Kamen Rider Fourze Summaries: The Queen Festival, Or, Why you should never compete in high school pageant shows.

Fourze is just days away, and as we get closer to the start, we’re starting to get more details about the first story arc in the series, episodes 3 and 4, which are all about Amonagawa High School’s “Queen Festival”, and about the Queen of Amonagawa, Kazashiro Miu.

Episode 03 – N/A – 9/18
Writer: Kazuki Nakashima, Director: Koichi Sakamoto
The school event, “Queen Festival” begins, however the contestants are being attacked one by one by something invisible.

Episode 04 – N/A – 9/25
Writer: Kazuki Nakashima, Director: Koichi Sakamoto
The final selection of “Queen Festival”. Miu, the current queen, participates, despite having sustained an injury from the attack.

Sorry, there aren’t a lot of details, since the series hasn’t even started yet. If I find out anything more on upcoming episodes of Fourze, or anything on Fourze in general, I’ll be sure to let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin