In case you missed it: Power Ranger Super Samurai (PRS Season 2) Premiere!

Hey, in case some of you out there missed the premiere of the new season of Power Rangers Samurai (a.k.a. Super Samurai), you can check out this official video from

My official review: MMPR The Movie Part II: The Revenge of Ivan Ooze. Seriously, this episode was just like the movie, only with the Samurai Rangers, and no one running off to an alien world to get Ninja Powers.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Clash of the Red Rangers Pics: Must… Contain… Disappointment…!

Hey Everybody! Check out these official pics from the new photo album on’s Power Rangers Samurai website. So far, they only seem to confirm that the Red RPM Ranger is in the special, and in the suit the whole time (seriously, couldn’t get anyone?). The pics themselves might not reveal much, but I would pay attention to the titles of the pics when you hover over them, because they would almost tell another story entirely. Take a look for yourselves:

This happy gang of Power Ranger Samurais had their hands full with Moogers long before the RPM Ranger showed up.

The RPM Ranger rides in from another dimension. Awesome.

The RPM Ranger comes from a city so tortured by villains that they had to build a dome to keep them out.

What is the RPM Ranger doing on Earth, and has he come alone?

No matter how far from home, a Ranger of any kind can count on being treated like family.

What's this? Mysterious steam?!? It looks like the Power Rangers are in trouble!

Oh man! Gear-headed hordes have followed the RPM Ranger to Earth!

Interdimensional monsters? The Power Rangers aren't even trying to hear that.

The RPM Ranger joins in the battle against the thugs who followed him across space.

Thanks to the RPM Ranger, the coast is clear... For now.

Don't celebrate too soon, trouble is always brewing in the Power Rangers' town.

Ahhhh! What kind of beast is this? Hopefully the RPM Ranger knows what to do!

The RPM Ranger charges out of the woods on a sweet mystical horse.

RPM Ranger joins the crew in the toughest line-up of Samurais the world has ever seen. But are they strong enough to stop the space Mooger?!

Okay, maybe not what we were hoping for, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be any good. We’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out (we’ll also look for some sort of advertising for it, since I haven’t seen a single promo for it in weeks). “Clash of the Red Rangers” airs this Saturday, November 26th.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

And remember to look for the Samurai Rangers in this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! Maybe they’ll get more than a minute of air time this year! 😛

Power Rangers Samurai headed to Pleasure Beach Blackpool (UK).

Defending the universe, one roller coaster at a time.

According to a recent post on, our favorite team of heroes are headed out to Pleasure Beach Blackpool, all the way in the UK, for a little celebratory meet-and-greet at the new Nickelodeon Land amusement park! for more on this, just check out the article below:

The Power Rangers are bursting back on to our screens with the all new Power Rangers Samarai on Nickelodeon. To celebrate, the Power Rangers are heading to the UK’s favourite amusement park, Nickelodeon Land at Pleasure Beach Blackpool on Saturday 12th November to meet and greet with fans of the hit show.

Those wanting to meet with the action heroes need to drop by Nickelodeon Land, a new 6 acre area at Pleasure Beach home to 12 amazing rides and attractions. Saturday 12th November is made extra special as not only will the park be hosting the Power Rangers Samurai, but it’s also the last Saturday that the whole park is open to the public!

Guests will get the chance to meet the Power Rangers Samurai, as well as rubbing shoulders with SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer and many other Nickelodeon characters. Whats more, arrive dressed as your favourite Ranger and receive a free Nickelodeon goody bag. All Wristbands to the park are buy one get one free when booked online at

Watch the Brand new Series of Power Rangers Samurai on Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon HD

Well, doesn’t that all sound fun for the kiddies. So if you live near or are plan on visiting Blackpool this Saturday, why not stop by the new Nickelodeon Land and meet up with the Samurai Rangers? Maybe you’ll get to ride a roller coaster or two with them. 😉

Also, to my readers from the UK: Is watching videos on just as much of a pain as it is for people watching videos on Serieously, you just can’t sit theough a single episode of any show over here without dealing with the worst lags. Have those problems too?

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Coming to Nicktoons: This November, Unleash the Beast!

Well, it looks like someone’s finally making good on their promise. 😛

Nickelodeon announced on Twitter yesterday that their would be a Power Rangers 48-hour marathon, but it’s not for the one you think it is. It’s for Power Rangers Jungle Fury! Check out the original Tweet:

Hey Power Rangers fans, wanna see some of the previous Ranger series? JungleFury joins #Nicktoons on 11/18 at 7pm ET w/ a 48 hr marathon!

For something that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, this is actually HUGE news! While Jungle Fury might not be everyone’s favorite season (btw it is one of my personal favorites), they are actually running an older season of Power Rangers on Nicktoons, like they said they would, and this could lead to other older seasons seeing new life on this new network. And besides, it’ll be fun to re-watch Jungle Fury, relive all your favorite moments. I plan on trying to catch at least part of it, and you should too! 😉 And remember, that’s November 18th at 7 p.m. EST on Nicktoons.

