Movie Wars MEGAMAX Rumors and Spoilers

Hey, I know some of this is old news, but I haven’t covered it yet, so here it is.

Over the weekend and earlier this week, news, rumors, and spoilers galore came out for the upcoming movie Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO Movie Wars MEGAMAX, and the’ve so far revealed more info than can be summed up in a single paragraph(!). So let’s jumpt to it!

First off, we have a possible plot summary for for the movie, and they do contain some major spoilers. So how will the movie play out?:

Kamen Rider OOO

After a meteor fall, the evil Rider Poseidon appears from a distortion in space/time. His true identity is Miharu Minato, who fights to protect people 40 years in the future.

Miharu transforms into a killing machine and attacks the Riders from the present. Goto and Date are called by Kougami and transform into Birth again. However, against Poseidon, the double Births were in a hopeless battle…

Kamen Rider Aqua: With the power of the water, Miharu transforms into Kamen Rider Aqua to protect the world 40 years into the future. However, he receives a new belt from Kougami and becomes the evil Kamen Rider Poseidon…

Kamen Rider Fourze

A mysterious female student falls from the sky… her name is Misaki Nadeshiko! After catching her, a Zodiarts appears, and Gentaro runs and transforms into Fourze to fight against it, however, Nadeshiko transforms too and they see each other. Who is she?

The members of the Kamen Rider Club are surprised at her appearance, but accept her and decide to work together. However, Gentaro is strange… “That’s love.” Gentaro falls in love at first sight with Nadeshiko! However, Zodiarts aren’t the only ones attacking her. Foundation X, which had antagonized W in the past, also wanted to obtain her power…

Sadondas: An artificially evolved life form by Mutermite.

Fourze, OOO, W, and 7 Legendary Riders

Meteorites fall around the globe! Rem Kanagi, from Foundation X, obtains a mysterious slime and sets out to obtain Astro Switches and Core Medals.

The 7 Riders were fighting against Foundation X divisions in various countries and gather in Japan to stop his plans! On the other hand, Shotaro and Philip learn about Foundation X’s new operation too! Fourze! OOO! W! And the Glorious Seven Riders! The strongest enemy finally appears in the frontlines!

Rem Kanagi: Super evolved life form Mutermite. He hides a horrific real form!

Well, looks like their going to be twists and turns around every corner. Speaking of which, check out this pic:

At some point in the OOO movie, Ankh will use Eiji as his substitute body. As if their partnership wasn’t already weird. And with this pic came some info from a recent interview with the movie director, Koichi Sakamoto.

According to Sakamoto, there’s been a certain amount of focus on form changes in the movie. OOO, for exapmle, will include all of the major combos, with a few unsued random combos in between, but neither PuToTyra nor BuraKaWani will be used. With W, the memory changes will supposedly be better than they were in the W FOREVER movie, and Fourze’s State changes won’t be half bad, either.

Speaking of forms, chaecl out these new forms for Fourze and OOO that will appear in the movie:

These are the rumored OOO Super TaToBa combo and Fourze Double Rocket State. Some new info has come uot for the Fourze Double Rocket State, which I will include in a separate post.

Now that we’ve discussed new forms, let’s move onto the new movie Rider, Kamen Rider Aqua.

No real new info on him, but some have pointed out that his design is very heavily based off of the design of Ichigo (Kamen Rider), only with a futuristic design aspect and an aquatic theme.

And with pics of him came a new host of pics from the OOO part of the movie:

And finally, it looks like Fourze second Rider (for the series) will make an appearance in movie as well. Take a look at the new Kamen Rider Meteor:

A lot of new info has come out for this now-confirmed Rider, which will be included in a separate post.

And assuming that this doesn’t mess up again, that should be it for MEGAMAX news. If anything else pops up, I’ll let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Scans Galore!: Fourze Fire State, MEGAMAX News, Go-Kaiger and Go-Kaiger Vs. Gavan major reveals!

Whoa, where did all of these come from? A major number of scans have surfaced, revealing quite a lot about upcoming episodes and movies for Go-Kaiger and Fourze. This includes a look at Fourze’s Fire State, some reveals for the MEGAMAX movie (including another new Rider!), the official reveal of Kanzen Go-KaiOh, and our first look at the upcoming movie Go-Kaiger Vs. Gavan. This… is that information overload they warned you about.

First up, we have a look at Fourze’s Fire State:

The Kamen Rider Fourze Fire State will debut in episode 9, “Awakening of the Witch”. It’s unlocked with the #20 Fire Switch, and he gains both a new form and a new Module, the Hi-Hack Gun.

The Hi-Hack Gun has two modes: the first mode shoots out flames, and the second mode emits a strong fluid capable of extinguishing flames. His finisher with the Hi-Hack Gun is called “Rider Exploding Shot”.

And along with the reveal of the Fire State, 3 new Astro Switches have also been introduced. They are #17 Flash, #18 Shield, and #19 Gatling. All three are shown in the picture above, along with three new Zodiarts (two of which are the fully revealed Leo and Virgo Zodiarts).

Next up, we have new info on the upcoming movie Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze and OOO Movie Wars MEGAMAX, which also reveals a new movie Rider, Kamen Rider Aqua!:

Epic three-way henshin is EPIC.

Anyway, that’s the complete roster of Riders for the movie, which includes Nadeshiko and this new Rider. They’ve all teamed-up to take on a new breed of evil!

And this image features the Fourze’s and Nadeshiko’s team-up, using a Double Rocket Rider Punch against the Virgo Zodiart. And on the right, every evil group and or/ organization from the last three series seems to be meeting up with each other, I guess in a team effort to take out all the Riders (hence W fighting a Hounds Zodiart in the bottom-right corner).

And here’s a three-page pull-out featuring this new Rider, Kamen Rider Aqua. According to the scan, Aqua is also Minato Miharu, and also from the future. Essentially, Aqua and Poseidon are different versions of each other, one good, one evil. And Aqua’s personal vehicle is a jet ski called the “Aqua Miraider”.

And we have one last scan for Fourze, which was almost missed!:

In this pic, which talks about Fourze starting off the New Year, has two very interesting components to it. Namely, the two shadowed figures on the left side. One appears to be Fourze with TWO Rockets, possibly in a new yet-to-be-announced State, and the other could possibly be the next Rider for the series (after Nadeshiko). Exciting stuff, no?

Anyway, that’s everything for Fourze, now onto Go-Kaiger!

And right away, we get our first loolk at Kanzen Go-KaiOh!

And it looks like Zangyack will be stepping up their game as well. This is the Great Waltz, Zangyack’s “Mightiest Warship”, given to Walz Gil be his father, Emperor Ackdos Gil. It will premiere in Ep.37.

Luckily, the Go-Kaigers will have this to fight it with! A combination of Go-KaiOh and Go-JyuJin (with Engine Machalcon), they’re able to create this combination using their own Grand Power(!), “the power to take hold of their dreams”. But will it be enough to defeat this new weapon?!

And it looks like Joe and Barizog’s final battle is coming soon. Will Joe find a way to save his friend and former teacher Sid? Or will he have to destroy him?

And in this scan, we have both our first look at the Emperor Ackdos Gil, and our first look at Go-Kaiger Vs. Gavan. So what plans will the Emperor have for our favorite pirates? And why is the only bit of promotional material for the upcoming movie just an old picture of Gavan with his Laser Blade? O?O

And in this final scan, we see the official announcement for a new Telebi-Kun Go-Kaiger DVD special! In this new special, Marvelous and Gai fuse together, and have to fight, changing into all of the previous Red Senshi, leading up to the appearance of Go-KaiRed Gold Mode! No release date for the special has been anounced yet.

And there’s all of the scans. Sorry this is so late, unfortunately I have to be a full-time college student, and certain assignments will end up taking priority over blog-related stuff. Hate to have to leave you guys out in the cold, but that’s just how it has to be. Don’t worry though, more poss are coming soon, so keep checking back in!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Latest MEGAMAX Rumors: Connecting the past with the present with EVIL!!!

Even before the release of the official trailer for the movie Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze and OOO Movie Wars MEGAMAX, these rumors popped up. Let’s see how the plot of the movie will take shape now:

  • Kamen Rider W is going to show up (as we saw in the trailer), and the final boss is a traitor of Foundation X. It’s not a Dopant though, seems to be a new type of monster.
  • The final boss manages to get a hold of Poseidon’s medals and Nadeshiko’s Astro Energy and turns into a monster.
  • A black man monster from an older series shows up as well.
  • The Seven Legendary Riders, a future Rider, and Kamen Rider W fights off Dopants, Greeeds and some early Zodiarts.
  • The black man is most likely J from Kamen Rider Faiz. Meaning that they could be trying to link Foundation X with Smart Brain.

