Go-Kaiger Jetman Tribute clip: Flying Henshin!

Sorry, I haven’t seen anything yet of Ep.28, I heard that the people that usually record these episodes had some technical issues, so I can’t help you with finding a full video. But, I do happen to have a clip from the Go-Kaiger’s Jetman henshin sequence. Check it out below (sorry about the quality):

You just have to love Gai’s reaction. 😛

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Go-Kaiger GoGoV Tribute Henshin: Titanium Ranger included?

Well, we have a very interesting video here, to say the least. It appears to be all six Go-Kaigers changing into the GoGoV members, including Go-KaiSilver. Take a look to see what I mean:

So is it true, have they included the Titanium Ranger as a member of GoGoV? Is he really GoSilver now? Or is this just a big, fake prank? I can’t say for sure (nor do I want to), so I’ll let you decide.

HenshinHead’s New Post; Or what I did over the Holidays

Hey everybody! It’s me, HenshinHead! Its been awhile since I’ve checked in. I might be from a different dimension, but holiday season is the same for me  as it is for you (sorta). I have just been as busy as ever! Good thing M.C. has kept you so well-informed over the last month.

But now we’ve come to a point where there’s this lack of any real news going around the tokuverse, so instead we’ll substitute with news from my Tokuverse.

So it was almost Christmastime, and since Tokuworld is a lot like your world’s Japan (just so we’re clear, we have one too), we celebrate Christmas, but we don’t just plain stop what we’re doing. If it’s during the week, most people go to work or school like they normally would, and only a few people will take the day off. Unfortunately for me, Evil wasn’t one of those few.

It was a lovely December morning. It had snowed the night before, leaving a blanket of snow on the ground that glimmered on that unusually bright and sunny day. Because it was Christmas, I was performing one of my main Christmastime duties: I was dressed as Santa Claus wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and passing out small gifts to people who walked by. It might seem a little strange on the surface, but I enjoy the chance to spread a little cheer. The day was going too well, and I could sense that at any moment, something was going to happen, but I kept on a happy face, for the children. Just as I was handing out the last of my presents, BOOM!, and a mob of screaming people started heading my way. Naturally, I ran towards the crowd, trying to find out what had caused all of this chaos.

As I made my way past the crowd, to what do my wondering eyes should appear, but a hideous beast, who could probably eat whole a tiny reindeer. Quick like a flash, I ran towards the beast, and shouted out, “That’s far enough, you won’t make this town your Christmas feast!” Like every monster, all he did was laugh and taunt me in a garbled voice. “You think you can beat me”, he quipped back, “I could take you out with one shot”. “Let’s just see about that, shall we?”, I answered back. Right then I pulled out my main henshin device, a very elaborate microphone-type device. You see, I’m somewhat of a presenter, so I have a bit more flair to my appearance and tactics than most of my fellow superheroes. I brought the device to my mouth and declared, “Sutēji, HenshinHead o kangei shite kudasai!” (Translation: Please welcome to the stage, HenshinHead!) And by pressing a button on the back of the device, I was transformed into HenshinHead.

And so the fight began. I started strong with a few well placed strikes, he retaliated with a couple of heavy-handed slashes. I would knock him back a few feet and he would return the favor. We tussled like that, until he used a very powerful technique to launch me into the air, where I landed about ten feet away from where I was. I realized then that he could use that ability whenever he wanted, and tried to use it on me again several times, all of which I managed to dodge. I managed to take temporary cover behind a large column while he was taunting me some more. With that attack of his now in play, I had to rethink my strategy. I knew the only way to win was to strike fast and strike hard if I wanted to avoid getting pulverized. So using my abilities, I took the form of one of my world’s Masked Bikers (yeah, copyright issues). With that form, I had the speed to outmaneuver my ghastly opponent and his barrage, and I had enough strength to deal a devastating blow in the form of a Biker Kick (again, copyright issues). And like that, he went down in a fiery explosion.

After that, I de-henshined, and went back to my previous Santa duties. I refilled my sack with toys, and went into a different part of town.

So remember kiddies, if your good little boys and girls, Santa will bring you lots of toys. But if your naughty, destructive monsters, I’ll destroy you.


I Return: News from the Tokuverse

It is I, HenshinHead, back from my dimension to tell you a harrowing tale of my adventures. But first I want to tell you a little more about myself. As I said before, I am one of the many (as you would say) toku-style superheroes from my dimension, but I never told you about what I can do. Essentially, I am the ultimate heisei superhero; I have the ability to emulate the appearance and abilities of any other hero from the Tokuverse, and unlike others with the similar abilities (i.e., your world’s fictional KR Decade or AkaRed), I am not limited to a specific group of heroes. I can change into ANYONE or ANYTHING. And because they’re real superheroes and not fictitious creations by corporations, I don’t have to deal with messy copyright laws. This is not to say that I don’t have my own personal powers or abilities, but for right now I want to focus on this.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me tell you about a run in I had with a group of multicolored-spandex-clad superheroes that refered to themselves as Hikaranger. It was like any other typical day when monsters rampage through the city, it started off bright and sunny. And then an ominous overcast swept in. From what seemed to be out of nowhere, some alien monster thing appeared surrounded by a group of minions. He stood there yammering on about the great empire they belonged to and how they were going to take over the world. You know, the usual. Anyway, he was suddenly interrupted by your typical squadron of five multicolored superheroes. They called out the alien monster thing, declared that he/it would never win, and introduced themselves as Hikaranger. And after some back-and-forth between them, the fighting began. The fighting went the way you normally expect, the leader of the group went after the alien monster while the rest dealt with the cannon fodder. Watching the fight, anyone could tell that they were rookies, they were just all over the place and getting beat up allot. But they were able to deal with the underlings, leaving the alien monster to fend for himself, and he would not go down easy.

They fought the guy for a good deal of time, but at every turn he was able to subvert their attacks. But the fight eventually led to the point where they pull out the finisher and end the fight (at least until the giant robot fight). Then something went horribly wrong. They brought out the giant cannon, fired a massive laser beam at the alien monster, there was a large explosion, but he survived. So there they are, their trump card used, them falling to their knees in defeat, and all hope seems lost. That’s when I decide to step in.

Just as the alien monster is about to deal the final blow, I block his attack and send it back to him. While he’s off-balanced, I look back to the Hikarangers and give them a modest motivational speech. It was enough to recharge their spirits, and they got up to finish off the alien monster thing. They pull their giant laser cannon back out, and using my abilities I created a mimic of their cannon out of thin air. We fired at the alien monster, and he went down. But as these battles usually go, he didn’t stay down that long.

As soon as turn away from the explosion, he’s back up on his feet and is now thirty stories taller than he originally was. I didn’t think it was going to be that much of an issue, happens all the time. But when I turn around to ask them if they still needed my help, that’s when I find out that they don’t have any special equipment to handle this. So here I am with the one Sentai on the planet that doesn’t have a giant robot, or even an oversized tank, and there is now a GIANT alien monster thing rampaging through downtown. Luckily, it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t handle. With my abilities, I was able to change my form and take on the powers and appearance of an Ultrabeing (that’s what their called in the Tokuverse). We fought, we tussled for a bit, shot a few energy beams back and forth, and then I finished him with an T-Beam strike (they cross their arms completely over here, and I just don’t want me quantum twin to be sued by anyone).

With the fighting done, I returned to my original form and went back to talk to the Hikarangers. They thanked me for helping them at the last minute, and I gave them a few words of encouragement and some advice for the next time they’re called on to fight evil. And we went on our separate ways. Personally, I’m going to keep my eye on them. They’re young and still raw, but they have a lot of potential, and I’d like to see where they go from here.

That’s it for now. I must return to the Tokuverse. Until next time!


Ore… Sanjou!

Hello world, its a pleasure to meet you. You may refer to me as HenshinHead. I am a being from an alternate dimension that some have refered to as the Tokuverse. Where I come from, the Earth is litered with tokusatsu-style superheroes, and I am one of them. I am able to enter into this dimension by trading places with my quantum twin who lives here. Together we will report on the tokusatsu of your world, along with harrowing tales from mine. We might not post as often as other bloggers, but our posts will be epic. I must return to my universe now, but I will return very soon. In the mean time, my quantum twin will be here to answer any questions and respond to any comments you may have. Until next time.