Jushen ZhanJiDui Ep.1: China’s going Sentai!

Hey, well, this looks like this might be interesing. As some of you may know, Chinese TV Producers have been producing something of their own version of Japanese tokusatsu shows. Some of you may be familiar with the Chinese Armor Hero series (which looks like a massive Kamen Rider ripoff). Well, now they’ve created their own Sentai ripoff called “Jushen ZhanJiDui” (literally Titans Warstrike Team, 巨神戰擊隊), and now the first episode of the show has been streamed. You can check that out below:

Just a quick heads up: I barely understand Japanese, I definitely don’t know Chinese, so if you want a real review of the series, you’ll have to find fansubs somewhere (and send me a link to them).

And in case you do like this, we do have more info on the show at hand:

As you can see, the full team has six members, and from what I can tell, they’re divided into two or three different teams. And what makes this a Sentai ripoff is their use of mechs.

Here are the three team mechs, the Giant God Team Robot, the Giant Land Team Robot, and the Giant Sky Team Robot. The Giant God is comprised of five mechs, the Giant Land has four, and the Giant Sky has three. And of course they can combine together to form one big robot (name unknown). And we even have a pic of their transformation device/personal weapons:

Here are some previews for the show (Note: the only audio on these previews is background, no narration or sound bites):

The show has apparently been in production since October 2010, and the series premiered sometime last month (November 2012). I wouldn’t expect regular updates on this show if you do like it, because it looks like any episodes shared online will be uploaded very sporadically (even if there is demand for it).

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

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2 thoughts on “Jushen ZhanJiDui Ep.1: China’s going Sentai!”

  1. China is not the only country to adapt tokusatsu series. Super Inframan is an Ultraman-like superhero from Hong Kong. It’s a 1975 film, I think. Korea also made some tokusatsu series like Sparkman (1988), Vectormen (1998/9), Maxman (2004) and Erexion (2006). They also planned to create a series called Ray Force, but it was deleted. Thailand created Sport Ranger in 2006, with a second season in 2012. France made France Five during the 2000’s. Zaido (2008) is from the Philippines, but it’s considered as a very bad show. Brazil made two series: Insector Sun, fan made kamen rider like series, and Tsebayoth, a religious themed series that Brazilians find ridiculous. Spheres is from Indonesia. It started in 2004, I think, while the last season, Spheres Trinity, aired in 2013. It’s a web series. There is an Indonesian company called Jtoku that is making some series. And, as you correctly said, China made Armour Hero in 2009.
    But I guess you already knew what I had written.

    P.S.: sorry for my English, I’m not a native speaker.

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