New Climax Heroes Fourze Screenshots: OOO still kicks ass, even in someone elses game. Lol

Hey, the newest rounds of screenshots from the upcoming game Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze have been released, this time featuring the new tag-team system, and all the updates to OOO in this game, which includes all of his added Combos, new attacks, and some tag-team action with Birth and Proto-Birth. So where’s Fourze suppose to come in? 😛

In this set, we see OOO using ShaUTa and TaJaDoru against various opponents. With these two, OOO has several projectile attacks available. And he has finishers for all of his Combos, such as the TaJaDoru final attack “Prominence Drop” shown above.

Featured here, we have the two strongest Combos available to OOO, the PuToTyra and BuraKaWani Combos. We can see BuraKaWani using his finisher “Warning Ride”, and PuToTyra is using the ever popular Tail Whip (which is [effective]).

Now we come to Kamen Rider Birth, who has full access to his BirthDay form, as well as his individual armaments. And OOO has to steal the spotlight again, this time with three of his Combos, GataKiriBa, RaToraTa, and SaGoZo.

And finally we have these screenshots showing the new tag-team system, with the two Births fighiting Ichigo, and OOO and Birth teaming up to take down W. Depending on which characters are paired together, there will be special team-up combos and finishers.

Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze will be released for the PSP and Wii in December for 5981 yen.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider OOO TakaGaruBa Finisher: The Combo from Down Under!

There’s a video floating around that shows the finisher for the Kangaroo medal combo, let’s take a look:

The finisher is called Champion Puncher. This combo, along with the Kangaroo Core Medal, will be featured in the the OOO video Kamen Rider OOO HPV: Quiz and Dances and TakaGaruBa! (this is his hyperbattle video).

Create your own Kamen Rider OOO: Random Combo Soft Vinyl figures specially made for you!

Starting Saturday (wait, that’s tommorow!) Bandai will let people create their own combo for OOO by mixing and matching parts to create one of 119 possible Combos, which they will make into a custom SoftVinyl figure and ship directly to you!

The OOO SoftVinyl Factory is the first project in the “OrderMade Bandai” effort. On a special Bandai website, customers can pick and choose from head, torso, and leg parts to make their own custom OOO figure. 119 theoretical random combinations are possible. And Bandai will manufacture the figure and ship it direct to the customer within two weeks, all for 1050 yen (about $13). But that’s not all.

For the ultimate collector, Bandai will also be offering all 119 figures in one massive set, including an autograph “signed” by show character Kougami Kosei, all for 124950 yen (about $1548). They will only sell 100 of these sets, so if you have the money to spend on it, go right ahead. Though it would be way cheaper to just get a couple of custom figures.

Here’s the site where you can get these figures:

If this prooves to be successful for Bandai, then I would expect similar ventures in the future.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin