Kamen Rider Fourze Ep.45 RAW & SUBS: Tipping the Scales in Fourze’s Favor.

Hey, Fourze’s back this week! And this week, the conspiracy is finally revealed, by Principal Hayami/Libra Zodiarts! And it looks like the Junior Members of the Kamen Rider Club are back too, and that Ran (from Ep.29-30, whose friend Haru was the Musca Zodiarts) is the final Horoscope, the Pisces Zodiarts! And all of this on Kengo’s Birthday no less! Check out the episode below:

Ep.45 RAW:

Ep.45 SUBS:

[Over-Time] Fourze Ep 45 Tipping of the Scales… by KamenRiderHD

So, now that almost everything is out in the open, just what will happen next? Has Gamou used his abilities to influence Gentaro? Why is Ran’s Horoscope Switch blue? And can Kengo stay stable enough to figure out Emoto’s final secret? And where is this week’s episode of Go-Busters? All shall be revealled when subs for these videos finally come out!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

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