Well, look what finally made it’s way to the interwebs. It’s the raw video for Ultraman SAGA! In this movie celebrating the 45th Anniversary of the franchise, the Earth is invaded by a mysterious group of aliens, and it’s up to Ultraman Zero, with the help of Dyna, Cosmos, and the EDF’s Team U (portrayed by Pop group AKB48), to save us! Check out the full movie below!:

Ultraman SAGA Movie RAW:

Full review when subs are available. I got to tell you, this is probably the first Ultraman-related thing I’ve seen or heard in months. Tsuburaya really needs to get the TV series relaunched, before Toei decides to relaunch the Metal Hero series and just completely takes over the market.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

UPDATE: Okay, so that first video’s sound goes out about 33 minutes in, and doesn’t really come back on, so now we have a newly uploaded RAW for you to watch. I’ll still keep the first one up though, just in case one of these videos disappears (and because the second one stops just before the closing credits). Check out that video below:

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