Jushen ZhanJiDui Ep.1: China’s going Sentai!

Hey, well, this looks like this might be interesing. As some of you may know, Chinese TV Producers have been producing something of their own version of Japanese tokusatsu shows. Some of you may be familiar with the Chinese Armor Hero series (which looks like a massive Kamen Rider ripoff). Well, now they’ve created their own Sentai ripoff called “Jushen ZhanJiDui” (literally Titans Warstrike Team, 巨神戰擊隊), and now the first episode of the show has been streamed. You can check that out below:

Just a quick heads up: I barely understand Japanese, I definitely don’t know Chinese, so if you want a real review of the series, you’ll have to find fansubs somewhere (and send me a link to them).

And in case you do like this, we do have more info on the show at hand:

As you can see, the full team has six members, and from what I can tell, they’re divided into two or three different teams. And what makes this a Sentai ripoff is their use of mechs.

Here are the three team mechs, the Giant God Team Robot, the Giant Land Team Robot, and the Giant Sky Team Robot. The Giant God is comprised of five mechs, the Giant Land has four, and the Giant Sky has three. And of course they can combine together to form one big robot (name unknown). And we even have a pic of their transformation device/personal weapons:

Here are some previews for the show (Note: the only audio on these previews is background, no narration or sound bites):

The show has apparently been in production since October 2010, and the series premiered sometime last month (November 2012). I wouldn’t expect regular updates on this show if you do like it, because it looks like any episodes shared online will be uploaded very sporadically (even if there is demand for it).

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider Fourze Ep.1 Sub: Space is still awesome!

I’m breakin’ all da rulez! Here’s Fourze’s first episode, now subbed! (In English):


Kamen Rider Fourze Confirmed Episode Summaries!

How’s that for awesome fanart?

Next month is the start of Kamen Rider Fourze, and after months of speculation and rumors, we’re finally starting to get an idea of what the series will be like, and now we have confirmed episode summaries from the first two episodes of Kamen Rider Fourze, courtesy of Otona Fami (from Freesia of HJU):

Episode 1, Blue – Spring – Strange – Body. The episode title pattern seems to be consisting of 4 kanji characters written separately. Together, they do form a sentence. In this case, “Youth Transformation”

Gentaro is transferred into a new school and is put in Yuuki and Kengo’s class. The first thing he says is to become friends with everyone.

While the leader of the American Football club is suddenly attacked by the Orion Zodiart. Kengo, who is too weak to fight, decides to make a gamble and gives Gentaro the Fourze Driver along with some Astro Switches.

Episode 2, Eaves – Space – Upper – Class. Put it together and you get, “Space, First Class”

While fighting the Orion Zodiart, Gentaro tries to come up with various strategies to fight with. He finds out that he has to turn off the Zodiart Switch to defeat a Zodiart. Later, Gentaro is taken to outer space through the magical locker, Rabbit Hatch. Gentaro decides to protect his school and creates the Kamen Rider Club.

Not a bad entrance for a new Rider, can’t wait to see for myself!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Go-Kaiger Legend War: The Making of the Legend War and behind-the-scenes footage from the first episode.

Here’s a short, 15 minute behind-the-scenes featurette about filming the Legend War scene, as well as soom footage from the first episode. This comes from a DVD/Bluray release of the first few episodes of Go-Kaiger.

As you can see, that really was a bunch of suit actors, and they managed to film all of that and the stuff for the promos that same day. And if you pay attention to the dates in this video, you can see that filming started within three weeks of the official annnouncement. I don’t know why it almost took a whole month before they started filming the rest of that episode, but that’s what happened. There are a few other surprises in their, but I’ll let you see them for yourself.

Credits to LukaMilfy for uploading this video.

Kamen Rider Fourze First Episode Preview?

Below are a bunch of images, purportedly fromKamen Rider Fourze. Are these images from the first episode?

Well, you’ve gotten one heck of a sneak peak. I don’t know what these are from, but there’s no way they could be fake. Well then, we’ll just have to wait and see.

-M.C., The Quantum Twin