A shot in the Dark: Universal Trying again for their Dark Universe with ‘Bride of Frankenstein’, and my two-bits about how they could fix the problems they’ve had so far

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So, not what I was expecting to write for my second ever post on this new blog, but here we are. According to a new report from Omega Underground on Monday (January 15th), Universal is putting together a new team with director Bill Condon to begin production on the assumed cancelled Bride of Frankenstein movie, that was planned to be set within Universal’s over-hyped Dark Universe franchise. The same Dark Universe that the universally panned Mummy reboot from last summer was set in, and to which a number of other monster reboots were planned pending the success of said panned Mummy movie. No new details have been released, but again, I’m not here to report on this story. Everything you need to know about the story itself is right there in the link. Instead, I’d like to take a moment and dissect what went wrong with their previous attempts from…

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