Power Rangers SPD Japanese Dub clip: Jack’s first morph.

As you know, TOEI Channel announced not too long ago that they would be airing episodes of Power Rangers SPD on their network, with the cast of Dekaranger dubbing over their SPD counterparts. Now the first episode of SPD has aired in Japan, and we have a short clip from it. Wanna see how they handled dubbing over their own material?:

Well, it’s certainly interesting to see. It’s almost like the original Dekaranger material has come full circle. Or to put it another way, it’s weird to watch, but awesome.

And I think we’re all in agreement that English subs would be unneccesary at this point, right?

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Power Rangers SPD Japanese Dub DVD Press Conference

Alright, to lighten the mood from the last post, we have video here from the official press conference for the release of the Japanese Dub of Power Rangers SPD om DVD. Take a look:

So basically, every previous actor from Dekaranger will be voicing their counterpart, except for Ishino Mako (her equivalent was Dr.Manx or Kat), she will be doing the shows narration while Tanaka Rie (Gundam SEED) will be voicing Dr. Katherine “Kat” Manx.

Power Rangers SPD will be airing on TOEI channel August 8th, and the DVD box set HERO CLUB POWER RANGERS SPD will be released on August 5th.

Power Rangers SPD to air in Japan this August: Man, that’ll be confusing to sub… :P

Toei Channel finally confirmed that the Japanese dub of Power Rangers SPD will begin airing August 8th. This version will feature the cast of the original Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger dubbing over the voices of their SPD counterparts. Don’t they just look so thrilled to be doing this? 😛

It’s also been revealed that two back-to-back episodes will be aired weekly at 5pm during it’s first run. We also have the titles for the first eight episodes that will air:

  1. Beginnings Part 1「新生Bスクワッド誕生(前編)」
    (“The Newly Born B-Squad” Part 1)
  2. Beginnings Part 2「新生Bスクワッド誕生(後編)」
    (“The Newly Born B-Squad” Part 2)
  3. Confronted「真のリーダー」(“A True Leader”)
  4. Walls「壁」(“Wall”)
  5. Dogged「リック パワーアップ」 (“Power-Up RIC!”)
  6. A-Bridged「ブリッジ」(“Bridge”)
  7. Sam Part 1「サム(前編)」(“Sam” Part 1)
  8. Sam Part 2「サム(後編)」 (“Sam” Part 2)

This is the first Power Rangers series to air on the TOEI Channel. And as a special bonus, they will also be releasing a DVD Box Set entitled HERO CLUB POWER RANGERS SPD, due out August 5th.

So, now that they’re doing this, would you want to see the dubbed episode of SPD for yourselves? Would any of you watch it regularly? Or maybe even want someone to “sub the dubs”, so to speak, and watch these episodes with subtitles? Personally, I think that would be a little redundant. I know they can’t stay perfectly to the original SPD script, but still, they would have to stay close enough for it to make sense. Besides, anyone outside of Japan would most-likely have already seen the original PRSPD, so you know what’s going to happen. I would really only watch one or two episodes of it, just to see if they’ve made any major changes to it. But I know some of you out there would want to see regular subs of these shows, so…

Anyway, that’s all for now, if anything else pops up, I’ll let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin