chain of sentence fragments. Anyway, it looks like for episodes 39-41, we’ll have a tribute episodes for Timeranger and Megaranger, and we’ll get to see more of Ahim’s backstory. Let’s see what we can expect from Go-Kaiger next month:

Episode 39: Megaranger Tribute Episode
Kenta has become a teacher at Moroboshi High School. The Gokaiger disguises themselves as high school students and enter Moroboshi High.

Guest starring Ooshiba Hayato as Date Kenta aka MegaRed.

Episode 40: Timeranger Tribute Episode
GojyuuDrill arrives from the future bringing a letter from none other  than, former TimeYellow, Domon. The letter tells the Gokaiger they must  stop a a certain shrine from being destroyed on October 2nd, 2010.  There, on that date, The Gokaiger find the Goseiger and Shinkenger  battling, and they meet a man, Moriyama Mirai.

The episode might explain the Gokaiger’s appearance, or cameo, in the recent Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs Shinkenger: EPIC on Silver Screen. Guest starring Izumi Shuuhei as Domon aka TimeYellow.

Episode 41: Aihm’s backstory episode
Emperor Akudos Ghil, accompanied by his bodyguards Dairandor and  Satsurigu, arrives at the Gigant Horse. He has Damaras imprisoned for  not being able to protect the Prince. Satsurigu begins a horrifying  attack on the Earth, the same force that killed Ahim’s parents, and  destroyed her planet, Planet Famille.

And we also have a few more rumors about future episodes, which are currently pointing to a giant shake-up for Zangyack near the end of the series:

  • Future episodes will feature a Kakuranger tribute (by which time Basco will have gotten more Ultimate Powers), more Joe and Barizorg, Hakase’s  backstory, and the eventual conclusion. (My Note: A big “duh!” on all of these)
  • The final fight may be Basco VS Gokaiger, and will have a “big event” occur with Zangyack.

I wonder what that “big event” could be? And how come Hakase’s backstory is the last one will hear anything about?! As always, these are rumors, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Although one thing I can say for sure: I still don’t want to think about the series concluding anytime ever!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin