More Go-Kaiger episode and toy scans: The first actual picture of Go-KaiSilver we’ve seen.

So this is probably the first real pic of Go-KaiSilver in his standard mode, everything up to now has been partial pics or pics of his Gold Mode. And that is a double-close-up of Gai Ikari, the person chosen by the fallen Sixth Senshi to be Go-KaiSilver.

As I’ve said written in previous posts, Gai Ikari starts out as a Super Sentai fanboy. He saves a girl’s life but gets hurt in a car accident because of it. While he is unconscious, he enters into a dream-like state where he runs into three past warriors, Dragon Ranger, TimeFire, and Abarekiller as Mikito. They were impressed by his actions and deemed him worthy of being the sixth Go-Kaiger. When he wakes up, he has the Go-KaiCellular and tries to join the other Go-Kaigers, but is initially rejected by them. Will this Sentai fanboy ever become a Sentai warrior?

These next two pics shoe Go-KaiSilver in Gold Mode, and of the many faces of Go-JyuJin. AS mentined before, he can enter this Gold Mode through a special AnchorKey inserted into the bottom of the cellular. And Go-JyuJin has three forms, Go-JyuDrill, Go-JyuRex, and his robo form.

These next four scans are magazine covers that have both Kamen Rider OOO and Go-Kaiger news. These are proving to be two very popular series. And of course, Toei has done everything it can to promote the two coinciding anniversaries.

The rest of these scans are from a magazine/toy catalogue. Apparently, the joint gattai figures are very popular. And of course the rest of the magazine scans include images from both the movie and the series. All of which leaked onto the internet about a month ago.

That’s all for now. For those of you in the States, I hope your enjoying your day off. For everyone else, I hope that your Monday hasn’t been completely terrible. If anything else comes up, I’ll be sure to let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

UPDATE: You know, I knew when I started on this post someone was holding something back. Here are some more pics that I only just found.

All of these are from the 199 Heroes movie, just a taste of the final battle scene.

And this is the GIGANTIC collocetion of toys that will be slowly coming out during and after Go-KaiSilver debuts. And as much as I would like to own every last thing I see in these pictures, this is all together about $500 worth of stuff, probably. At least thtat’s what it would cost after import taxes and shipping. Oh well, one can dream…

UPDATE: (5/31/11) Guess what? I found even more pics! Take a look:

Okay, not a whole lot of new stuff here, but those are some pretty coll RangerKeys for GoseiKnight and GaoSilver!

Go-Kaiger Episode Update: Basco just loves tooting his own horn.

Don’t get too excited, this isn’t an episode review, I’m not doing weekly episode reviews yet. Think of this more as a collection of screencaps from the episode, which would be an accurate description. I’m not sure what the captions say, but the pics are still pretty good. Personally, I’m a bit more interested in analyzing Basco as a character.

So here we have Basco flying to Earth, meeting up with Zangyack as a Privateer, and we get to see into his shared past with “Marv-chan”. And yes, their captain was the real AkaRed. I had my own theories on that, but I guess that I was wrong. They were both members of the “Red Pirates”, captained by AkaRed, and they spent a good deal of time together, which made his betrayl that much worse, which is why Marvelous outright attacked Basco on the spot.

So Basco did betray them to Zangyack, so that he could look for the Greatest Treasure in the Galaxy by himself. He also tried to steal the RangerKeys, but was only partly successful, because it looks like he only got the Sixth RangerKeys, not that he needs the others. I don’t know why he has a gold mobirate, it seems to only work as a phone, because there’s gold plating over all the parts of the mobirate that work with the henshin sequence.

Like I said earlier, he tried to steal the whole chest of RangerKeys when he betrayed the others and joined Zangyack, and even though AkaRed got back the chest and gave the keys to Marvelous, he somehow got the sixth RangerKeys, which he uses with that trumpet-thing (still don’t know what it’s called) to summon these past senshi to fight in his place.

They beat the first five, but at somepoint Basco called out the others, and the much-bigger group of summoned senshi beat our heroes!

So not only does he capture the crew, he leaves behind the RangerKeys of the beaten senshi, they’re just useless now as far as that guy is concerned. What a self-absorbed jerk!

Next Week…

It’s Sentai VS Sentai! And not in the VS Movie sense.

So that leaves us with a whole lotta questions. Was AkaRed really defeated? (okay, we can already guess not, since he will also be in the 199 Hero Movie) Where did Basco get that trumpet? Will he end up throwing away all the RangerKeys he has, and is that how Go-KaiSilver will get the Sixth RangerKeys? Who knows, but at least we have a big fight to look forward to next week! And for those of you who are either in Japan, or can be there anytime to see it, the Go-Kaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Movie will come out next Saturday (not this coming Saturday, but the one after), on June 11th.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Official Summer Movie Website for Go-Kaiger AND OOO!: I smell a team-up!

The official website for both Go-Kaiger‘s and OOO‘s summer movie is up and open! So far, the site features a teaser trailer, and an update on the OOO movie, mostly about Matsudaira Ken, the person who will be playing the Shogun in the movie. This is his first role in tokusatsu, but he has played the role of this shogun, Tokugawa Yoshimune, in the historical drama Abarenbo Shogun. He was offered the role not just because he played the role before, but he is also the man when it comes to historical plays for Toei.

