Power Rangers Jungle Fury Coming to Nicktoons: This November, Unleash the Beast!

Well, it looks like someone’s finally making good on their promise. šŸ˜›

Nickelodeon announced on Twitter yesterday that their would beĀ a Power Rangers 48-hour marathon, but it’s not for the one you think it is. It’s for Power Rangers Jungle Fury! Check out the original Tweet:

Hey Power Rangers fans, wanna see some of the previous Ranger series? JungleFury joins #Nicktoons on 11/18 at 7pm ET w/ a 48 hr marathon!

For something that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, this is actually HUGE news! While JungleĀ Fury might not be everyone’s favorite season (btw it is one of my personal favorites), they are actually running an older season of Power RangersĀ on Nicktoons, like they said they would, and this could lead to other older seasons seeing new life on this new network. And besides, it’ll be fun to re-watch Jungle Fury, relive all your favorite moments. I plan on trying to catch at least part of it, and you should too! šŸ˜‰ And remember, that’s November 18th at 7 p.m. EST on Nicktoons.

Jungle Beast, Spirit Unleashed!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Power Ranger Super Samurai in 2012: See, I told you they would use it next season!

Can I call it, or can I call it?

It looks like they’ve been saving this for season two. Starting next year, Power Rangers Samurai will resume under the new title of “Power RangersĀ Super Samurai”. It was comfirmed in an interview with Saban Brand’s Kirk Bloomington in the October 2011 Issue of The Licsensing Book OnlineĀ (page 17).

Most likely, this is an indication that they’ve been saving the Super Shinkenger footage for season two, or should I say Super Samurai, and that they’ve been trying to avoidĀ using the vests and the new Megazords/Megazord formations for then. If that is the case, then I’m definitely looking forward to the new Power Rangers Super Samurai!

Wasshoi! (Wait, wrong show.)

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

MyPartyshirt.com sued over unlicensed Power Rangers Halloween Costume: They’ve got the Power, to sue the living you-know-what out of you!

Here’s a little post-Halloween news (that broke Halloween but I couldn’t report on because I had to make a bunch of sprites forĀ a video gameĀ project), and it shows what happens when you piss off sleeping giants using gaudy costumes.

Underdog Endeavors of MyPartyShirt.com, a costume seller website, was sued be SCG Power RangersĀ LLC on October 13th for selling an unlicensed Power Rangers costume. Namely, the one shown below:

Can you say “tacky”?

Anyway, the SCG alleges that the website infringed on their copyrights and trademarks by selling this outfit, and that the website had ignored their cease-and-desist letters. They sell this “Pink Power Rangers Sexy Women’s Costume” without claiming that it is a licensed product. They also sell the “Red Ranger Power Rangers Muscle Costume” and the “Pink Ranger Power Rangers Women’s Costume”, which are both liscenced products and not at question in this suit.

And while the US Copyright Act does not allow “useful articles” such as clothing to be copyrighted, it does allow for “pictoral, graphic, or sculptural” elements to be copyrighted, which puts Underdog Endeavors in the dog house. šŸ˜›