Kamen Rider OOO Ep. and Movie Pics: Where did all of these come from?!

Okay, then we have a new crop of pics for OOO, mostly from the upcoming summer movie, but we also have some from the next couple of episodes too. Let’s get this party started!:

Here we have some good pics of BuraKaWani, very cool. Very good detail on all three sections of his body.

This is, without a doubt, one of the most epic pics I’ve found from this movie.

This is Gara with the old king. The king was so afraid of Gara and the orange cores, that he had both sealed away. No word on whether or not this is the king mentioned in Ep.30, the original OOO that went berserk after absorbing the powers from all the medals.

Gara was revived by Kougami, and now it’s up to OOO and the other to defeat her!

This is suppose to be Gara’s monster form. She claims to be “the true OOO”, and won’t rest until she has all the medals and becomes “king of the world”.

Is it just me, or does Eiji look like another samurai we know? (Hint: Take-Chan!, or if you prefer, TONO!) It also appears that the Coussier is having an Edo fair during all of this, so they already had the kimonos to change into and transition into the Edo period part.

Okay, I keep seeing this guy, but I have no clue who he’s suppose to be. Any thoughts?

The Nue Yummy manages to defeat OOO while he was protecting Hina. That’s when Yoshimune appears and tell Eiji to use the Core medals he has, thus giving OOO, and us, this:


Everything past this point is for the show:

ANKH! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aww, is someone not a happy camper? 😛

Wait, where’s she going?

Looks like the Cous Coussier is being forcefully shut down in the next episode, but even that can’t bring down Chiyoko’s spirit!

It’s also looking like Lost Ankh will absorb Ankh (but only for a couple of episodes), and that the purple cores in Eiji are starting to take their toll. One twist after another with this show, and they only have ten episodes left!

Anyway, that’s it for now, if I find out anything else, I’ll let you know!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider OOO PuToTyra Pics: Dino Power, Rider Style.

Now that PuToTyra combo has officially been announced, new pics have surfaced and new scans have been uploaded. And as a special bonus, there will also be a few spoiler pics about the show in general. LET’S GO!:

As you can tell, these are all toy scans. They include The two main action figures, the Medagaburyu, and of course the Ptera, Torikera (triceratops) and Terano (yes, spelled that way) Medals. Officially, the form is called PutoTerano (just learned that) and the henshin sound goes “Puto-Terano-Zauru“. The Greeed that these Medals come from is called Gill/Giru, and while not much is known about this Greeed, he will be appearing soon.

And with new Medals comes new Candroids!

The Torikera Candroid, based off of the Torikera Cell Medal, is the newest and possibly one of the last new candroids to be released. It’s main gimick seems to be spinning its own cell medal. I like it, if only because it reminds me of the Triceratops Zord.

For those of you who were expecting some real show-related stuff, then don’t be too disappointed, because it’s right here!

As I said before, the new Greeed Gill should be debutting soon, and the first Yummy it will make will go after and threaten Dr. Maki, because the creepy doctor has the Torikera Medal. So he decided to bring the Candroid battalion! And it looks like with Gill coming into the picture, Uva’s going out. The last Yummy he will make is the Butterfly Yummy (a feminine version of the Moth Yummy, apparently) and the first Yummy made by Gill will be the Pterodactyl Yummy, which has already appeared in the OOO-W 2011 Movie Taizen.

And finally, I wanted to leave you on this little mystery:

This appears to be a silhouette of Ankh’s body, minus the right arm. So does that mean his left arm is attached to something? Or is that Ankh’s body that Kougami discovered, and it simply reunited with his left arm? We’ll just have to watch to find out.

In the mean time, the 1000th episode of Kamen Rider is right around the corner, so let’s all wish a them Happy Anniversary, or as Kougami would put it, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

-M.C., the Quantum Twin