Kamen Rider Fourze Press Conference: What did I miss? Oh, right, EVERYTHING………

Yeah, I would have reported on this mucch sooner, but the power went out at my house, and in half the city, during a very nasty storm that popped up yesterday. So, I’m just gonna have to put EVERYTHING Fourze-related that’s popped up since yesterday into this one post. Brace yourself, ‘cuz we’re about to take off!

Yesterday, the official press conference for Kamen Rider Fourze took place, and we’ve been getting photos, videos, and announcement after announcement about it since!

First, we’ll go with all the pics I’ve found of the press conference so far:


Wow, that’s a whole lotta stuff!

Anyway, as a sepcial treat, I have two videos for Fourze, one from the press conference, and one about the press conference with some footage from the show. If you listen closely to the first video, you can make out Fourze’s henshin sound!:

3… 2… 1… HENSHIN! (Funky music), that’s how a henshin sequence should sound. After the little fight sequence, he checks his watch, and goes, “Ahh, I’m late!”

Ikuze, High School Rider!

Anyone else starting to feel pumped?!

How about now?

Anyway, the character profiles have also been released. Let’s take a look at our new class:

From left to right: JK, Tomoko, Sarina, Miwa, Shun,
Chuuta, Kengo, Gentaro, Yuuki and Mysterious Man

Kisaragi Gentaro(Fukushi Sota): The main character of the series, second year. He recently transferred to Amanogawa Academy. He’s a bad boy rocking a short pompadour hairstyle. He declares that he will become friends with everyone in the school. He meets  Utahoshi Kengo, as if it was destined for them to meet. Gentaro receives the Fourze Driver and starts the Kamen Rider club in school. He seems to be an idiotic character.

Utahoshi Kengo(Takahashi Ryuki): The main character’s partner, second year. A young man who had the mysterious switches. He’s a key person to the whole story. His locker seems to be distorting space and he’s somehow able to reach the moon base, “Rabbit Hutch” through the locker. He’s also able to pull out the super bike “Machine Masshigler”. He might be physically weak, but he has strong heart full of will.

Joujima Yuuki (Shimizu Fukima): The heroine of the story, second year. She is Gentaro’s childhood friend. She’s a bright and cheerful high school student, she refers herself as a “space nerd”. She usually heads over to JAXA after school. JAXA is like some space thing in Japan. She’s the only one that Kengo can actually trust, Kengo shared his secret about his special locker to her.

Kazashiro Miu (Sakata Rikako): Third year. She’s somewhat the queen of the school as she is a cheerleader. She’s the daughter of a rich family. Ever since she was born, she was always treated like the queen bee. No matter where she goes in school, her two sidekicks will always follow her. She’s a beautiful girl with pride.

Daimonji Jun (Justin Tominori): Third year. The captain of the American Football team. There’s a hierarchy going on in Amanogawa Academy, with jocks on top. Jun is standing on the absolute top.

Nozama Tomoko (Shiho): First year. She’s the goth girl with black make up under her eyes. She always brings her Tablet PC with her and has a weird laughter. She seems to fixate and obsess over various things, but the details are unknown.

JK or Jake (Tsuchiya Shion): First year. Jake is the information provider of the school. He easily detects danger and is a coward who always runs away.

Sonada Sarina (Konan Yuka): Gentaro’s homeroom teacher and the teacher of classical literature. She’s young and beautiful, every student loves her. Although, she has trouble with Gentaro and Kengo.

Oosugi Chuuta (Tanaka Takushi): The geography teacher. He’s a middle-aged man with bad looks and a bad personality. No one seems to like him. He seems to be trying to get it with Sonada, but it just won’t happen.

The man with red eyes (Tsurumi Shingo): A mysterious man who caused some incident and has the “Zodiarts Switches” He seems to have a connection with the school, but he’s a complete mystery.

That’s the line-up we’ve got going, hopefully the story won’t get too bogged down with high school stuff.

Quickly, we do have some info on the “Astro Switches” Fourze uses. The switches, as you know, are inserted into the FourzeDriver, and gives him different tools and abilities. Starting from right to left on the belt, we have: Right Arm-Rocket, Right Leg-Launcher, Left Leg-Drill, and Left Arm-Radar. So far, we’ve only seen the Rocket Arm in action, but I’m sure that we’ll see more of the other Switches’ powers as we get closer to the launch date (badum bum).

As you know, with OOO on the way out, Bandai has already announced that they will be replacing the part of the game that uses the OOO Medals and changing them out for the Fourze Astro Switches. Above is how the game will look with the new Astro Switch gameplay, let’s see if it pans out.

And in the final bit of Fourze related news, the official website from TV Asahi is up for Kamen Rider Fourze, and it’s right here: http://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/fourze/ . There’s not much to the site yet, but it is up and running. And I will be adding it to the blog roll sometime soon.

Alright, that is it for Fourze news at the moment, if anything else pops up, I’ll be sure to let you know. And, for anyone interested, this is the biggest, most thorough post on Kamen Rider Fourze on the internet as of today, so, yeah, your welcome.

Kamen Rider Fourze starts September 4th, the week after the series finale of Kamen Rider OOO, and will air alongside Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger in the Super Hero Time! tv slot.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

More Fourze Pics: I swear, you turn around for five seconds…

Here are some more Fourze pics, hope you like them:

Well, that just looks way too bulky.

I haven’t noticed this before, but it looks like there’s one big switch on the side. I guess that’s what starts the transformation.

These are two of his classmates, not surewho they are at the moment.

These are the pics I’ve found so far, if anymore pop up, I’ll let you know. I’m sure it’ll be sometime soon.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Fourze Pics and Story: This time, it’s for real!

Today, we have some pics of Fourze from the upcoming series, and we have a bit of real (not rumored) story for the series. Starting with the pics:

We have a real look at his logo, and we get to see some very good shots of him as well.

And now onto the story!

So far, this is what we’ve been able to get from Uchuusen magazine translations (the magazine that covered the Fourze story first):

“The High School Rider who is challenging the Universe is born!!”

Kamen Rider Fourze, as a show, is actually an experiment with two less-than-familiar themes for Kamen Rider, outer space and high school drama. Kisiragi Gentaro, a new transfer student to the Amanogawa Academy, says “I will become friends with everybody!” on his first day at the new school, and starts the “Kamen Rider club”. That’s how he met Kansei Kengo, who originally had the FourzeDriver. Kengo gives the FourzeDriver to Gentaro, forever changing Gentaro’s life.

The FourzeDriver uses four “Astro Switches” that affect his arms and legs, the first one being the rocket. No confirmation on the others yet.

Interestingly enough, Kamen Rider Fourze also celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s first flight into space. For those of you who don’t know enough about history to know who that is, 1) that’s just sad, and 2) Yuri Gagarin was a Russian cosmonaut who, in 1961, became the first person to go into space. That’s why Fourze has an outer space theme. They don’t want you to just see Fourze as another Kamen Rider, they want you to see him through the same lense as you would see Yuri Gagarin, as the first Kamen Rider in Space.

That’s all for now, if I come across anything else, I’ll let you know. 3, 2, 1, Ignition!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

UPDATE: (6/29/11) Have a picture of him with his bike, looks like one sweet ride:

Anyone else feel like they’re being recruited into the Kamen Rider Space Agency?

Kamen Rider Fourze Cast and Staff confirmation: Who’s on fourth?

This video has the full cast info, and here’s the staff info:

Staff of Kamen Rider Fourze:
Original: Shotaro Ishinomori
Script: Kazuki Nakajima (Gurren Lagann (TV & Movie), Oh! Edo Rocket, Re: Cutie Honey, Nodame Cantabile: Finale, Chu-Bra!! and Some Shin Chan Movie)
Director: Koichi Sakamoto (Kamen Rider W Forever A to Z Gaia Memories, Ultra Ginga Dentsetsu)
Action Director: Tsuyoshi Miyazaki (Japan Action Enterprise)
Special Effect Director: Butsuda Hiroshi (SFX Institute)
Producer: Kengo Motoi (TV Asahi), Tsukada Hideaki, Kazuhiro Takahashi(Toei)

If I find anything else, I’ll let you know.

Video from Whoppers Producitons.

Kamen Rider Rumors: Ozu and Fourze in the hizzy! Okay, probably won’t do that again.

Is this awesome fan-art, or what? And the show hasn’t even started yet.

Anyway,the current series, OOO, still has about nine episodes left, but it’s still just pumping out rumors left and right. Man, Fourze has a lot to live up too! So here are the current rumors the the series:

  • Lost Ankh absorbs Ankh, and then fights OOO while OOO is using the PuToTyrano combo. Eiji is able to separate Ankh from Lost Ankh, but loses the other two Purple cores in the process, and this leads to Lost Ankh dissolving into medals, and Dr.Maki becoming a half Greeed.

Exciting, no? We also have some rumors from the upcoming movie, Kamen Rider OOO THE MOVIE: WONDERFUL, Shogun, and 21 Core Medals:

  • The movie actually takes place in an alternate universe, at least when Gara appears, and the BuraKaWani combo actually shows up halfway through. By the powers of the medals, the other combos appear to fight Gara, and we finally discover the secret behind the TaToBa combo (why it’s his primary combo, and why it counts as a combo)
  • By the end of the movie, OOO is fighting Gara’s monster form, and runs into a bit of trouble. That’s when a high-schooler shows up and transforms into Fourze.
  • They manage to corner Gara, but then she enters into her complete form, and then creates a Space-themed Yummy and sends it after Fourze.

