Climaz Heroes Fourze Update: Abilities make games that much more fun!

The official blog for the upcoming Namco Bandai game Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze have recently added a list of the new abilites available to the new roster of characters in the game. These new abilities include:

  • Ichigo has the ability to take his opponent skills.
  • Nigo blasts and shock waves have a wide range.
  • V3 is Orange Gauge, he can summon Riderman that will do his Rope Arm attack.
  • Amazon seem to have a super jump (Condor Jump).
  • BLACK and Shadowmoon have long range light attacks.
  • Shadowmoon can use his Satan Saber.
  • RX is a Red Gauged, he can change to the powerful but slow Roborider, or the quick Biorider.
  • Faiz can now use the Crimson Smash as a finisher.

The game will be released at the start of December, for both the PSP and the Wii, for 5981 yen each.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin


Author: henshinhead

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