Go-Busters Ep.17 & Akibaranger Ep.11 SUBBED: Which is more delusional at this point?

Alright, we’ve got some new videos here, just in time to catch-up for this weekend’s new episodes. We’ve got both Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Mission 17 and Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Ep.11, and their both subbed!

Alright, first let’s dive into Go-Busters Mission 17, where Masato/BeetBuster and Beet J Stag/StagBuster try to re-adapt to real life, Vaglass unleashes a new type of MegaZord, Go-Buster Beet is revealed, and Ryuuji finds his purpose for fighting! Really, it took you 13 years and 17 episodes to figure that out? Anyway, chech out the video below (turn on CC for subs):

And now we have Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Ep.11, where major changes in the story have led to Akagi being replaced, Dr. Z turning his evil corporation into an evil empire, and none of it adds up. And this leads to Akagi’s realization that somehow their world is really a television series(!), and that whoever’s been running the show has been purposely changing it’s direction to suit their own twisted needs! But whose the one really pulling the strings? And now that they know it, where will the show go from here?! For right now, enjoy this episode (yeah, you’ll need CC on for this on too):

And coming in the next few days, we should have new episodes of Go-Busters, Akibaranger, and a new episode of Kamen Rider Fourze! And hopefully any videos I can find will actually stay up long enough for me to share them with you! Seriously, Japanese copyright law is about to get a lot harsher, which means it’s going to be that much more difficult for people to even upload an episode, let alone anyone being able to find one.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

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