And finally, we have some rumors for Fourze:

  • The story starts with an accident at Kisigari Gentaro’s (Fourze’s) school, the Amanogawa (Milky Way) Academy. Gentaro is somewhat of a delinquent, so most people in his school avoid him. One day, a mysterious life form is born, and starts to create monsters from a mysterious space energy.
  • A classmate’s dying father created the belt.
  • The producer is Hideaki Tsukada (Gekiranger, Dekaranger), and the writers are Riku Sanjo (Kamen Rider W, Digimon Xros Wars) and a yet-to-be-named writer who apparently has a lot of experience writing for Super Sentai, but has never done anything for Kamen Rider.

That’s at as far as rumors are concerned for today, if I run into anything else, I’ll let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider Fourze Actor and Rumors: And you thought high school sucked.

After the MASSIVE confirmation for the Fourze suit yesterday, we are starting to get a truckload of info and rumors about the series, and we getting to know a bit more about Fourze himself, so let’s get to it!

Kamen Rider Fourze is Gentaro Kisaragi (played by Sota Fukushi), a second year, section B highschool student at the Amanogawa Academy. Guessing from his unusual hairdo, he is a bit of a delinquent. He fights monsters created by a mysterious space energy, so he will also go into space to fight them.

Kamen Rider Fourze uses “Switches” to gain additional weapons, and he has four weapon slots on his belt. The only confirmed weapon so far is the rocket on his right arm, but he does have three others, and each of these weapons is represented by a specific shape, similar to the shapes of the buttons seen on a Playstation controller: a circle (for the rocket), a square, a triangle, and a cross or x-shape.

His bike is called the “Machine Masshigura”, and like him, can take off into space. “Masshigura” refers to full acceleration or full tilt.

Of course, his belt is called the FourzeDriver, and contains four weapon Switch slots and a “Henshin Switch” in the middle of the belt. There is a caption on the scan above (next to a close-up of the belt) that reads “Switch On! 3,2,1 HENSHIN!”, so we’re going to assume that that’s the henshin sound.

Beyond the stuff about Fourze himself, real or otherwise, he also have some cast info that’s made it’s way onto the interwebs, starting with: Kasei Kengo played by Takahashi Ryuki (the person we originally expected to play Fourze), Joujima/Joushima Yuuki played by Shimizu Fumika (the first confirmed actor/actress in the series), Miwa played by Sakata Rikako, and JK(Jake) and Yazawa Tomoko played by unconfirmed actors.

And as icing on this big ol’ rumor cake, we have the rumored story for the first episode:

Episode 1: “Him→Me→Switch→Transform”
Gentaro Kisaragi, a student in Amanogawa Academy High School’s 2B, is suddenly attacked by his teacher who was covered in mysterious space energy. He seems to be in an absolute pinch. But out of nowhere, the transfer student Kasei Kengo hands him some switches and a mysterious belt.

Hmm, sounds intriguing. Hopefully, we’ll get to know more about him as we get closer to the September 4th premiere.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

ACTUAL PICS OF FOURZE!: Thank you ThaiGundam.com!

Yes, REAL advertisements for Kamen Rider Fourze! All thanks to the ThaiGundam Forums! Context to come soon.

-M.C., the Super-Excited! Quantum Twin

UPDATE: This one isn’t from ThaiGundam, but still would like to thank them.

UPDATE: Found two more!:

If you look carefully, you can see some incredible details of the belt. Not sure what to make of it, but I’ll let you know if I found out anything about it.

Fourze (form and logo) REVEALED!: Holy crap, that wasn’t fan art!

Here he is folks! This is Kamen Rider Fourze:

And here is the logo:

Between the new logo and his asymmetrical appearance, it looks like there might be some truth to the “Rider Switch” rumors. And it also looks the th pic that came out yesterday might be real too:

So then, his name is romanized as “Fourze” and he apparently uses four different functions running at the same time. I guess that their just gonna keep running with the trend seen in W and OOO (W had two halves, OOO had three parts, and now Fourze has four parts). Even the belt kind of looks like a mix between the OOODriver and WDriver I hope that they stop with this at least after five, because anything past that would just be confusing.

Anyway, it looks like the forms are divided over the head, left and right arms, and the legs (together). Here in his primary form, he has a rocket (red, 1) for a head, his legs are a screw (blue2), his right wrist is a drill (yellow, 3) and his left wrist has some kind of turbo function (dark green or black, 4).

That’s it for now. If I run into anything else about it, I’ll let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin