Go-Kaiger Episode Rumors: Don’s Backstory, and Marvelous to be Executed?! Quick, someone call in an emergency Ninja rescue!

While rumors about Don’s/Hakase’s backstory have been flying around for a while, it looks like we may actually be close to figuring out who Don Dogoier actually is. And according to these new rumors, we should find out soon!

(Keep in mind that these are just rumors, and that nothing here is certain until it can be verified.)

In episode 42, his background will be revealed. It seems that Hakase is actually a legendary hero that lost his memory (circumstances unknown). Damaras, recently imprisoned for allowing Walz Gil to be killed, has been set free so that he may seek revenge for the death of Walz Gil. With Basco’s help, he is able to capture Marvelous and defeat Joe, Luka, Ahim, and Gai, causing them to suddenly disappear, leaving Don behind.

And in episode 43, the Emperor, Ackdos Gil, plans a public execution on earth for Marvelous(!). And Basco alludes to obtaining the Fiveman and SunVulcan grand powers, meaing that (at this point in the story) there is only one Grand Power left, the Kakurangers’ (which could mean that it would turn out to be a tribute episode).

If any of these, or any of the other rumors turned out to be true, then the series will take a definite dark turn in the episodes to come.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin