PMC3 Memberships on Sale!

Hey, just wanted to let everyone know that memberships for Power Morphicon 3 went on sale yesterday, and that you can order your membership here:

For those of you interested in the Gold Rangers memberships, order now, because the Gold Ranger breakfast has already sold out and the Gold Ranger memberships are running out fast.

Official Power Morphicon website.

Power Ranger Samurai Major Reveal: Holy Crap, Actual News for Power Ranger Samurai! Oh, Yeah, and we know who Gold Ranger is now.

Well it’s been a while since I’ve reported on anything PRS, mostly because there really isn’t that much news to go on, but something exciting did just happen! The name of the actor and information about the Samurai Gold Ranger has recently surfaced, and I thought you would like to know that. The character himself is being called Antonio, a wandering fisherman that claims to be the sixth Samurai Ranger, and happens to be a childhood friend of Jayden. Basically the same as Genta, only without the whole “sushiha” thing that defined him. Not a bad way to explain the fish motif, though. Anyway, he’ll be played by Steven Skyler, an actor/model whose other recent TV appearences include guest-starring on a recent episode of Glee. I don’t watch Glee, that’s just what Google says. If you want to know anything else about him, look it up. Here’s his Twitter profile pic, though.

Anyway, he should be appearing in the episode following the upcoming new episode, so sit tight and let’s see if he has what it takes.

The only bad news, no remake of the Mr. Brown episode. 😥

UPDATE: (4/27/11) Wow, more news about Power Rangers Samurai! First off, as you should know by now, Nick has moved new episodes of PRS from Sunday to Saturday, same time slot though. Nick is starting to realize just how much of a money-making commodity Power Rangers actually is, so expect more promos and a more timeslots for reruns. Oh yeah. Second, as this new episode gets closer and closer, more episode previews have been coming out, there have been a few exclusive clips here and there, and this picture has popped up:

This is Gold Ranger’s Mega Mode, and I have to say, it is so much better looking than the others. It almost works here. Still kind of stupid looking and unnecessary, but he can pull it off.

My only real complaint from what I’ve seen so far is that his lines are somehow cheesier than the others. Who knows how they managed to pull that off. It kind of goes with his exagerated style, but still. That, and there was an overwhelming amount of mispronounced Spanish. It was like listening to Dora the Explorer when they bring in someone else to do the voice. But I doubt it will be too much of a let down, and there will probably be enough well made scenes to make up for some of these initial complaints.