Wow, they are trying really hard to connect all of these older storylines, if any of it’s true. BTW, I just copied the rumors from somewhere else, so don’t yell at me if the wording isn’t exactly politically correct. Beyond that, it looks like it might be true, since these rumors originally surfaced about an hour before the official trailer came out, and it mentioned W being in the movie long before anything else came out about it. So who knows, we’ll just have to wait and see what else comes out for the movie.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Movie Wars MEGAMAX Updates: Teen Pop-Star Riders!

Over the last few days, we’ve been getting a lot of rumors about the upcoming movie Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO Movie Wars MEGAMAX, but since I haaven’t beena able to keep up with them, I’m just going to put the latest ones in one medium-sized post (I’d say big, but it really isn’t).

First, let’s start off with OOO. As you can see here from these new pics, we finally have a chance to see (among other things) the person behind the Kamen Rider Poseidon mask, Minato Miharu, played by D2’s Arai Atsushi, and yes, he’s the on with the blue streak in his hair with the blue jacket (he’s just a pair of white-rimmed glasses awat from being possessed by Urataros). Not much was revealed about this portion of the movie that hasn’t already been revealed, so we’ll move onto the next one.

It looks like the actress playing Misaki Nedashiko/Kamen Rider Nadeshiko will be Mano Erina of Hello! Project. Her first appearance in the movie will be a scene where she’s seen falling from the sky, with Gentaro just managing to catch her. Who she is ans how she managed to obtain her own Fourze System will be the two main driving points of this part of the movie.

Nadeshiko’s RiderKick will be a reference to Homare Sawa’s heel kick that won the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup Finals, and she herself is named after a soccer team of the same name, as was confirmed by director Tsukada Hideaki.

And finally, we have the first preview of the movie, featuring the two main Riders, the two new Riders, and some returning Riders, such as Ichigo, Nigo, Stronger, and W!:

That’s quite the All-Star line-up for the final part of the movie! Can’t wait to see it… three months after the premiere. Oh, the agonizing wait!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Movie Wars CORE Director’s Cut Spoilers: Now with more cut scenes!

So, the Dirfector’s Cut version of Kamen Rider OOO x W feat Skull Movie Wars CORE comes out this week (Sept.21), and people have been wondering just what kind of  changes or additions have been made to the movie. Well wonder no more! We have a super-long list of changes that have been made, which includes extended scenes, new scenes, and a reversal in the movie order. Let’s see what the director has done.

NOTE: For this version of the movie, the director has reversed the order in which the movies are presented, therefore the first one shown in this version is the OOO Movie, Kamen Rider OOO: Nobunaga’s Desire. The changes to that are as follows:

