Awesome MMPR Theme Cover on Violin: Morphenominal!

Check out lara6683 as she rocks out to the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Theme!:

Nothing about this video is not awesome, so decreeith M.C.!

Go check out her YouTube page, she has a lot of violin and piano covers of other poular theme songs. You name it, she’s done it.

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Found this on Henshingrid, thought you might be interested:  Finally! A real use for the iPhone.

Power Rangers: The New Star Trek (via That Media Girl)

An interesting analysis to say the least. As a big fan of both, I can’t help but to go into uber-nerd mode over this article.

Power Rangers: The New Star Trek What better way to kick off my Power Rangers series than with an analysis of the series as a whole? I'll explain the Star Trek in a little bit. For a little back story, Power Rangers is an American series that utilized stock footage of zord battles and the heroes in costume from Japan's Super Sentai series, the first being Might Morphin' Power Rangers that utilized both the Zyuranger series in the beginning and Dairanger and Kakuranger in the lat … Read More

via That Media Girl

More stuff Saban hid in the closet: Zord designs for unfilmed Zyu3 project!

Hey everybody, I was just poking around looking for actual news to put on the blog (this has been a very slow week for toku news, but for anyone in regular news, they can hardly keep up) when I stumbled across this pic from the Henshin Justice Unlimited forums:

These were zord designs for MMPR’s later seasons designed by the actual Toei sentai mecha designers. The stroy behind this is that it was either designed for the Zyu2 footage, but they settled on the Dairanger footage instead, or, and for some reason I find this more likely, it was designed for their third season, the never-filmed Zyu3, as a way to replace the Dairanger mecha/Thunderzords with zords that better reflected their powers and costumes. If you look at these designs, you can see the overwhelming similarities and drastic differences between these and the original Zyuranger mecha/Dinozords. The design is much more stream-lined, much smoother and cleaner looking, and yet they stil retain the same look and feel of the original, and it looks like they combine the same way too. And it seems to have features that other mecha would use later, like the built-in bow or the drill fist. It may be possible that they went back to these designs when they started work on Abaranger, because there are just too many similarities here for them not to have used these. And as proof that they made this for Saban and Power Rangers (other than the big bold letters on top that say “POWER RANGERS”) is that they incorporated the lightning bolt logo into the design, and they included an updated version of the Tigerzord. Not only does it form it’s own separate robo like the original Tigerzord, it can also combine with the Dinozords, and the Type A formation uses the face from Dragon Megazord. In fact, this version of the Tigerzord borrows a lot from the Dragon Zord. And, at least for the Type B version, the Tigerzord could act as a cannon weapon for the main Megazord.

You know the more I look over this, the more I can’t help but notice things that would go into later mecha designs. Other than Abaranger, I can see design elemants for Hurricanger, Gaoranger, Gingaman, I think that some of it might have even made it over into Kakuranger. These designs, these concepts are just way ahead of their time compared to other mecha designs from around that time. Don’t get me wrong, if they had made, it probably wouldn’t have looked a thing like this, but it still looks like a mecha you would have seen this decade.

Picture comes from the Super Sentai Robot Artbook.

-M.C., the Quantum twin

I just had to share this.

Just take a look at these picks:

Something to satify both Power Rangers and Super Sentai fans.

And, this is unrelated but I liked this one too.


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I want to shoot a couple of ideas at you: A Modest proposal to Saban on how to handle Power Rangers and Upcoming Super Sentai Series after Samurai.

Well, we found ourselves at a very odd point, folks. We’re in between two massive premieres, Power Rangers Samurai, which of course was Monday, and Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger, which premieres Sunday morning in Japan, so there won’t be any real news until after the second premiere. So to fill the time, I thought I would go off on something that’s been spinning around in the back of my mind for a while now. Mainly, how Saban would handle Power Rangers series after Power Rangers Samurai. For those of you who still haven’t heard, Saban and Nick plan on having Power Rangers Samurai run for two seasons, longer than normal, in anticipation of their success. Because of that, there are still a lot of questions over how they’ll handle later seasons at this point. As far as Super Sentai is concerned, its been producing series for the last 35 years, and there’s no way they’ll stop anytime soon. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Saban will make every one of them into a Power Rangers series. After all, they never made Dairanger into a series, even if they used elements from the show in MMPR. So here’s my ideas on what Saban could do to stay on track with Super Sentai. (If anybody, either from Saban or who knows somebody at Saban, could read this and send it to the people specifically in charge of producing and distributing Power Rangers, that would be morphenominal)

 Let’s start with Goseiger. Instead of waiting two years, or skipping the series, how about this: After the first season of PRS (Power Rangers Samurai, for those of you who don’t understand acronyms), start showing the Power Rangers version of Goseiger alongside the second season of PRS, and have that last for two seasons, and just do every season of Power Rangers like that from now on. Have the older series come on earlier than the new series, and then when you finish with a series, just have the newer series take its time slot, while a new series premieres in the later time slot. That way, Power Rangers won’t be more than two seasons behind Super Sentai, and they could have a team-up special between the two series, somewhere near the end of the older series second season and the newer series first season. Plus, it would be a way to maximize profits, since you could potentially have people purchasing toys and merchandise from both series at the same time, or at least from their personal favorite of the two.

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s go over how to handle Goseiger as a Power Rangers series. Because it’s essentially angel-themed, there could be some complications if by chance it rubs off as being religiously themed. Don’t be afraid to work the angel theme, but keep in mind some people might take it as religious indoctrination. The best way to counteract that, as I see it, is to take whats in the series and put it in MMPR terms. For example, Master Head could be a revived Zordon in a new form, Datas could be more like a new version of Alpha 5, you could even make the Rangers aliens from a planet like Edenoi or Aquatar, or simply from another dimension connected to Earth through Heaven’s Tower. Considering how much Goseiger is like the MMPR on the surface, it could work rather well.

And since we’re talking about speculative future Power Rangers Series, why don’t we go ahead and talk about Go-Kaiger. You can do whatever you want with the pirate theme, as long as you keep a pirate theme. No, I’m more concerned with the Super Sentai series that came before Zyuranger that you’ve in no way covered  before now. The main premise of Go-Kaiger, as I’ve so far learned from rumors on other blogs and forums, is that from episode to episode, the Go-Kaigers will travel to different “islands” across time and space representing the previous Super Sentai series, and will have adventures related to the particular series there visiting. This includes changing into the Rangers from those series. Now that’s fine, it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for you to handle. But what will you do about the previous Super Sentai series? Will you either include them into the show, or will you simply try your best to skip over them as you can? Well, I believe that I may have a solution for you. First off, when you get to the series, start out with episode dealing with the series that already have Power Ranger equivalents. I would start out with MMPR and work out the order from there. After you’ve worked out the episodes for those seasons, then bring in the other Super Sentai series as some sort of mysterious “Lost Rangers” or “Forgotten Rangers”, and come up with names and backgrounds etc, for those seasons and incorporate them into the Power Rangers cannon (for those of you reading this post and are unaware of literary terminology, I’m referring to a collection of stories or tales that represent some significance, not to something you use to destroy monsters with, but they can use those too). Since it appears that Go-Kaiger will start off with the first series Goranger, then you could probably do a little creative juggling and hold off to do them as one of the last or the first of these “Lost Rangers” series. Just to clarify, it won’t be necessary to produce Power Ranger equivalents to all these other series, just figure out a way to bring them into the show. That way, it won’t be necessary to try to figure out a way to write them out when you produce a Power Rangers series for Go-Kaiger.

Well those are my ideas for how Saban could work in new seasons of Power Rangers from recent or upcoming Super Sentai series. I wouldn’t mind hearing your opinions on it. And once again, if anyone out there stumbles upon this who is either involved with Saban or knows someone who is, could you send this to them. Not only would that be the most awesome of awesome things EVER, but because, and lets face it, they’re probably working in this right now, if they haven’t been working on this already.

 And for those nay-sayers who think that Power Rangers won’t last for much longer, and that I’ve just been wasting my time writing this, let me say this to you: up until last year, Power Rangers has been producing new episodes and new seasons since the end of the original Mighty Morhpin’ Power Rangers back in 1995, and the only reason people lost any conscious awareness of the series was because Disney obtained the rights to the show in 2001, appearing on Disney-owned channels since September of 2002, and Disney did very little to promote it. In recent years, the show had almost been buried underneath other Disney programming, whether it was on the Disney channel, Toon Disney as part of Jetix, or ABC as part of ABC Kids. Through that, and a general lack of promotion of the show itself (even if they constantly promoted the toys), the show’s popularity and ratings tanked. Had the show made it onto another network long before now, I might not be writing about it now. But that is what happened, and all Saban and Nick can do right now is make sure the show is promoted and becomes popular enough now so that it can have the revival that, quite frankly, we all would want to see. 

And with that, I say this: Go Go Power Rangers!

-M.C., the quantum twin

P.S.: Just so you know, I’m free to work on any of these Power Rangers series. I can work behind or in front of the camera, anywhere you need me to really. I might not be in the best shape, I’m slightly overweight, but I have acting and martial arts experience, and I’ve wanted to be a Power Ranger since I was two, so you know I’ll always be motivated and ready to come into to work! I’m not asking for a Red Ranger role, necessarily, I would be happy with Blue, even Green/Black, or any sort of special Ranger would work, too.

UPDATE: Well, given what I’ve seen so far from the first episode of Go-Kaiger, it seems that I may have to adjust my proposal slightly. First off, if Saban chooses to make Go-Kaiger into a series, and not skip it, may I say, good luck to them. Second, since Go-Kaiger can basically change into any past Sentai at any point in the story, might I suggest the following for how to handle the first episode: Reconstruct the opening fight scene, using Rangers from series that have been “Ranger-ized” (easier than explaining out the whole Ranger equivalent thing) and then either a.) introduce them as “lost” rangers like I suggested before, or b.) do what you did for Kakuranger, introduce them as “Alien” Power Rangers that they happen to have RangerKeys for. It would be alot easier than skipping around, heavily editing the footage from Go-Kaiger and trying to make a lot of your own stuff to compensate. You know what, while you’re at it, make that guy that’s playing Spike in this new season the Green pirate ranger, just to have a way to incorporate him and Bulk into the main storyline, and because that would just be neat. Of course, you might have to rework the charcter, making him a bit more serious and giving him a little common sense, but not too much, then he wouldn’t be funny. And once again, I offer my services in front of and behind the camera.