New series announcement: Toku’s impact on the real world.

Hey there everybody! Itsa me, M.C. here and I’m introducing a new series of blog posts which will run (hopefully) along with the tokusatsu for beginners posts call “Toku’s impact on the real world”. Basically, it will examine how toku has and still is impacting the world that we live in today. It may be as broad and obvious as research into humanoid robots to something so understated and vague that only my twisted brain could connect the pieces. And this new series starts… Right Now!!!

Recently, Sony announced that they had developed the PSP2 NGP, or next generation portable (for Star Trek’s impact on the use of the phrase “next generation”, please visit a blog about Star Trek, otherwise, keep reading). Of all the awesome new features that it comes with (I would like to stress at this point that I am in no way associated with Sony, I just like what they produce), they’ve made a change in how they format the games for it. Instead of the UMD disc or direct download, they now are going to use flash sticks, similar to the kind that are used for memory on devices like digital cameras, or the original PSP.  

This is a subtle place where I see the influence of toku on the real world. Your probably wondering, what do you mean? Where could you possibly see any real influence? Well, if you could stop asking so many questions and give me a chance to explain, then I can tell you.

In the world of tokusatsu, there are many instances where some sort of electronic identifier is plugged in to a henshin device, or used in conjunction with some other device, like a weapon or vehicle. Take the side by side example below:


That very tiny white thing on display is an example of the kind of flash memory device they plan on using. Now I know the comparison is far from perfect, but think about it for a second. Before KRW came out, the only thing that devices like flash memories were considered for was memory storage. Perhaps on day, while they were still developing this product, one of the developers came into work on monday and said, “Yesterday, I was watching this new Kamen Rider series with my kids, and I had this great idea for how we could change the game format. Lets put them on some sort of removable storage device, like a USB drive”. Then one of the other developers went “No, we can’t do that, that would too big and cumbersome. I know, lets use those little memory sticks that we sell for the current PSP”. Yes, I doubt that happened that way too, but I’m just saying, it could have happened. For more proof of my insane thesis, I direct your attention to the following changers from various Metal Hero series:


All of these devices rely on reading an “electronic” data card in order to work. And thus, toku’s influence on real world technologies. If you want anymore comparisons, look them up. Power Rangers/Super Sentai is so full of these things, it ridiculous.