sued over unlicensed Power Rangers Halloween Costume: They’ve got the Power, to sue the living you-know-what out of you!

Here’s a little post-Halloween news (that broke Halloween but I couldn’t report on because I had to make a bunch of sprites for a video game project), and it shows what happens when you piss off sleeping giants using gaudy costumes.

Underdog Endeavors of, a costume seller website, was sued be SCG Power Rangers LLC on October 13th for selling an unlicensed Power Rangers costume. Namely, the one shown below:

Can you say “tacky”?

Anyway, the SCG alleges that the website infringed on their copyrights and trademarks by selling this outfit, and that the website had ignored their cease-and-desist letters. They sell this “Pink Power Rangers Sexy Women’s Costume” without claiming that it is a licensed product. They also sell the “Red Ranger Power Rangers Muscle Costume” and the “Pink Ranger Power Rangers Women’s Costume”, which are both liscenced products and not at question in this suit.

And while the US Copyright Act does not allow “useful articles” such as clothing to be copyrighted, it does allow for “pictoral, graphic, or sculptural” elements to be copyrighted, which puts Underdog Endeavors in the dog house. 😛

Go, Go, Power Ranger! (via weareuncivilized)

This is what a Power Ranger looks like at the end of the day…

Go, Go, Power Ranger! Seems like he took it pretty bad when the pink ranger turned him down. Source … Read More

via weareuncivilized