Climaz Heroes Fourze Update: Abilities make games that much more fun!

The official blog for the upcoming Namco Bandai game Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze have recently added a list of the new abilites available to the new roster of characters in the game. These new abilities include:

  • Ichigo has the ability to take his opponent skills.
  • Nigo blasts and shock waves have a wide range.
  • V3 is Orange Gauge, he can summon Riderman that will do his Rope Arm attack.
  • Amazon seem to have a super jump (Condor Jump).
  • BLACK and Shadowmoon have long range light attacks.
  • Shadowmoon can use his Satan Saber.
  • RX is a Red Gauged, he can change to the powerful but slow Roborider, or the quick Biorider.
  • Faiz can now use the Crimson Smash as a finisher.

The game will be released at the start of December, for both the PSP and the Wii, for 5981 yen each.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Battle Hero Absolute Ep.6: Greatest Tribute Series EVER!!!

Hey everybody. Today’s been a little dry as far as toku news is concerned (it’s been pouring rain in my hometown, though), so I thought that I would take the time to introduce you guys to a little web series on YouTube called “Battle Hero Absolute”. It’s a creation of Jabronie Pictures, and is perhaps one of the best tokusatsu tribute series I’ve ever seen.

It’s stars Fernando Jay Huerto as the titular Battle Hero, the masked hero destined to defend the world from the Clarion invasion. In the newest episode of the series, Jay travels to Japan on vacation, speding the day touring across Tokyo with his friend Fernando, when he suddenly finds himself loss and with a Clarion on the loose. And to make matters confusing, he mistakes another masked hero, the famous Gun Calibur, for the Clarion in and clashes in a bullets vs. fists fight that you’ve got to see to believe. Will this case of mistaken identity cost Battle Hero everything? Ckeck out the video below to find out!:

Well, what did you think of that?! Makes you wanna go over and subscribe to them right now, doesn’t it?

And yes, he does pull a lot from Kamen Rider. Guy’s a huge fan, can you blame him?

And if I may say, I’m a huge fan of this series. Keep up the good work guys!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

P.S., They have all of the current episodes of this series on a YouTube playlist, so just check out their channel to see all six episodes.