Jungle Beast, Spirit Unleashed!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

New PRS Episodes Promo: 5 weeks, 5 new episodes, 5 million times the awesomeness!

Last night, the official Power Rangers Twitter feed announced that there would be five weeks of new episodes of Power Rangers Samurai! And now, we have an official promo for this new stretch of episodes. Check it out below:

So, are you excited yet?!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Power Rangers Samurai Worldwide Day of Play Promo: Nick wants you to be active, by watching other people be active on TV. :P

This is one of several promos Nick has put out advertising their “Worldwide Day of Play”, an event they’ve been hosting for a number of years now. Here, we have the cast of Power Rangers Samurai promoting fit and active lifestyles, while using it as an excuse to hang out on the beach. Take a look:

This is so far the only promo for this event they’ve been in. Such a shame, cuz really, who better to promote something like this? Anyway, Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play is September 24th, and this year they’ll have a day-long live broadcast from Washington, D.C. with fun activities all day, so be sure to tune in! Or just change the channel and sit on your lazy bum all day. I think I’ll go for the latter. 😛

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Live Action Voltron Movie Announcement: No Micheal Bay this time!

Alright, I know that a live action adaptation for the Voltron series had been announced before (almost three years ago now), and that it was recently scrapped, despite the vast amount of concept art that was released for it (with that whole Transformers/Michael Bay-esque thing going on with it). But this time, it’s going to be different. It’s real, and it’s happening as I type this post.

World Events Productions (WEP), who brought the original Voltron series to the states, announced at it’s Comic-Con panel on Thursday (partly associated with Nickelodeon’s booth), that Relativity Media, along with Atlus Productions, had optioned to produce a live action adaptation of the Voltron animated series.

And while this announcement is official, many Voltron fans have yet to really celebrate the news, partly due to the fact that Comic-Con is still going, but also out of fear from another cancelation. Given the fickle and money-driven nature of Hollywood, I can’t blame them.

Personally, the only thing that I see as a possible concern is this live-action adaptation of the series crossing into Power Rangers’ territory. And you know what happens when two giant robots run into each other:

Super_Sentai_Showdown_by_rockmanzal.jpg Voltron vs Megazord

Of course, since they’re both on Nickelodeon Networks now, they probably wouldn’t fight each other, too big a risk to job security.

More on this as news comes out.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Power Rangers Samurai in San Diego: The Power is on at Comic-Con!

This year’s San Diego Comic-Con 2011 kicked off yesterday (7/21), and guess who showed up for the party? That’s right, the Samurai Rangers! They came this year as part of Nick’s exhibit at the convention, and they’ve been showing off stunts and posing for photos with conventioners since they first popped up yesterday. Here are a few photos from the event:

As you can see here, Brittany Anne Pirtle, who plays Emily/the Yellow Samurai Ranger, was interview by NBC to talk about her role in the show, and about Nickelodeon’s booth at Comic-Con. Video of the interview can be found here:

View more videos at:

You like the little “stunt show”?

As part of the Power Rangers Samurai exhibition, there will be an “Origins of the Samurai Power Rangers” panel hosted by Paul Schrier (Bulk), between 7-8 pm on Saturday, where attendees will get a chance to see the origins special 3 months before it airs on Nick, followed by a one-on-one interview with the cast of the show. So, if you happen to be at or headed over to Comic-Con this weekend, be sure to drop in on that! (And maybe send me some “leaked” footage from the event.) 😉

-M.C., the wishing-he-could-go-to-Comic-Con Quantum Twin

Netflix Now!: Saturday Morning Glory Edition (via Digital Lust)

Ahh, that takes me back.

Netflix Now!: Saturday Morning Glory Edition Netflix Now! is the weekly rundown of what you should be watching on Netflix. This week, we're going to take a look at three of my personal favorite Saturday morning shows from yesteryear, which have made their way back to life on Netflix. Ren and Stimpy Ren and Stimpy were the nonsensical cat and dog combination that always ended up in some ridiculous situations throughout it's two season run on Nickelodeon. The show became a cult classic due to … Read More

via Digital Lust

Power Rangers Samurai cast pics: They are taking the princess title way too seriously.

A little while back, it was rumored that a New Zealand actress by the name of Kimberley Crossman would be playing the role of the Princess in PRS. Well, that’s been confirmed now thanks to these pics:

That’s her dressed as a princess sitting on the throne. You should be able to recognize everyone else. I have no clue as to who those two are on her left. I doubt that this is what they’re using in the show, it’s clearly just a joke pic. And here’s another pic:

One big group pic with the main cast in the middle (including Crossman), and a couple of people outside the group (one poor guy only has his arm in the picture) who I don’t know. Whether they’re friends or castmates or people who normally work behind the camera, I can’t say.

Hector David Jr. did tweet this recently:

“Time to rock the day. More  video Game Making. Wrap Party for Season 2 Power Rangers Samurai, Lets  get a little pumped up for PRS Future HDJ”

So that means that they are basically done filming if they’re having the wrap party for season 2. But does that mean that they are done with PRS? Who knows, we’ll have to wait and see.

-M.C, the Quantum Twin