While there still isn’t any real news yet for the Go-Kaiger summer movie, the Go-Kaiger Goseiger 199 Hero Movie is coming to theaters June 11, and the buzz about it just gets bigger and bigger. Looks like they really will have all 199 heroes in the movie, along with all the past mecha and vehicles. It’s shaping up to be one big movie.

For a link to the official website, click here: I will also include this link into the blogroll.

That’s all for now, as always I will update you when anything else pops up. And no, there aren’t any rumors of a team-up between the two in their movies, I just think that would be cool.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Go-Kaiger New Toy Pics: Well, I know what I want Santa-chan to bring me this year!

We’ve got some new scans of upcoming toy releases for Go-Kaiger. So get those wish lists out, because you’re about to make some changes.

And this is what a t-shirt looks like when someone who knows what they’re doing designs them. I might have to rip some of these stuff off…

And there is also some news for Dice-Oh!

Yeah, so there’s a whole lotta new stuff, and some big updates here, so go get those credit cards out and get ready to charge the living hell out of them! And could someone get me something too?

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Go-KaiSilver revealed!: Who the heck is this Gai?

It’s official, Go-KaiSilver has been revealed! With regular pictures and everything! 🙂

Yes, this is Go-KaiSilver in his Gold form, with the special AnchorKey he uses to change into this form. And we can officially say that the character Gai Ikari (Once again, I’m guessing it’s Guy Ikari) will be Go-KaiSilver.

It seems that, like a lot of us, Gai is a human who has loved Super Sentai his entire life (in case you’re wondering, I mean that he is from Earth, wha a twist!). One day, he save a girl from a car accident, saving her life but getting badly injured himself. He passes out and meets AbareKiller (as Mikito), DragonRanger, and TimeFire in a dream. They were so impressed by his heroism that they consider him worthy of becoming the sixth Go-Kaiger and give him the Go-KaiCellular and the Sixth RangerKeys, to which he is very excited to recieve. He joins the pirate gang so that he can fight Zangyack and bring peace back to Earth.

Well, he may still be a couple of episodes away, but we’re all still super excited about it. And he’s already a history maker. For one, he is probably the first senshi to have two standard forms from the beginning, and his personal weapon, Go-KaiSpear, takes the multi-weapon concept to another level. And of course, let’s not forget about his personal robo, Go-JyuJin.

Go-JyuJin has three different forms: Go-JyuDrill, Go-JyuRex, and it’s final robo mode. In it’s final robo form, the drill acts as it’s left arm, and the Tyrrano head acts as it right arm. Very similar to AbareMax, but the head and tranformation makes it look more like V-Rex Robo. And it’s rumored that it will be able to swap arms with Go-KaiOh, but no word on any gattai between the two. Is it just me, or does this guy just seem to work in threes?

The main rumor is that he will pop up in Ep.17, and that it will be a tribute episode to either Zyuranger or Timeranger. More should be revealed as we get closer to the date.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

BTW, the week after Go-KaiSilver premieres, there won’t be any new episodes of either Go-Kaiger or Kamen Rider OOO, there is a scheduled break then.

UPDATE: (5/24/11) More Go-KaiSilver scans have been leaked, let’s take a look.

Ooh, you can see the actual Go-KaiCellular in this one! And his personal RangerKey, too!

And this is Go-JyuJin in Robo mode. You like this one any better, PaladinZeo? ‘Cuz I think it looks badass myself.

And this is Go-JyuJin in Go-JyuDrill and Go-JyuRex mode. And probably the only pic I’ve seen so far of Go-KaiSilver in his standard form. Seriously, go look at the other pictures, there almost all of him in Gold Form.

That’s it for now, if any more pop up, you know what to do.

UPDATE: (5/25/11) Hey, nothing else has really popped up, but I just forgot to mention that episode 17, the one Go-KaiSilver will premiere on, will be a tribute episode for three Sentai series. It will be a tribute to Zyuranger, Timeranger, and Abaranger. And this is expressed in the different modes that Go-JyuJin goes through: the Drill mode represents Timeranger‘s grand power, Rex mode represents Zyuranger‘s grand power, and the Robo mode will represent Abaranger‘s grand power. They’re taking out three birds with one stone.

Go-Kaiger Scans: Slightly better versions of last month’s.

Admittedly, all of the scans below are from last month, and elements from all of them have made their way to previous posts on the blog, but these are much better versions, and they include the full magazine pages they came from. And since we’ve already seen them, I won’t need to explain anything.

Okay, so you might not have seen all of them, but if you’ve been following all of this, you should be able to figure out the pics. Anyway, that’s it for now, if anything else comes up, I’ll be sure to let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

The Ultimate Combination EVER: SanJoGo Gattai!

Well, I didn’t think that we were going to get any news this week, but boy was I wrong. According to an RRR post (link below) that came out just today that in the upcoming Go-Kaiger 199 movie. Apparently, there is going to be one massive combination with all the Sentai machines with from every past series, including the machines from Goranger and JAKQ, forming the ultimate Sentai robo. This is the first time they’ve ever done anything like this, even with the trend in the last few years of these big clusterf*ck megazord formations. Here is a representation of them all together:

Now there really isn’t a lot known about it, and I doubt we’re going to learn anything more about it until the movie is about to come out, but in many ways this sounds cool, and yet at the same time it sounds like a horrible idea. Now whether it turns out to be an actual combination, or if something like an ultrazord or a carrier robot, we’ll have to wait and see to find out. But you’ve got to admit, it does sound interesting.

RRR post here:

Original Yomiuri article here:

-M.C., the Quantum Twin