Kamen Rider Fourze Ep.12 Raw: Separated by a creep, or are they?

It’s here! Kamen Rider Fourze Ep.12 raw! In this, we see the KRC struggle to find a way to reach Kengo, while Gentaro and the other guys try to find out what the creepy stalker kid’s next plan is. Will Kengo ever be able to return to Earth? Can they stop the creepy guy whose name I can never remember in time?! Check out the videos below to find out!:

So, now the Kamen Rider Club can official exist! Yay!!

Also, to answer the main question on everone’s mind, at the beginning of the episode where Fourze is trying to propel himself to the moon, the reason he didn’t use his Rocket module to send him out further to the moon was because it would be useless to use the Rockets once he broke Earth’s gravity. Because gravity isn’t a factor in space, the only thing that would propel something forward would be forward momentum, i.e. you would alreasy need to be moving at a fast speed. Fourze wasn’t going fast enough to completely escape Earth’s gravity, so all he could do was go back down. And even outside of Earth’s gravitational field, the Rockets still couldn’t build up his speed because they work on Newton’s Third Law of Motion (Every action causes and equal and opposite reaction), which requires having something behind the rocket for it to “bounce” off of. And without that, you’re just wasting rocket fuel. And that’s your simplified physics lesson of the day!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

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