Kamen Rider Fourze Ep.20 RAW: Opposites Attract. No, not that way!

We’re about to get pulled in to a new adventure (get it?). It’s Kamen Rider Fourze Ep.20 raw, and this time, Gentaro does everything he can to patch up his relationship with Kengo while looking for the missing NS MagPhone and dealing with the looming threat of the seemingly unstoppable Dragon Zodiarts. Is they’re relationship permanently damaged? Can they find anf ix the MagPhone in time to stop this new Zodiarts? And what role does Ryusei play in all of this? Check out the episode below to find out!:

Yes, everythings hunky-dory again. And now we have the new Fourze Magnet States! Yay! And next week, Gentaro gets a new teacher, and the Virgo Zodiarts finally makes a play. Are the two related? Check out next week’s episode to find out!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kaizkou Sentai Go-Kaiger Ep.48 RAW: Showdown of the Century!

At least the raws are still coming out at a decent pace. It’s Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger Ep.48 raw, and this one is action-packed(!), to say the least. Watch as the Go-Kaigers face off against their own powers, and see the final showdown between Marvelous and Basco! This is definitely going to be one heck of a show, so do yourself a favor and check it out below!:

Now that Basco is defeated, they now have all 34 Grand Powers, and it’s now a straight shot to the Greatest Treasure in the Universe! Or is it…

-M.C., the Quantum Twin