Ganbaride Legend Rider Switch CM: Legends SWITCH ON!

We have the latest commercial for Ganbaride, featuring the soon-to-be-released Legend Rider Switch series! Check it out below:

That’s right, the new Legend Rider Switches! Similar in functionality to the regular Astro Switches, each Rider Switch mimics the some power associated with that Rider, such as the DenLiner for Den-O, or the Ankh’s Hand Blaster for OOO (note: not the official name of said power-up). And there are other such Legend Rider Switches confirmed coming down the pipline, such as the Decade switch. And they will be compatible with the FourzeDriver, though no confirmation on whether or not any of these Switches will be used in the series.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider Fourze Ganbaride CM: 3-on-3 fights, New Riders, and Astro Switch gameplay revealed!

The latest commercial for the updated Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbaride 01 has surfaced online, giving us a look at some of it’s newest features, such as the new three-on-three combat system, the functionality of the Astro Switches during gameplay, and the inclusion of two new Rider forms (not related to Fourze). Let’s watch:

Ooh, so many secrets revealed, so little time. First, we can see that the Astro Switches make all kinds of sounds, from when they’re inserted (ROCKET, LAUNCHER, etc.), to when they’re switched (Rocket on, Radar on, etc.), to when your powering up Fourze ( 3… 2… 1…). And from there, the new three-on-three combat system was revealed, with a few new tricks added to the game. And it looks like they’ve added OOO BuraKaWani combo and Agito Shining form to the game.

The commercial was narrated by Hiyama Nobuyuki, who will be narrating Kamen Rider Fourze starting in September. I hope you like his voice, because you’re about to hear it quite often.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin