Lady Gaga to perform the opening them to Fourze??!!! WTF????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 How do you like the shadowed pic?

Okay, this rumor I had to shre with you when I saw it, so bear with me here on this one. I comes from Rangerboard:

“The opening seems to be kept as a secret, wasn’t even announced in the press
conference. Nothing important, but whatever.”

“I heard it was Lady Gaga. She’s currently signed to Avex in Japan and she’s become more and more active in Japan. Her stylist, who is half-Japanese, talked about Kamen Rider recently. It also fits together with Yuri Gagarin. Gagarin→ Gaga. Would explain why it wasn’t revealed in the press conference.”

Lady Gaga? Seriously?! Is that what you think?!! I have a very good feeling that that is just a rumor. While big acts have done the openings for past Rider series, this one just seems a little far-fetched. Now if you were to tell me a big J-Pop singer was going to do it, I would believe it, But Lady Gaga? I just can’t see it. I’ll admit, I might not be the biggest Gaga fan on the planet, in fact I’m so far from being her biggest fan that I’m practically on the moon, but I still think that would be intersting, just not plausible.

Do yourself a favor, Gaga, and stay out of this one. At least wait until after the law suit has been dealt with.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

UPDATE: (7/9/11) Okay, so it turns out that the Lady Gaga thing wasn’t a serious rumor, it was just something DekaEnd of HJU made up. He did not intend for anyone to take it seriously. So let’s all calm down about it and move on. Of course, I knew all along that there was no way that would happen in a million years, but what does that matter?