Power Rangers Megaforce the next series title? Yep!

Recently, Saban Brands through Power Rangers LLC trademarked the title “Power Rangers Megaforce”, which, as you can imagine, has led a lot of people to speculate on whether or not this is in fact the title of the next Power Rangers series, a.k.a. the Goseiger adaption. Here’s a copy of the trademark:

I know it’s not very big, but you can still see that it doesn’t really mention anything in the copyright application about a live-action television series, but it does mention a truck load of merchandise, mostly video, computer and possibly app games, electronics cases, DVDs featuring live-action entertainment for kids, music, and eyewear/eyewear accesories. It sounds like the typical merchandise setup for a new series, only with no series confirmation, or any children’s toys for that matter.

So then, even with nothing confirming a new live-action series, do you think that this is unofficial confirmation for a new series, possibly the Goseiger adaption? Or do you believe that this is something else? Personally, I’m not sure what to think. The name itself is so unspecific that it could be applied to anything. For all we know, this could be something similar to the “Super Legends” line that came out in ’07 with PROO. Or maybe (and this is really wishful thinking) they could be working on their own version of Power Rangers Online, the MMORPG that was announced last month in South Korea. This is all speculation, of course, so we’ll just have to wait for confirmation from Saban.

And while the series name is still mystery, we do have some info on two ACTUAL casting sides for the next Ranger series. The casting sides for the Pink Ranger and the role of the Professor are available for download here, and it looks like from these casting sides that the series will return to it’s high-school-kids-turn-superheroes roots. Yeah, teenagers with attitude!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!: WE have official confirmation that this is the name of the next series! Check out the copyrights here:

Yep, it’s the application for tradmarks for a live-action television show! We now have a name, let’s see how long it is before we can see a face.

Kamen Cider! Il Drink preferito di ogni Rider! (via [StagBeetle] Fansub)

I don’t speak Italian, but I do appreciate this article. Grazie, [StagBeetle] Fansub!

Kamen Cider! Il Drink preferito di ogni Rider! La Dydo, nota marca giapponese produttrice di drink, sull'onda del successo ottenuto dalla loro precedenti collezioni di lattine ispirate ai Tokusatsu (prima una serie dedicata ad Ultraman e poi una serie dedicata ai malvagi di quest'ultimo) ha rilasciato lo scorso anno nove lattine dedicate ai Riders dell'era Showa. Ogni lattina è decorata con la vista frontale del costume indossato dal Rider a cui e dedicata  (oppure nera, nel caso dei soldati … Read More

via [StagBeetle] Fansub

New site: No, I’m not changing this one.

Hey there everybody. If you saw the last post, then you saw that I put up some polls asking about merchandise for this site. Well, there’s a reason I asked. Presenting, the official henshinhead merchandise site: henshinGARB!


You’re site for all things (apparal-related) henshinhead! Check it out!

Note: Just opened the shop, so there is only one item there at the moment. And I will soon add stuff that will be for the Super Hero Time Japan Relief Effort, in other words stuff where I will donate the profits for it to SHT.

UPDATE: Just added a second shirt to the site, and it’s one of the items I plan on donating the sales of to SHT, so go check it out.