Upcoming RangreKey Sets: Hooray Gashapon!

Here are some more upcoming RangerKey sets from Gashapon. Boy, can they keep up with the show or what?:

(Hey look, it’s an actual post!) So they are releasing a bunch of new RangerKeys soon, including RangerKeys for other team members, Sixth Senshi, and Extra Senshi. So if you really want to collect RangerKeys, I would suggest sticking with Gashapon. It’s the only way to guarantee getting an entire set, since Bandai seems to be preoccupied with Red RangerKeys.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin (Almost put Quantum Ranger there for sime reason :P)

Go-Kaiger Cheaper Toys release: Might not be Bandai DX, but still, you know, okay…

So as most people know, the toy tradition in Japan is very different from what it is over here. You see, instead of having just one toy company contracted to make the various toys, game, and whatnot, there are often several, making different toys at different price ranges, often working together to make their toys compatible (excluding special releases and collector’s items). So for people buying this stuff, it’s easier to find the same thing with a cheaper price tag. And this is especially for anyone who would have to order these toys and have them shipped to another country. And that’s why we have stuff like Gashapon and Narikiri releasing Sentai and Rider stuff along with Bandai. But enough with some drawn out explaination, let’s get to the good stuff!:

These are the Gashopon RangerKey Set 4, and the Narikiri Set 2. While I’m not sire on any of the pricing, I know that they will certainly be much cheaper than the normal or DX sets from Bandai. So hopefully this makes it easier for anyone collecting this stuff (I talking to you, PaladinZeo). A bit of fair warning though, I can’t really speak for the quality of these sets, they have a bit of a reputation for not really being on par with the Bandai sets, but at a cheaper price, can you really complain all that much?