Go-Busters Mission 24 SUBS: Festival Of Memories and Promises.

Treis Bien! It’s Summer Time for the Go-Busters, and that means Summer Festivals abound! In this episode, the Go-Busters get a day off, and Hiromu uses it help out old high school friends, and an important former teacher, putting on a performance for one of these festivals, but Enter has a new CottonCandyRoid, and he’s using it to “swirl up” Enetron reserves from other festivals. Can Vargas be stopped before he ruins the festival, and the performance? Check out the episode below to find out!:

[Over-Time] Go-Busters Ep 24 A Tres Bien Summer… by KamenRiderHD

And next week, we’ll get some ghost stories, and maybe get a better understanding of the Avatars, and that includes Masato along with Enter and Escape.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Author: M.F. Calhoun

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