Anything Goes! That was the original premise of this blog, and it’s even more so now! I will probably post blogs about whatever might tickle my fancy, anything from the hardcore geeky to the not-so-hardcore regular news everyone else is talking about too. ;P But still as always, check back regularly, as you never know what you might find!

– Matt, formerly M.C. the Quantum Twin

P.S., This time around, I’ll be including a lot more of my own original content too. What will that turn out to be?! Stick around to find out!

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. I’m trying to get acting experience if i’m going to be on power rangers someday and also be on power rangers pirates and fighting experience do you know i can get acting and fighting experience?

  2. I am so sorry that was the worse comment I made I just went overboard also I’m so excited to be
    an actress someday when my year off is over i’m going to practice and make a resume &
    portfolio and I’m not going to giving up of going for my dream to try out for power rangers it’ll
    be once of a life time one question do you know any good acting college?

  3. well thanks for your advice then when my year off is over i’ll start making a portfolio or resume and
    find a college for acting experience and maybe find a decent agent well to be honest with you i was born with autism spectrum well I’m not going to give up on my dreams just because i have
    autism doesn’t mean I’m not going to give up I say I’m going for it I’m going for my dreams to be
    a video game designer and an actress my mom and dad always said never ever give up on your
    dreams that’s way I’m going to practice at home and make a portfolio or a resume also practice to
    be a video game designer and an actress remember on power rangers in space where Ashley the yellow space ranger who has a crush on Andros the red space ranger well for the character Cassidy maybe someday for my character name for power rangers pirates she has a crush on the
    red pirate ranger well I’ll tell you a little bit about Cassidy she is a spunky tomboy just like that one girl in the Japanese show of power rangers pirates well she lives with mom and little brother Ethan her mom disappeared and it was just her and Ethan they were attack by the bad guys they were
    about to be attacked but then red pirate ranger save them Cassidy was so grateful for him for saving her and her brother then she was blushing and she thought the red ranger was handsome
    he asked them if they were ok and Cassidy snap out of it and said they were fine & she thank him
    for saving them and he said no problem then the monsters came back he told them to run but
    Cassidy told him that she is not going anywhere & wants to return the favor by fighting the monsters with him and he said that is too dangerous but Cassidy said she doesn’t care and she
    wants to help him then the monsters came closer then the red ranger reply that if she is going the
    help him then she needs to morph into the yellow pirate ranger but she told him that she doesn’t have a morpher he reach into his pocket and brought out the pirate morpher she took it & said
    the password to morph into the yellow pirate ranger they fought the grunts and they were destroy
    the red ranger thank Cassidy for helping him and she said your welcome then he asked if she would like like to come with him to meet his teammates and she reply that she is afraid that they
    won’t like her and her brother then she grabs Ethan and told him that they need to go they were
    about to leave but the red ranger grabs her and took her hands in his and said they Wiil like her
    and Ethan then Cassidy thought about it the she spoke up & said that she & Ethan were not sure
    about this then she took her hands back and took her brother and told him that they need to go
    and then she turned and said she was sorry and then ran the red ranger shouted out to not
    leave and ran after her Cassidy ran as fast as she can while holding her brother in her arms
    the red ranger caught up and said don’t go and also told her the he doesn’t know her name
    Cassidy ran and ran until she fell down and Ethan fell out of her arms the she notice that her
    bracelet came off her wrist she was about to get up & go get it but then she saw the red ranger coming their way said to please come back but she got up again took Ethan and ran then they
    were gone the red ranger stopped the he notice Cassidy’s bracelet he pick it up and whispers to him self how can i lost you so soon then he went back to his base & explain to his teammates about the girl he met at the beach and she and her brother were attacked by the grunts & how he saved and fought alongside her the he told them that he ask them to meet
    them but they refuse then they ran he ran after them but he was too late but he found the new yellow ranger’s bracelet he told them that he is going to find her again and get her to join team.
    well what do you think about the info about the character? I’m sorry that it was the longest comment that I wrote i almost forgot to tell you that i have a creative mind and always come up with ideas one quest do you any casting breakdown service around here?

  4. Hi my name’s Amber Raines and I’m 18 yrs old and I’m a fan of Power Rangers when I was little
    someday I’m going to be a video game designer and an actress when I become those things I’m
    Going to audition for Power Rangers I dreamed about this when I was little it’s once of a life time
    but there’s one problem I don’t know the location for the audition do you know the location for
    Power Rangers Audition? Also I like to try out for Power Rangers Pirates cause I like Pirates &
    Power Rangers the character name I like is Cassidy cause the name is cool and I am a Tomboy
    & I would like to be name that in Power Rangers Pirates also I like to be the yellow Pirate Ranger
    Cause yellow is one of my favorite colors I have One question can I do?

    1. Uhhh………………………………………………………………..
      Well, they aren’t doing any auditions at the moment, probably won’t hold any for another two years (they’re doing two seasons of Megaforce, like they did with Samurai), but don’t give up. Most likely it will be for Gokaiger/Pirate Ranger adaption, and there is a spunky tomboy Yellow Ranger (and treasure obsessed, if they make her anything like the Japanese character), and who knows, maybe they’ll name her Cassidy. Mind you this is all speculation, but you never know how these things will turn out.

      But if you really want to tryout someday, then my advice would be to go out and get a little acting experience in the mean time. Sign up for a casting breakdown service, try to flesh out a decent resume/portfolio, maybe find a decent agent, and you should be set. And you can always check back here, or follow me on Twitter (@henshinhead) for updates on anything and everything Power Rangers-related!


  5. I am a 21 year old who writes, stars in, and directs a super hero web series. I definitely look to power rangers for inspiration and i have been more into it than ever. RPM is my favorite season by far! So my question is, where are there other people like me to talk to? IMDB is scarce…

    1. Well, if your looking specifically for people that like to make Power Rangers-themed videoes, I would search YouTube for fan-made vids. I’ve gone over a number of them, some were good, others not so much, but there’s an aweful lot of these videos out there, just most people aren’t aware of the fact that their there. I would give specific channel names or video titles, but I can’t really come up with any off the top of my head at the moment, but trust me, it’s out there.

      Happy hunting! Go go Power Rangers! And best wishes to you and Crimson Vision Studios!

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