  • In the beginning, there are a few extra seconds of Kougami painting on the floor while whispering “ambition”. There’s a shot of Nobunaga’s rusted emblem and a quick flashback to  Warring States era Nobunaga when they find his body underground.
  • Right before they revive Nobunaga, Kougami is shown preparing a “Happy  Birthday” cake, and the machine that brings him back stays on screen for  slightly longer. A brief flash to the aforementioned cake, shown after Nobunaga’s revival, is removed.
  • Eiji is shown delivering newspaper to several locations before meeting Nobunaga, rather than just once.
  • Eiji is actually shown inserting medals in the OOO driver one by one before facing Nobunaga for the first time.
  • There’s an extended cut when Eiji finds the unconscious human Nobunaga. He attempts to wake him up several times.
  • Eiji is shown in the kitchen preparing the food before giving it to Nobunaga. After the underpants scene, Eiji wonders about what Nobunaga is going to do and suggests going to the police.
  • Completely new scene. Eiji is working in another part time job,  carrying some crates with drinks. Nobunaga returns, and Eiji wonders if  he didn’t look for the police. Nobunaga offers to help Eiji. However,  he ends up stumbling and dropping his crate, breaking some drinks. The  owner of the shot complains. Eiji apologizes for him, however, Nobunaga  refuses to apologize, suddenly showing a completely different  personality.
  • There’s an extended shot of everyone reacting in surprise to Nobunaga  buying all of a company’s stocks during the first scene with the  ballerina.
  • Completely new scene. After they start eating with Nobunaga,  Ankh appears, just as an arm. Eiji notices him and asks about what he  had done to the detective. Rather than that, he talks about the monster  that has appeared lately and killed humans, and asks Eiji if he wonders  about his identity. Ankh shows one of the papers with the family emblems  that Nobunaga drops after killing people, and says that the monster has  some relation to the Sengoku era. Afterwards, through a glass, he  points at Nobunaga. Meanwhile, Nobunaga and the dancer have a heated  discussion about Mitsuhide Akechi and her ancestry. Eiji yet again asks  Ankh about the detective. Ankh grabs Eiji by the mouth and says that  he’s returning to his place.
  • When Kougami and Nobunaga are in the car, before the rest of the  conversation, Kougami congratulates him for his nice trick during the  auction. A cut to outside of the car is moved to before they start the  conversation that they had in the original movie.
  • Kougami nods to Satonaka who gives Nobunaga the Birth Driver. Goto is  shown to be there too, and he’s surprised to see it, clearly not liking  what’s going on.
  • Completely New scene. Kougami is shown dropping Nobunaga in his  company and the scene follows Kougami leaving in the limousine. Goto  wonders why Kougami gave the belt to Nobunaga. Kougami tells him to not  worry about anything, it’s all part of an experiment and calls Nobunaga a  “doll”.
  • Completely New scene. During Nobunaga’s battle as Birth against  the Dino Yummy, there’s a sudden cut to Eiji in the Cous Cossier. He  asks Hina if she thinks he’s an useless human. Hina asks about what  happened, and Eiji wonders if Nobunaga will be okay, because he seemed  strange. Meanwhile, on tv, there’s a report about an “Unidentified  Lifeform” attacking. Eiji and Hina turn their attention to that. It  mentions that the police hasn’t answered yet, but there’s someone else  there… the camera then shows Birth fighting.
  • Before Birth uses the Crane arm, Birth throws its gun away and there’s an aerial camera shot.
  • Completely New scene. The news report that the warrior in armor  defeated the Unidentified Life Form and then goes on to show that his  identity is Nobunaga. Eiji and Hina wonder why he transformed.
  • There’s an extended cut when Nobunaga grabs the dancer. He calls her  beautiful and she stands around for a few moments before trying to  escape.
  • OOO vs Nobunaga. There’s a brief extended clip of OOO running around with  the Cheeta legs before the scene returns to the ballerina. There’s a brief clip with Nobunaga’s vision failing while he fails to recognize Eiji right after their second battle.
  • Completely New scene. In a meeting with his company, one of  Nobunaga’s employee talks about a cellphone, but Nobunaga fails to  recognize what it is. The employee takes that to be joke, but then  Nobunaga has another headache + vision failure and leaves.
  • After Nobunaga falls from the stairs, he looks at his own hand, which is turning black and cell medals are falling from it.
  • When the people Eiji helped early in the movie offer to take Eiji to a party, they actually are shown dragging Eiji to it.
  • There’s a big ugly “DIRECTOR’S CUT” with a black bar over part of the “Count the Medals” screen. They also didn’t bother fixing it to remove the Blue medals and include Ankh’s Taka medal there.

And now let’s see what they’ve done with the W movie, Kamen Rider Skull: Message for W (conveniently arranged by flashback):

Kamen Rider W: Present

  • Extended shot of W looking at the Yummy and complaining about it before jumping.
  • Extended shot of W vs Yummy. Terui is shown arriving in his bike in the background. Camera then changes to focus on him removing his sword from his bike. There’s a little bit more of W vs Yummy and only afterwards Terui finally arrives.
  • Extended shot of the scene where Akiko runs away. Terui stumbles around and then uses his catchphrase on himself.
  • Two extra shots of Fuuto while Shotaro describes Akiko’s situation. The description is expanded compared to the original one.
  • Shot of Akiko’s back while the expanded explanation continues. Afterwards, she goes and lists everyone (comrades, father, Terui, etc, with the Kamen Rider form of each one flashing on screen)
  • In the original, there was a shot of the river while Akiko remembered her father’s words about staying by her side. In the DC, there’s a quick flashback to the day she talked with her father on the phone that is going to be detailed later in the movie.

Kamen Rider Skull: Past

  • Extended shot of Melissa in her room complaining calling Soukichi to complain about how he’s doing nothing to protect her and it’ll be a big problem.
  • Completely new scene. Soukichi and his partner are actually shown driving by Fuuto in their car. They don’t speak anything to each other, just look at a paper and then it starts raining. There’s also a shot of them leaving the car under heavy rain, while in the original the car was just shown parked outside with lighter rain.
  • Completely new scene. Soukichi and his partner enter into the theater under the rain. Meanwhile, the Bat Dopant woman is standing outside, a man bumps into her, she acts like there was no problem, but right afterwards beats him up and then walks in the direction of the theater.
  • Shot of Soukichi walking through the agency and turning on the lights before going into the Skull room.
  • There’s a longer shot of the architecture expert. Soukichi takes him and his informant wishes him well while they leave. There’s also an extra exterior shot of the Yaguchi Entertainment Company.
  • There’s a new shot of Skull touching the Memory in his driver and his scarf blowing. There’s also a few extra seconds of Shroud dodging Bat’s attacks.
  • The first shot of Skull beating up Masquerades is slightly exchanged before the camera cut.
  • A few extra seconds of Skull vs Spider, just enough for two punches. Afterwards, Bat beating up Shroud.
  • New extended cut of Soukichi escaping running through the Yaguchi agency again.

Kamen Rider W: Present

  • Completely new scene. After the Yummy flies with Akiko, Shotaro and Terui stand up and shout for Akiko. Shotaro then complains about the Yummy and starts thinking about monsters in general. He goes on to remember the events of Begin’s Night, including Soukichi’s death. He decides that he’ll have to protect Akiko, and then Philip corrects him, saying that “we” will. Terui cries that he won’t let it steal his bride.

Kamen Rider Skull: Past

  • Completely new scene. Melissa walks alongside Fuuto’s ocean, singing. Soukichi finds her, tells her that she won’t need to run away now, he already knows the identity of the Spider Man. She actually already knew about his identity. He makes a promise to her to bring him back and then leaves with “Nobody’s Perfect” playing. However, right afterwards, Shroud appears and reveals that Spider Man will die if a memory break is used on him. She wonders if Soukichi will still fight.
  • Extended cut of Soukichi facing Matsu. The punch that drops his glasses doesn’t do so in the Director’s Cut. Soukichi grabs Matsu, but he hits him with his knee. Soukichi then hits him, grabs him again and punches him. Only then the glasses fall and Melissa arrives.
  • When Soukichi seems the spider in Melissa’s hand, there’s a flashback to Yaguchi blowing up.
  • When Matsu mentions the attack on the theater where he used the Spider abilities, there’s new an extended cut where he explains the details before the flashback, and the flashback itself is longer.
  • Flashback after the spider is implanted on Melissa is extended. Matsu is shown shouting about finding Melissa and then runs through the other way. Soukichi now is shown realizing that’s the reasons she avoided him in the present, rather than his voice during the flashback (which is cut in this version).
  • When Matsu touches Melissa’s shoulder and says “look”, now the camera moves away sooner, showing his face while he talks, rather than just his arm like in the original cut.
  • They actually CUT one or two seconds of Melissa running through the corridor before being punched by Spider Man.
  • Spider Man’s face takes the screen and he laughs at Soukichi.
  • New close up of Bat Dopant’s face.
  • After Soukichi says that Matsu sold his soul for a Gaia Memory, there’s a flashback to them together in the past.

Kamen Rider W: Present

  • After Akiko awakens, she wonders about where she is.
  • A black bar with “Director’s Cut” written there covering part of the “Gaia Memories” screen at the end of the W story.

And finally, we have the changes to the final part of this movie, Movie Wars CORE!:

  • The shot of the “Cristo Redentor” was changed to one also showing its surroundings.
  • Very slightly extended shot of Akiko’s face after she hears Melissa’s words. Afterwards, W’s theme continues into the next scene, which is full screen, not running alongside the credits.
  • Scene where Eiji returns is in full screen now, with OOO’s end of story theme from the tv show playing.
  • Movie credits and theme song start playing. They’re just Gaia Memories and medals falling through the screen. No “Making of” footage or anything else, it’s just like the background of the original credit sequence.

