New Date Akira BM figure: Oh, will you stop giggling?!

So, it looks like Date has his own BM figure now, though it seems a little late since he stopped being Birth about two weeks ago. But it is still a very cool, very lifelike figure. Even actor Iwanaga Hiroaki, who played Date Akira/Kamen Rider Birth, was very pleased by the way it turned out. Let’s take a look, shall we?:

It’s almost creepy to look at. Anyway, this figure comes with Date in his signature look, the BirthDriver, the BirthBuster, his “milk can” full of cell medals, and interchangeable hands.

“I’m gonna make, ‘this much’, in sales!”

And here is Iwanaga with the Date figure. I’m guessing that he’s very pleased with the results. Who would want so see themselves in action figure form?

Mediacom’s Project BM Date Akira is set for release February 2012, with the pricetag of 18,690 yen.

While this is just fantastic, you’ll save a lot more money just getting the standard Birth figure. I’ll let the hardcore collectors rush out to get this.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin