Kamen Rider Wizard Ep.7 RAW: Just trying to go back home…

Hey, it’s time for new Wizard! And in this week’s conclusion, Manami (the pretty lady/swindler from last week) seems to have just disappeared, leading our hero, and the Gnome Phantom (yeah, that’s suppose to be a gnome), on a wild chase through the city. But it seems that all Manami want to do is go back to her childhood home, which is going to be demolished if she can’t buy it back in time. Can Haruto help her save the last good piece of her childhood? Check out the episode below to find out!:

Kamen Rider Wizard Ep.7 RAW:

Ep.7 SUB:

And next week, the Phantoms target a young child, while Wizard tries to decipher the purpose of a new ring that doesn’t want to work. See you then!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider Wizard Ep.6 RAW: The Raven-haired Vixen

Okay, so her hair isn’t that dark, but that’s the best title I can come up with. Anyway, this week, a Phantom with with a propensity for wine and digging tunnels goes after a woman as gorgeous as she is manipulative. Can Haruto save her in time, and manage to overcome her charms (unlike the four other male characters currently under her spell). Check out what happens below!:

Kamen Rider Wizard Ep.6 RAW:

Wizard Ep.6 SUB:

So, now that this lady scam artist has been exposed in the worst possible way, what will happen now? Check back next week to find out!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider Wizard Ep.5 RAW & SUB: Stuck in the Past, trying to Live in the Present.

Alright, this week for Kamen Rider Wizard, as we dig deeper into Tagaki’s (the Piano prodigy’s) reason for wanting to be taken out of the competition, we also dig deeper into the mysterious nature of Koyomi’s Past, or should we say lack of there of, all while still trying to protect Tagaki from Cait Sidhe, and try to help Haruto recover after using up his mana. Check out what happens below!:

Kamen Rider Wizard Ep.5 RAW:

Ep.5 SUB:

And next week, it looks like the males of the group fall under the spell of a beautiful woman, or is she still a woman? Come back next week to find out!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider Wizard Ep.4 RAW and SUB: The Cat and the Pianist

Alright, this week, we have a Piano prodigy with doubts about his future, a cat Phantom (Bernard Ackah) who turns out is a German-born, Japan-raised former MMA champ who speaks four languages, and we get to peer behind the veil of Koyomi’s mellow stare. Turns out she might not be just acting like she’s half dead. You can see what I mean for yourself below:

Kamen Rider Wizard Ep.4 RAW:

Ep.4 SUB:

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider Wizard Ep.3: Shiipeipei!

Is Shunpei a Wizard too? Nope, and it looks like the Phantom may be playing on that dream just to crush it. Can Haruto save Shunpei before he’s crushed to death by his own despair? Check out the episode below to find out!

Kamen Rider Wizard Ep.3 SUB:

Well, we might still only have one wizard, for the time being, but there’s still plenty more to come, which includes a struggling piano prodigy and an African American Phantom(!). I would love to see just how this guy got involved.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider Wizard Ep.2: I’ll just keep following you until you make me a Wizard like you….!

Alright, episode 2 is here, and now we can get into the real meat of the show. And in this episode, we meet wannabe wizard Shunpei, a guy who has wanted to be a wizard since he was a young boy, and who is currently the center of attention of the Phantoms. But that goes a little unnoticed by Haruto, as Shunpei begins following him around after finding out that he is Kamen Rider Wizard, on the hopes that he’ll take Shunpei on as his apprentice. Needless to say, that doesn’t work out too well. We also get a better look into Haruto’s past and how he became Kamen Rider Wizard. See what happens below!:

Kamen Rider Wizard Ep.2 RAW:

Wizard Ep.2 SUB:

So many questions, so few answers. Who is the White Wizard? Who was Rinko before the Day of the Eclipse? And is Shunpei a wizard now too?! Check back next week to find out!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider Wizard Ep.1/Premiere: Showtime!

It’s time again for the annual Changing of the Masked Guard, and with the last one blasting off into the inner spacce of nerdly nostalgia, the new one has whisked in to ring in the new season (you see what I did there just now?). Now let’s watch the opening exploits of this new magic ring-bearing Rider, as he demonstrates the power of hope!

Kamen Rider Wizard Ep.1 RAW:

Wizard Ep.1 SUB:

Well, so how did you like that? A decent episode overall. You gotta lke this “mystery” opening; really plays up the magical nature of the whole thing. I’ll admit, having him admit that he has a Phantom running around inside him is kind of a lame setup for the whole “becoming the very thing you fight” theme that we see almost every other series, but it works (trust me, even if he doesn’t change into said monster, there will be some kind of big struggle that will play out starting around mid-season). Overall I’m looking forward to the next episode, are you?

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Go-Busters 26 & Fourze 47 RAW and SUB: Losing Data, and Losing… Kengo?!

Hey, it’s Friday Night, I know you would have liked this, say, around Sunday/Monday, but here it is anyway. We’ve got Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Mission 26 and Kamen Rider Fourze Ep.47!

Starting with Go-Busters, the Busters deal with a data erasing Metaroid and MegaZord, forcing the Busters to combine manually (with a special Go-Buster Ace Stag Custom combination), while Nakamura deals with trying to return a pencil to Hiromu, whose so inapproachable that she find it intimidating.

Go-Busters Mission 26 RAW:

Tokumei Sentai GoBusters 26 RAW by SuperHeroTimeFan

Mission 26 SUB:

And moving onto Kamen Rider Fourze, after cancelling out the Zodiarts Switches and causing the Dark Nebula gateway to close, Kengo reveals that he is actually the Child of the Core Switch, sent to analyze life on Earth, and that now he must return to the Presenter’s Home World! Now that Gamou has figured out he is the Core Switch, will he allow Kengo to leave? Check out the episode below to find out:

Fourze Ep.47 SUB:

And next time, the Go-Busters infiltrate a biotech lab, which Enter has turn into a labyrinth, and it’s Fourze’s final episode! 😦 Can Gentaro stop Gamou/Sagitarius from re-opening the Dark Nebula and destroying Japan? Will they pull a W and find a way to bring Kengo back? Will we ever meet the Presenters? And can Kamen Rider Wizard live up to the amazingness that is Kamen Rider Fourze?! Check back this weekend to find out!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin