Eiji Greeed vs. Complete Ankh: Debut and Battle!

Here is, without a doubt, one of the biggest things to come out of Ep.46, the debut of both Eiji Greeed and Complete Ankh! And their battle against each other!! You’ve gotta see this!:

So where on earth does the story go from here?! Looks like we have to tune in to find out!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Eiji Greeed to debut on Ep.46?!

As you know, these dreaded scans of Eiji turning into a Greeed popped up last week, prompting questions and runors about when and how this change will happen. Now, we can give an answer to when this change could occur, and it looks like it could happen as early as ep.46, the episode following next week’s episode. Here’s the episode summary from HJU’s KamenRiderUNDERGROUND:


After Mezool is destroyed, Gamel becomes complete, he attacks Eiji. Eiji falls into the sea, after a while he wakes up, he starts walking but staggers. Suddenly the eyes of Eiji becomes purple, then even his left hand turns into a Greeed hand. When Eiji finally regains conscious, his OOO Driver disappears…

So, is this just a taste of his full Greeed form, or will this be the final step in his transformation? And once he does become a Greeed, will the transformation truly be permanent, or is their still hope for Eiji to revert back to his human form? And how will all of this affect the OOO x Fourze Movie Wars?!! Hopefully, we’ll find out soon.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider OOO Info and news: Eiji’s a Greeed, Date returns, and Ankh is finally complete.

Whoa, we just took a major left turn. It looks like Eiji will become a Greeed! (Hmm, doesn’t that plot line sound familiar?)

At the moment, it looks like this transformation, influenced by the five purple core medals in his body, may be permanent. While he can take on a human form, he may not be able to completely revert back into a human.

And while both Eiji and Dr. Maki are dinosaur-themed Greeeds, only Maki has been label as the “Dinosaur Greeed”. Eiji is being called the “Eiji Greeed”.

And to make matters worse, Ankh has found a way to fully revive! You can see him here, with his face completed, and the place in his “belt” is now yellow.

But it’s not all bad news, as we get to see this:

That’s right, Date’s back! And he’ll be fighting alongside Gotou in the Prototype Birth suit, distinguishable by the red markings across the little gashapon capsules. Apparently, the prototype suit only has the Crane arm and the Breast Cannon, although it matches the Birth suit in strength. And it looks like that’s enough to take on a completely revived Gamel.

Looks like someone blew the costume budget before they created the prototype Birth….

And I’d like to leave you with this. It’s TaToBa with purple eyes. The effects of the purple core medals have run that far, that deep. Will Eiji ever be able to revert back to human form? Will he be like past Riders, becoming the very monster he fought against, only to fall at the end when all is said and done? Or, will he find a way to undo what has happened? And most important of all, does all of this mean that the series will end on a cliffhanger? Check back soon to find out!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin