Go-Kaiger Ep.42 SUB: A heroic past? What is this, I don’t even…

And they’re officially up now. It’s Go-Kaiger Ep.42 Sub! Check it out below:

So, now that Don’s the only one left, will his heroic side finally come out? Can he save Marvelous in time? Or will it all prove to be a sham?  And what of the fate of the others? Tune in next week to find out!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Clearer Gobuster Scans and Buddy Roid personalities revealed.

Hey, we have some clearer versions of the Gobuster scans, and from those we can finally read some of whats on those scan. And from those, we can get a sense of the personalities of the new Buddy Roids, the Gobusters’ partner robots. Well, here’s the new scans:

No new info off of these scans, but there’s a lot more info on these scans:

From the Morphin’ Brace, the Gobusters’ henshin device:
Chida: オーケー!すぐ行く!ところで道を教えてくれないか? “O-ke-! Sugu iku! Tokoro de michi wo oshiete kurenai ka?” “Awright! I’m on my way! By the way, mind telling me how to get there?”
Gorisaki: ここは俺に任せてくれないか?だめか。。。”Koko wa ore ni makasete kurenai ka? Dame ka…” “I can’t just take care of things here? Ah, well…”
Usada: 空から一気に攻撃するよ!”Sora kara ikki ni kougeki suru yo!” “I’ll blast them all down from the air!”

From the SouganBlade:
Chida: あいつら。。。あんなところに選んでいたのか。気をつけろ。 “Aitsura… anna tokoro ni erande ita no ka. Ki wo tsukero.” “I can’t believe it… that’s the place they chose? Be careful.”
Gorisaki: ごめん。敵に気づかれないように、慎重に。”Gomen. Teki ni kidzukarenai you ni, shinchou ni.” “Sorry. Approach with caution, don’t let the enemy see you.”
Usada: 敵の反応をキャッチしてあげたよ!急行しよ!”Teki no hannou wo kyacchi shite ageta yo! Kyuukou shi yo!” “I’ve caught the enemy signal! Full speed ahead!”

So from these. I’m guessing: 1) Chida is the type to quickly jump into action, even if he doesn’t know everything that’s going on, 2) Gorisaki is the cautious type, who prefers working from the sidelines, and 3) Usada is the type to go in guns ‘ablaze. Might not be completely accurate, but we probably shouldn’t expect too much depth from side characters like these.

And that’s the only real new info we’ve managed to pull from these scans, or at least the only things anyone seems to care about. I’d personally like a full translation of these pages, but I don’t know anyone with that much time. Oh well.

Anyway, that’s everything for Gobuster at the moment. If anything else pops up, you know where to go.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Go-Kaiger show and Vs. Gavan movie Super Post: It’s going to be Legend…wait for it…

…Dary! Surprisingly, not a lot of big news for Go-Kaiger from this past week, but there’s still some interesting news for the movie Go-Kaiger Vs. Gavan, and we have new episode summaries for the next two episodes. It’s Don Dogoier the Legendary Hero vs. Damaras, the Strongest Man in Space!

First, here’s the episode summaries for this last episode and the next two (keep in mind that these came out yesterday before anyone saw the episode):

Episode 42: The Strongest Man in Space – 12/11 script: Naruhisa Arakawa / director: Hiroyuki Kato Doc dreads facing enemies and hates fighting. Luka is flabbergasted that he thinks the Zangyack might change their ways. In this fight the enemy targets Doc first. But, instead of facing them, he turns and runs away. Joe bluntly calls him pathetic.

Every time Doc fights now he gets less manly and more uncool. Ahim finds an old magazine with an article about the legendary hero Don Dogoier, looking heroic and brave. He looks just like Doc, so she suspects that they are the same person.

Episode 43: Becoming the Legendary Hero – 12/18 script: Naruhisa Arakawa / director: Hiroyuki Kato Damaras, the strongest man in space, combines forces with Basco and attacks Marvelous and his crew. They don’t see Doc but kidnap the others. Afterward, Doc finally stands up and pursues the enemy.

Episode 44: N/A (12/25) script: Junko Koumura / director: Taro Sakamoto Gai brings a Christmas tree onto the Galleon. The others don’t know about Christmas, so they think the dazzling ornaments are strange. After they learn about Christmas from a picture book, they decide to have a party on the Galleon.

Gai and Luka go out shopping for the party. While they’re out, they meet a group of children decorating for Christmas, including young Sayo. But then the Zangyack appear….

Everybody gets a Christmas episode! And other rumors have the Kakuranger tribute episode after these, which includes the return of Ninjaman!

Anyway, onto movie news!

First, we have this pic from the wrap-up party for the Go-Kaiger Vs. Gavan filming:

Here’s the full Go-Kaiger crew, along with Hosogai Kei who plays Basco da Jorokia, and Ohba Kenji, who reprised all three of his famous toku roles in the movie. The movie comes out January 21st with Blu-Ray/DVD release on March 21st (wow, only a two month turn around; unusual, but wholeheartedly welcomed!).

And we now know what the theme song for the movie will be! And it is (drumroll please)…

…”JUMP!” by Kushida Akira and Matsubara Tsuyoshi! Just like the movie is a crossover between the Super Sentai and Metal Heroes series, the song is a collaboration between Kushida, who sung the Gavan theme song, and Matsubara, who sung the Go-Kaiger theme song. “JUMP!” will be released January 25th.

And that’s everything related to Go-Kaiger, for now. If anything else pops up, I’ll let you know!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider Fourze Ep.14 RAW: Scorpion’s Sting. Hurts like a muzzafuzza.

It’s Kamen Rider Fourze Ep.14! In it, Sonada-sensei unleashes the full power of the Scorpio Zodiarts, while Gentaro struggles to keep Miura from the temptation of the Zodiarts Switch, and to keep fighting despite being poisoned by Scorpio. Check out what happens below:

Well, Scorpio’s been defeated, for now, but is this the last we’ve seen of it? And now that we know that the School’s suspicously handsome Principal is the Libra Zodiarts, how difficult will he be to beat? I guess we’ll see next week, when he unleashes his first Zodiart on Amanogawa high.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Go-Kaiger Ep.42 RAW: Who is Don Dogoier?

Sorry to keep everybody waiting. For regular visitors of the blog, you’ll notice that I’ve been missing for the past week or so. Sorry, this last week was my last week of classes, and I had several BIG projects due around the same time. And after those were done, I just needed some time off. You understand, right?

Anyway, here’s a little something to make up for my weeklong absence, Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger Ep.42. In this episode, we get to see how Hakase/Don-San/Go-KaiGreen came to be a part of the crew, as well as getting a look into his possibly forgotten past, all this while Damaras plots with Basco to capture the pirates! Check it out below:

Oh no! Marvelous is captured?! Don left to fight by himself?! And what happened to the others?!! Will Don’s lost heroic side come back to save the day? Comeback next week to find out!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin