Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger THE MOVIE: The Flying Ghost Ship RAW

Hey, look what finally came out! It’s Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger THE MOVIE: The Flying Ghost Ship! In their first solo special, the Go-Kaigers encounter the titular Flying Ghost ship (from Space!), and decide to raid it, looking for a treasure called the God Eye, which can guide the owner to anything. The only problem: the ship’s Captain will do anything to protect the treasure, which includes trapping the Go-Kaigers and forcing them to fight several fallen enemies of past Sentais. And he even has his own Ghost Go-KaiOh! How will they get out of this one? Check out the movie below to find out!:

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OOO WONDERFUL and Go-Kaiger Flying Ghost Ship movies release date confirmed!

Two months ago, Toei premiered two back-to-back movies that became box office juggernauts within their first weekend. The two movies, Kamen Rider OOO THE MOVIE: WONDEFUL, Shogun, and 21 Core Medals and Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger THE MOVIE: The Flying Ghost Ship, now have a confirmed Blu-Ray and DVD release date!

Yes, both movies will be released next year in both standard and collector’s box set editions, with the OOO WONDERFUL movie being released on January 21st, and the Go-Kaiger movie being released on February 21st. Don’t ask me why they’re being released a month apart from each other, the only guess I can come up with is that the Go-Kaiger movie release date puts it closer to the series finale.

Anyway. more details on this as they come out.

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Toei’s Two-Fist Knockout!: Go-Kaiger and OOO movies at top of Box Office!

As expected, the dynamic movie duo of Go-Kaiger and OOO reached the top spot¬†of the Japanese Box Office over the weekend, beating out both Harry Potter and Transformers! (Wait, Transformers is still in theaters?) ūüėõ

Yes, the double-billed movies, Kaizoku¬†Sentai¬†Go-Kaiger THE MOVIE: The Flying Ghost Ship and¬†Kamen¬†Rider OOO THE MOVIE: WONDERFUL, Shogun, and 21 Core Medals, came out at No.1 over the weekend, beating the final installment of Harry Potter, the most recent Transformers movie, and even Cars 2 (although given it’s surprisingly low reviews, that’s not all too surprising. Yes, it’s a paradoxical statement, deal with it!)

And with the new number one crowned, here’s the current top ten movies in Japanese theaters: Go-Kaiger¬†& OOO (#1, 1st week), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (#2, 4th week), Transformers: Dark of the Moon (#3, 2nd week), Cars 2 (#4, 2nd week), Pokemon Best Wishes (#5, 4th week), Kukoriko-saka Kara (#6, 4th week), Kochira¬†Katsushika-ku¬†Kameari¬†Kouen¬†Mae Hashutsujo The Movie (#7, 1st week), Naruto: Blood Prison (#8, 2nd week), Nintama¬†Rintaro (#9, 3rd week), and Rock¬†Wanko¬†no Shima (#10, 3rd week).

Congratulations to Toei on another overwhelming success from these two franchises!

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P.S.: To my international followers, the Transformers movie came out on June 29th in the U.S., and there have been¬†so many¬†movies released since then,¬†that it’s been overrun by competition. It’s still at theaters in the U.S., but I doubt it will be there for too much longer, given current trends in turn-around times for a newly released movie’s popularity.

The Making of the OOO WONDERFUL and Go-Kaiger Ghost Ship movies.

A short “making of” video feature has popped up on¬†the Toho Cinemas website for Kamen Rider OOO THE MOVIE: WONDERFUL, Shogun, and 21 Core Medals, and for Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger THE MOVIE: The Flying Ghost Ship. You can watch it here: http://www.tohotheater.jp/news/info00000149.html

It’s only about four and a half minutes long, it’s hosted by Waatanabe Shu and Matsudaira Ken from the OOO movie, and it shows a lot of good behind-the-scenes footage.

Go-Kaiger summer movie Preview: The Flying Ghost Ship is flying to a theater near you! (But only if your in Japan)

Here’s a video of¬†yesterday’s new ending¬†sequence for Go-Kaiger, it features scenes from the upcoming movie Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger THE MOVIE: The Flying Ghost Ship, as well as a new preview for the movie, and the preview of next week’s episode. Take a look:

Yep, a whole lot of high-flying action going on. Can’t wait to see it!

In theaters August 6th.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

New Go-Kaiger summer movie pics: The ghosts are EVERYWHERE! RUN!!!

At the end of this week’s episode of Go-Kaiger, we were able to see some new footage from the upcoming summer movie Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger THE MOVIE: The Flying Ghost Ship. Take a look:

We should note here the the Ghost Ship is HUGE, it dwarfs the Go-KaiGalleon.

Yes, it’s Go-KaiOh swinging away from danger. I love this robot.

The Ghost Go-KaiOh is it’s own separate robot, piloted by Lossdark. Go-KaiOh is not taken over by Lossdark. Those rumors are false.

This is the God Eye, the treasure on board Lossdark’s ship that the Go-Kaigers are looking for. So they raided a ghost ship for a glowing piece of plastic?

And what would a ghost ship be without cartoon ghost flying around in it.

Wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark alley. Then again, I wouldn’t want to run into him ever.

And what would a Sentai movie be without a special, slightly modified version of the usual henshin sequence?

To understand just how big this ship is, that little dark spec in the distance isn’t a bird, it’s Go-KaiGalleon. There’s a part where you see them piloting the Galleon in front of the mouth of the skull.

That’s it for now, if I find anything else, I’ll let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Go-Kaiger Movie Pics: The Ghastly Ghost Go-KaiOh!

We have a few more pics from the upcoming movie,¬†Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger THE MOVIE: The Flying Ghost Ship, but this time, the focus is on Ghost Go-KaiOh, when Lossdark captures Go-KaiOh, and starts to fight with Go-JyuJin. Here’s the pics:

They’ve somehow managed to make Go-KaiOh look even more piratey! Can’t wait to see this!

Go-Kaiger Mag. and movie scans: He Lives!

I’m back, what did I miss? Oh, right, a sh*t load. Anyway, let’s get started!:

Yeah, how do you like these? Some extended sneak peaks from the Go-Kaiger movie, the series, and a ton of toys. Anything you’d like off of here? If so, then go aout and buy it yourself! Personally, I’d like some of the Legend Robos, so that¬† could some up with my own stupid combinations.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

P.S.: Today’s going to be a busy day, lotta stuff I need to catch up on, so please comeback throughout the day, because there’s a lot more coming.

Go-Kaiger Summer Movie Update: Your soul is mine!

“As expected from you greedy pirates,
you’d even throw away your comrades for a treasure.‚ÄĚ

Whoa, wait a second, what’s going on here? Where does that line come into play?

Anyway, we got a good deal of confirmations about the movie the other day, now let’s go over them in a little more detail.

There’s a rumor that a ghost ship is headed towards Earth, and that it’s been¬†collecting the souls of the dead. It’s believed that the ghost ship has rare treasure onboard called the “God Eye”. Believing that the God Eye could help them find the Greatest Treasure in the Universe, the Go-Kaigers go searching for the ship, and the fabled treasure. There’s only one hitch in their plan: it’s said that no one who’s ever entered the ship has ever come out alive. Los Dark, the captain of the ghost ship, is said to have no true body, and plans on using the God Eye to seek out a worthy vessel.

The insides of the ship are a great mystery, and onboard the Go-Kaigers will have to face enemies of past sentais. The hatred that the defeated grunts feel for the Go-Kaigers and all Sentai Rangers causes them to merge into on monster. Thay also run into Agent Abrella (Dekaranger), who informs them that they have collected the souls of 1500 defeated enemies, and a reborn Baseball Mask (Goranger) appears and challenges them to a baseball match (which they play in Goranger mode). And even G3 Princess appears in the movie as cheerleaders(?).

That’s all for now. Try to find out more about it as news comes out.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Go-Kaiger pics: Having a really hard time coming up with clever titles right now. I’m a little worried about that.

Ok then, I just can’t come up with anything clever to say, so I’m just going to post a bunch of pics. Enjoy!:

And now for some episode summaries:

Ep. 19: The Armor of 15 Warriors: Gai wants to help out on the ship, so he shows off his cooking skills, which makes Don jealous.

Ep.20: Navi tells the crew, “You’ll have to find the warriors in the closed forest”.¬†When Gai hears this, he tells the crew to go to the forest where the Gingaman used to live.¬†While in the forest, they start being chased by a man in black, and end up running into Basco.

Oh, boy! the Gingaman tribute episode is coming up. Do you think the man in black might be BullBlack? Can’t wait to see!

That’s it for now, hopefully I’ll be able to come up with clever titles soon. And as always, if anything else pops up, I’ll let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

UPDATE: Found some more!

Okay, so some of that wasn’t exclusively Go-Kaiger stuff, but hey, it looked cool. Consider it a bonus!

UPDATE: (6/22/11) Found some more, and this time, I might include some context!

This is Gai’s official team jacket. Very reminiscent of a certain Goseiger’s jacket.

Here are some pics verifying the episode rumors. Basco’s back, and he’s got some new keys!

And here’s some stuff from the Go-Kaiger summer movie, possible validation for rumors that have popped up.

That’s it for now, any more, and I’ll just add it to a new post.