So what do you think of the changes made here? Is this now a completely different movie, or do you think these changes will have no real effect on the overall film?

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider Eternal Pics and Reveals: Who is Eternal Red Flare?

Okay then, here are some shots from the Kamen Rider W V-Cinema release, Kamen Rider W RETURNS: Kamen Rider Eternal.

And here’s some shots from the scene where Eternal Red Flare shows up. This time around, it’s Kazu, the representative from Foundation X. This is a bit of a spoiler, but, it turns out that Kazu was the one who decided to sponser the Musem and the Gaia Memory project over project NEVER, so in the beginning of the movie, NEVER is violently opposed to Gaia Memory use. Eventually, Katsumi uses the Eternal Memory, along with the other Lost Driver, and you can see the events that led to to what happened in Kamen Rider W FOREVER A-Z: The Gaia Memory of Fate.

You know, they had a few vehichles that were CG, but they weren’t very high quality renderings. It was very apparent that they were CG. And not just this helicopter, but the cargo plane NEVER traveled in as well.

Anyway, here’s the scene:

It de-stabilized because it was a defective prototype, or at least that’s the way it seemed.

SPOILER ALERT FOR THE MOVIE: When Katsumi changes into Eternal the first time, he was able to stabilize and complete the transformation to Eternal Blue Flare because he was so much more compatible with the Eternal Memory.

Alright, I won’t give anymore spoilers at this point. It’s out on Blu-Ray and DVD, and there are still some videos up on YouTube, so go watch it.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider Eternal Pre-Screening Event: “I don’t like boobies!”

Sometime yesterday, or maybe earlier today, there was a pre-screening event for the movie Kamen Rider W RETURNS: Kamen Rider Eternal, and people who supposedly went to the event have reported on what they saw. Here’s the main chunk of it:

Caution! Spoilers Ahead!

  • The most memorable lines, according to one person who went, were “I hate boobies! I hate boobies!” from Kyosui, and “Don’t give me full-length pants!” from Reika.
  • The movie starts with Kamen Rider W fighting the Sweets Dopant. Mina shows up and the “Daido is hero” part starts. It shows how NEVER was formed. The movie swaps back and forth between Mina talking with Shotaro, and Eternal’s story.
  • At the end, Shotaro says “Maybe he was a Kamen Rider after all” and places a flower by Fuuto Tower. While talking to Mina, Phillip brings up the music box and a scene were Daido is throwing it is shown.
  • Jun Kazu is Eternal Red Flare. He uses the Eternal memory, says  something about it being incomplete, reverts back to human form and uses  the Utopia memory. When Kazu is defeated, the other Foundation X members say, “We still need you.”
  • Maria only appeared in the beginning. Reika’s scenes were mostly about how she became a NEVER.
  • The majority of the action scenes were out of suit.
  • A preview of the “Cod-E ~The Code of E~” PV was shown. Takahashi Rin is in it, and the SOPHIA members were dressed up as NEVER members.
  • While Kamen Rider Eternal is fighting the Eyes Dopant, Daido says “This is the worst place possible. All I can think about is hell… Let’s enjoy hell, then.”

So, we’ve got some medium-sized spoilers there, not too much about the movie was given away. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see it sometime soon.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Eternal: RETURNS!; The Shock of the Century!

We’re getting closer to the release of this Kamen Rider W V-Cinema Release, Kamen Rider W RETURNS: Kamen Rider Eternal, we’re getting more info on the movie itself, and it’s shocking ending!

In this movie, Kamen Rider W is still fighting aagainst the remaining dopants, when a mysterious woman with psychic powers appears. The woman, calling herself Mina (played by Takahashi Rin) has come to take revenge on W for the defeat of Daido Katsumi (a.k.a. Kamen Rider Eternal) because she thought Katsumi was a hero, and that “Katsumi was going to save us from hell”. And that’s when she reveals Katsumi’s past as a hero, and the events that lead to the formation of NEVER and Katsumi becoming Kamen Rider Eternal.

And with the release of Kamen Rider W FOREVER Director’s Cut, theses images, supposedly from an alternate ending, have been leaked to the web. Just tell me if the person in this pic looks familiar:

I’ve gotta say, if they had used this image, then the overall story arc would definitely have taken a different turn. Of course, this could also be a spoiler of sorts for future Kamen Rider W projects. Who knows for sure, but if I hear anything, I’ll let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider Fouze OOO Movie Rumor: “Holy Sh*t, it’s the real Kamen Rider OOO!”

Now that Kamen Rider Fouze has been confirmed as the next Rider, sone rumors have been popping up on the message boards, mostly about Fouze appearing in OOO summer movie, Kamen Rider OOO: WONDERFUL Shogun and 21 Core Medals. Basically, it’s rumored that Fouze will have a cameo in the OOO movie similar to OOO’s cameo in Kamen Rider W FOREVER: A-Z, The Gaia Memory of Fate. It’s also rumored that his name will be Kakeru. In the scene where Fouze supposedly shows up, he goes up to OOO as Kakeru and yells out the quote in the title, “Holy sh*t, it’s the real Kamen Rider OOO!” (I have many doubts about that). He changes, fights with OOO, then at the end his sister calls him and tells him to go home. And he might also have a smartphone-like device that has information on all the past riders, which has been compared to the PokeDex from Pokemon. That’s all we need, a RiderDex. Although that does explain where they keep getting their gimmicks from. Anyway, just remember that these are just rumors, and there is a very good chance that none of it will come true. The only thing I’m sure will happen is that Fouze will make some kind of cameo in this summer movie.

There is also a pic going around now that is supposedly of Fouze, but I’m not including it, mostly because it just looks like fan art to me. Ah, screw it. But don’t get mad at me if he doesn’t look anything like this:

Looks cool, but (once again) this could just be fan art. It really doesn’t look like the typical concept sketch you see leaked when a Rider series is announced.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider News: I’m throwing everything at you at once!

Hey, so it seems that some Rider news has been accumulating, and I haven’t quite kept up with it. So to make up for it, I’m post all Kamen Rider stuff in this one post. Hopefully, I won’t end up overloading the internet in the process.

So let’s start with the newest bit, Kamen Rider Fouze really has been confirmed! Toei has officially registered the name for the series, so Fouze will follow OOO as the next rider. And now we wait. Here is the screen cap of the name registration.

Next up is news for Kamen Rider OOO. Filming for the coming OOO summer movie is officially complete. First confirmed on Arusue Mayuko’s blog (she plays Erika Satonaka), filming apparently ended on May 15th, and both Miura Ryosuke (Ankh) and Takada Riho (Hina) confirmed this on their own blogs two days later. Here are some pics from each of their blogs.

The most recent rumors include a guest actor playing an Evil OOO, the back story for the original OOO finally being explained, and ALL of the Greeed appearing in this movie, including one that will be played by another special guest actor. As for in-movie specials, it looks like Eiji will go through all of his combos, including the yet-seen BuraKaWani combo, and Kamen Rider Birth will get some major upgrade. Story-wise, it’s believed that the core medals used to henshin into OOO’s default TaToBa combo will be stolen, probably by the evil OOO, and that the Evil OOO will actually kill Date! But keep in mind that these are rumors, so they might not come true. The movie is set for theatrical release August 6th.

And the final bit of news is for the Kamen Rider W RETURNS: Kamen Rider Eternal movie. Now the last big leak from this movie revealed that in this movie Eternal would have a new, somewhat less powerful form in this movie, called Eternal Red Flare (the form seen in the W movie is now referred to as Eternal Blue Flare), but now it seems that Katsumi Daido was NOT the original Kamen Rider Eternal. According to a recent scan (shown below), the first Eternal was Kazu of Foundation X (who was the Utopia Dopant in the series), at first not seen changing into Eternal, but later henshins into Eternal as the movie goes on. It is believed that he is using either the T1 Eternal Memory, or an unstable prototype T2 Memory which results in the Red Flare appearance. Kazu apparently ends up fighting Daido as Eternal Red Flare, and Daido loses to Kazu. Later on, Daido somehow gets a hold of the Lost Driver, though no further details on whether or not Daido ever actually uses the Driver or changes into Eternal in the movie. There are also rumors about the origins of the other members of NEVER, but I don’t really want to go into any of that right away.

Anyway, that is all of the big Rider news for the time being. As always, if anything pops up, I’ll let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin