Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Mission 28: We’re getting sprayed out here!

While this week might be about the new Rider on the block, we’ve got a lot of new stuff for Go-Busters too. We’ve got a new intro (and I mean completely reworked), a new opening theme, and a new and possibly more exciting direction for the series (and trust me, this series really needs something to spice things up).

In this episode, Hiromu is headed to a party for his sister, who recently won an illustration contest (and whose chicken-themed work is being displayed), when Enter shows up with his new Sprayroid, who can use his spray paint to change someone’s, or something’s, appearance, causing a lot of confusion for everyone. And in this confusion, Hiromu’s weakness is accidentally revealed to this new MetaRoid! Can our heroes find a way to prevent Vargas from exploiting this weakness? Is this new Roid really just a distraction from whatever is happening to Messiah in hyperspace? And why is Hiromu afraid of chickens? (?_?) Check out the episode below to find out!:

Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Mission 28 RAW:

Go-Busters Mission 28 SUB:

Tokumei Sentai GoBusters 28 SUBBED by SuperHeroTimeFan

Well, this is definitely a major development. It looks like next week we’ll get to see Messiah outside of hyperspace in a brand new body, and we may get to know more about what’s going on in hyperspace. What happened to Hiromu’s and Yoko’s parents? What’s this strange connection between Escape and Hiromu? And who exactly are the Engineers working behind the scenes in hyperspace? We may find out soon, as they start their journey towards hyperspace!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

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