Power Rangers Megaforce the next series title? Yep!

Recently, Saban Brands through Power Rangers LLC trademarked the title “Power Rangers Megaforce”, which, as you can imagine, has led a lot of people to speculate on whether or not this is in fact the title of the next Power Rangers series, a.k.a. the Goseiger adaption. Here’s a copy of the trademark:

I know it’s not very big, but you can still see that it doesn’t really mention anything in the copyright application about a live-action television series, but it does mention a truck load of merchandise, mostly video, computer and possibly app games, electronics cases, DVDs featuring live-action entertainment for kids, music, and eyewear/eyewear accesories. It sounds like the typical merchandise setup for a new series, only with no series confirmation, or any children’s toys for that matter.

So then, even with nothing confirming a new live-action series, do you think that this is unofficial confirmation for a new series, possibly the Goseiger adaption? Or do you believe that this is something else? Personally, I’m not sure what to think. The name itself is so unspecific that it could be applied to anything. For all we know, this could be something similar to the “Super Legends” line that came out in ’07 with PROO. Or maybe (and this is really wishful thinking) they could be working on their own version of Power Rangers Online, the MMORPG that was announced last month in South Korea. This is all speculation, of course, so we’ll just have to wait for confirmation from Saban.

And while the series name is still mystery, we do have some info on two ACTUAL casting sides for the next Ranger series. The casting sides for the Pink Ranger and the role of the Professor are available for download here, and it looks like from these casting sides that the series will return to it’s high-school-kids-turn-superheroes roots. Yeah, teenagers with attitude!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!: WE have official confirmation that this is the name of the next series! Check out the copyrights here:

Yep, it’s the application for tradmarks for a live-action television show! We now have a name, let’s see how long it is before we can see a face.

2012 Sentai ACTUALLY CONFIRMED: It’s for real this time!

Hey, just came out within the last 20 minutes, dukemon22 has found actual copyrights for the next Super Sentai series! And it looks like the official title for the 36th Super Sentai series will be (drumroll please): “Tokumei Sentai Gobuster“! That translates to “Special Mission Taskforce Gobusters”.

Here’s a copy of the copyright claim:

I know, I had to srink it down so that it would fit on the page, but I can guarantee you that it’s real.

And if any of the rumors that have been floating around are any indication as to what the series will be about, then think something along these lines:

With all the rumors of ghosts and yokai and such being major themes in the series, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch of the imagination to think that Gobuster was a play on Ghostbusters. No one can verify that at this time, but at least we have a name. And since the copyrights have come so late this year, it could be a sign that Go-Kaiger will last longer than 50 episodes, so even if you’re not excited by this, at least you can be excited for more Go-Kaiger.

What do you think, Egon?

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Go-Kaiger Rumors: Will there be over 50 episodes? I REALLY hope so!

Epic fanart is epic.

Now, onto business! Given the many, MANY ways that Go-Kaiger is awesome, there have been rumors popping up that the series might run a bit longer than the usual 50 episode average, pushing the next series back to March 2012. Here’s what we have so far on this (as originally posted by dukemon22 on HJU):

  • Gokaiger is, without a doubt, the most celebrated anniversary series Toei has ever given us. With that, having it go a bit longer wouldn’t be out of the question.
  • Gokaiger merchandise is selling like crazy. Another month-or-so would give the first quarter of next year to Gokaiger. While I doubt we’d get anything too crazy, it would be a nice time to sell the rest of the ranger keys.
  • The copyright is late this year. While this is not really a tell-tale sign, it is interesting.
  • March is the time for versus movies to go on DVD (with january theatre release). They could have Gokaiger wrap up, and then do a blockbuster type finale in the theaters, introducing the new team, but have it  premiere in March.

Some of these rumors even state that future Go-Kaiger episodes could number in the mid 50’s before the series finally ends, and given the rather compelling arguement presented here, this could turn out to be a real possibility. Of course, for the time being, this is still just a rumor, so we might just end up with the usual number of episodes. Of course, I’m sure I wouldn’t be wrong in assuming that we would all like to see Go-Kaiger last as long as it possibly could. 🙂

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

2012 Super Sentai name copyrighted: Is it time already?

First reported by dukemon22 at Toku Insider, Toei has copyrighted the name of the next Super Sentai series, translated as “Genki Sentai Baruganger“. Here’s a copy of the copyright claim:

第12類 船舶並びにその部品及び附属品,航空機並びにその部品及び附属品,鉄道車両並びにその部品及び 附属品,自動車並びにその部品及び附属品,二輪自動車・自転車並びにそれらの部品及び附属品,
乳母車,人力車,そり,手押し車,荷車,馬車,リヤカー,タイヤ又はチューブの修繕用ゴムはり 付け片
【氏名又は名称】村下 憲司

Translated (English):

(190) Country – Japan Patent Issued (JP) (441) – 22
August 2011 – Publication date (2011.8.22)
Patent and Trademark Gazette published [type]
(210) – Commercial Application No. Application No. 2011-53349 – (T2011-53349)
(220) – 21 July 2011 – the date of filing (2011.7.21)
(540) – Genki Sentai Baruganger Trademarks [Standard Characters]
(511) – the designated goods or designated services and categories of goods and services – Unique parts and accessories thereof 12 Ships, aircraft and their parts and accessories, parts and accessories thereof trains, automobiles and their parts and accessories, bicycle parts and accessories, motorcycles, Carriages, rickshaws, sleds, wheelbarrows, carts, carriages, carts, small gum paste for repairing tires or tubes
(731) [the applicant] – Identification number – 592068428 Toei Co., Ltd. – – the name or designation
(740) [agent] – Identification number – 100096596
[Attorney] the name or designation

No info yet on what it could be about, but speculation is abound.

General reaction to this news has basically been: “Is it seriously already time for this already?!” I think Toei may have accidently blocked themselves in this time. Because of Go-Kaiger‘s overwhelming popularity, no one wants to even think about the show being over yet. Even though we’re almost 30 episodes in, it still feels new and fresh. It’s almost impossible to believe that the show’s been going since February, and that it’s almost the end of August. But this definitely isn’t a rumor at this point, it’s about the right time of year for this to happen (we heard the first rumors about Go-Kaiger about this time last year), and we have a copy of the copyright application (which you would have seen by now if you’ve read this far), so this is what’s up next.

This will probably be the first time in a very long time that people HAVEN’T been excited to hear about the next series in the line.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

UPDATE: (8/25/11) Apparently dukemon22, who first reported on the copyright for Baruganger, hasn’t found the copyright for the name listed with the new batch of copyrights that popped up. No one’s sure what that means yet, but I’ll be sure to keep you informed of any new developments. Don’t ask me about the copyright claim above, it came from a Chinese toku-fan site, it looked convincing enough, but if it’s fake, then someone’s gone to a lot of trouble to fake it.