Kamen Rider Fourze Ep.20 SUBBED: Magnet State of Mind…

Hey, we’ve got subs for Kamen Rider Fourze Ep.20! Check it out (and watch the premiere of the Magnet States) below:

They may literlly have been at each others throats again, but at least there still friends. 🙂

And next week, Gentaro gets a new teacher, and the Virgo Zodiarts makes her(?) move. What does this mean for our heroes? Tune in next week to find out!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger Ep. 48 SUBBED: Basco has stood in the way of their dreams for the last time!

Hey, subs are up for Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger Ep.48, and boy they just make the story that much more gripping! Check out the episode below:

Basco is defeated, the 34 Grand Powers are their’s, and next week, we find out what the Greatest Treasure in the Universe really is! Assuming of course that they can handle Insarn in full battle mode.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider Fourze Ep.20 RAW: Opposites Attract. No, not that way!

We’re about to get pulled in to a new adventure (get it?). It’s Kamen Rider Fourze Ep.20 raw, and this time, Gentaro does everything he can to patch up his relationship with Kengo while looking for the missing NS MagPhone and dealing with the looming threat of the seemingly unstoppable Dragon Zodiarts. Is they’re relationship permanently damaged? Can they find anf ix the MagPhone in time to stop this new Zodiarts? And what role does Ryusei play in all of this? Check out the episode below to find out!:

Yes, everythings hunky-dory again. And now we have the new Fourze Magnet States! Yay! And next week, Gentaro gets a new teacher, and the Virgo Zodiarts finally makes a play. Are the two related? Check out next week’s episode to find out!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kaizkou Sentai Go-Kaiger Ep.48 RAW: Showdown of the Century!

At least the raws are still coming out at a decent pace. It’s Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger Ep.48 raw, and this one is action-packed(!), to say the least. Watch as the Go-Kaigers face off against their own powers, and see the final showdown between Marvelous and Basco! This is definitely going to be one heck of a show, so do yourself a favor and check it out below!:

Now that Basco is defeated, they now have all 34 Grand Powers, and it’s now a straight shot to the Greatest Treasure in the Universe! Or is it…

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kaiketsu A☆Gilder = Kamen Rider???

This is awesome!

Jyger's Rant

So yeah, I was watching one of the newer episodes of Pokémon Best Wishes earlier today, and I could not help but notice the similarity between a character that appears in said episode and a certain beloved Japanese superhero. In fact, the resemblance was so striking that I was certain it was intentional. But then, maybe it’s just me…or you could be the judge.

Okay, okay, all joking aside, I checked Bulbapedia and apparently it WAS intentional. Also, I noticed a bit too late that the costume and name are heavily based off of another classic tokusatsu hero, Kaiketsu Zubat. All I have to say is how funny would it be if this guy’s motif was a Zubat instead of an Accelgor, just to further the joke?

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Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger Ep.47 SUBBED: A Monkey with a moral dilemma? Isn’t that what we have the three wise monkeys for?

Yeah, finally! It’s Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger Ep.47 subbed! This time, they start out with an all out fight with Basco, only to come across Basco betraying Sally! Is there a bigger plan at work? Check out the episode below to find out!:

It’s sad that betrayl has become such a viable career path for Basco, but even sadder for Sally. 😦 Has Basco finally won? Can Marvelous recover from his injuries in time? Will they be able to take back the Galleon? Check in next week to find out! (Hopefully before Wednesday…)

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider Fourze Ep.19 SUBBED: Pulled apart by Magnetic Force!

Hey, look a video! And without any file sharing sites up (I miss Megaupload…). But anyway, it’s time to move on to Kamen Rider Fourze Ep.19! And in this one, Kengo and Gentaro fight over Ryussei (still hiding his identity as Meteor) doing Kengo’s work of testing and adjusting the Astro Switches, leading to multiple mishaps with the new Magnet Switches, and a split between the two because Kengo feel ingored. And all of this while dealing with the new, seemingly indestructable Dragon Zodiarts on order to take out Fourze and Meteor! Check it out below:

Is Gen’s and Kengo’s friendship officially done for? Will they be able to retrieve the NS Magphone in time to fix it and stop the new Zodiarts?! And what’s Egawa, the girl on the track team, really up to? Hopefully, we’ll be able to find out faster next week!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

P.S., Magnet State debut next week!

Power Rangers Ultrapost: Samurai are Super!

Hey, there’s been a lot of Power Ranger news that’s come out over the last month, and for some reason I keep missing it! So, I’m just going to take some of the biggest headlines from the past month or so and thow them all into one Gigantor post! And coming up first we have this new poster for the the new season of PRS, Power Rangers Super Samurai!:

Yep, next season, the “Super” mode will be officially incorporated into the series, including this new Super Mega Mode. And if I’m not mistaken, I can see a new enemy in the corner. No info yet on when the next season will start.

And this poster actually came from the Power Morphicon Facebook page, who also announced the official date for Power Morphicon 2012! This year, it will take place from August 17th-19th 2012 at the Pasadena Convention Center (same location as the last), and Registration is open for anyone interested.

Speaking of Pasadena, anyone who saw this year’s Tournament of Roses Parade (and not on ABC) might have caught a glimpse of the Power Rangers Samurai Video Game float. If not, you can check out this video from the HGTV coverage of the parade:

And here’s a nice gallery of pics:

And here’s a couple of behind-the-scenes videos, one of which includes Andre from BlackNerdComedy:

Now this next part, I don’t have a decent segway for, but it was still awesome.

Yep, this happened, for 48 hours on Nicktoons back on the 6th (January 2012), and I’m assuming it was awesome since I couldn’t watch it because we had downgrade our cable package literally the week of. My life sucks sometimes…

BTW they have been playing that on there regularly as well, so go check it out if you can! Because I can’t. 😦

Now let’s move onto some newer news thst came out while I was working on this ultra-post!

Mainly, Kimberly Crossman has been 100% CONFIRMED to play a future Red Ranger Role! YAY!! This confirmation via a recent video post on Carlos Pena’s YouTube Channel (Carlos Pena from Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush) where she comes on and outright says it, though she does keep us in the dark about the details. You can check out the whole video below (though I can’t guarantee you’ll be that impressed):

So yeah, there’s that. And then there’s this:

Yep, this is the cover of the latest issue of Hyper Hobby Magazine, which your going to see a lot of as I do more of these ultra-posts, and the portion of it that I want to cover here is this: while full translations of this are STILL not available, we can confirm that Toei did discuss the 20th Anniversary of Power Rangers, and those discussions included possibly re-shooting the Legend War scene from the opening of Go-Kaiger with teams from MMPR onward. Whether the 20th season of Power Rangers will be the Go-Kaiger adaption is anyone’s guess. But that’s still big news, though I wouldn’t expect any adaptions of the movies to be quite as spectacular as the Go-Kaiger movies have been so far.

And that should be about everything, barring nothing comes out in the next five minutes. If anything else pops up, I make no guarantees, but I’ll try to let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

New SOPA/PIPA Update: Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

Well, because of the protest from the other day (and in spite of the vicious shutdown of Megaupload), the US Congress has delayed test voting on the proposed SOPA/PIPA Bills, and it doesn’t look like any version of the bills will come up for a vote anytime soon. So for the most part, the protests were successful! Either that or this pic scared the crap out of SOPA and PIPA:

Geez, Winspector Fire. JK. Thanks to everyone that supported the protest. Now I feel safe posting news again. 😀 If only I could make myself post anything that could be considered news. 😛

-M.C., the Quantum Protester

(Don’t worry, I’m not interested in posting political news anymore, sticking with straight toku news from now on.)

Kamen Rider OOO the Movie: WONDERFUL, Shogun, and 21 Core Medals RAW!

After nearly half a year, we finally get to see it. It’s Kamen Rider OOO THE MOVIE: WONDERFUL, Shogun, and 21 Core Medals! Raw! Check it out below!:

Yeah, not sure why there’s captions, but still a great movie, right?!! We got to see BuraKaWani, Kamen Rider Fourze’s debut, Eiji as Birth, and every Combo used at once! And all while fighting alongside Tokugawa Yoshimune! Shame this is non-canon to the regular season…

Subs will be posted when available.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin