Wada Keiichi Comparison video: He’s definitely still got it!

Well, if we can take anything away from the latest episode of Go-Kaiger, it’s that Wada Keiichi is still kick-ass! He’s just as skilled, and overall just as AWESOME as he was in his Dairanger days. Not convinced? Then why don’t you take a look at this comparison video and judge for yourself:

See it now? Heck, he’s probably better now than he was 18 years ago (holy crap, was it really that long ago?! 0.o).

-M.C., the Quantum Twin


Author: henshinhead

I'm a blogger, writer, artiste, gamer, madman, and super-powered being from another dimension. My day involves blogging about geek stuff, building my own little worlds, and saving this world from evil organizations and giant monsters. What's your day like? ;P

1 thought on “Wada Keiichi Comparison video: He’s definitely still got it!”

  1. I agree he’s still got it. I liked this as much, probably more than Tetsuo Kurata’s return in Decade. I say give em both a new henshin hero show! That way toku fans can know the adventure doesn’t end at 25! Hell I’d even watch the further adventures of DaiRanger! Imagine a Sentai where the characters are called to be heroes once more even though they now have careers and kids. “My dad was a …DaiRanger? :O”

    This was so far my favorite episode of GoKaiger not only because all the Ryo awesomeness but also because in a way it finally sold me on Gai. His character has been growing on me slowly but steadily and I think it was this episode that finally put him over for me.

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