Power Rangers Samurai vs. Supah Ninjas: Houston, we may have a problem.

Since it’s the new year, it’s now the time for every major network on television to start pushing, I mean advertising, upcoming new series. And one of those new series happened to catch my attention the other day, a promo for a new series debuting on Nick later this month (Jan 28th) called “Supah Ninjas”. Apparently, it’s about to middle-school-age friends that aren’t exactly the most popular kids in school, until one day one of the friends discovers a secret ninja training facility under his house that his grandfather (apparently portrayed by George Takei of all people) had left for him (also the grandfather might be dead, and communicating to him through a Superman Jor-El style hologram system). So now this kid and his friend become wacky ninjas. The whole thing looks idiotic, and I have this unshakable feeling that this was ripped off from something, because I can think of a hundred or so movies and tv shows that start with the same damn premise.

But here’s the catch: It looks just stupid enough to last for a while. Not saying how long, but it will definitely live long enough to see its first season finale, and probably beyond.

But then there’s another catch: the premiere date, January 28th, means that it will have been up and on the air for two weeks before the premiere of Power Rangers Samurai. And on a better day, in a better time slot! 😡

So then with everything else on Nick, does that mean that Power Rangers will have to be in indirect competition with Supah Ninjas? And with the two-week head start, does that mean that Supah Ninjas will get the early advantage. I do not doubt the Power Rangers secret ability to draw in an audience, but I do have to consider the fact that with more action/adventure shows on Nick than on ABC kids or Disney, that this could lead to a second ratings downfall for the series. I just don’t like the whole situation, it’s too ninja-like. Taking a preemptive strike against the samurai forces with a surprise ninja assault. Supah Ninjas, I consider you a worthy adversary.

But you’re still gonna get your butts kicked by Power Rangers Samurai!  😛

-M.C., the quantum twin

UPDATE: (1/21/11) Well, tonight they had a special preview episode of Supah Ninjas at 9pm. It was pretty much the first episode even though it wasn’t official. And I gotta say, it really wasn’t bad. It was TERRIBLE. What wasn’t stupid about it. The plot wasn’t original, the writing was dreadful, it was so full of clichés that it was laughable. And lets not get into the characters. Take the main two characters. One is a teenager who has all these innate physical abilities who apparently comes from a long line of Ninjas, and yet he isn’t cool. His friend is a loudmouth who talks bigger than he can deliver, who has a repertoire of secrets about the other guy, and he pretty much gets to be trained as a ninja because he is the friend. Not to mention that there first villain looks and acts like someone out of the 60’s Batman TV show; he wore a tacky outfit and he was so obsessed with rhyming that he centered all his criminal activity around it. Not to mention the fact that they went on their first mission without completing their training because a girl that the first kid liked had been kidnapped by the villain (where have I seen that before?). And at the end of the show, the girl they rescued figured out who they were and threatened to expose an unrelated secret to the whole school if they didn’t let her in. If I could sum up what I had watched in a single phrase, it would simply be this: It’s been done.

UPDATE: (2/10/11) It’s been awhile now since I’ve seen any promos for Supah Ninjas, and since Power Rangers Samurai just started, I have feeling that we won’t be seeing a whole lot of Supah Ninjas anytime soon.

UPDATE: (2/16/11) Just found this on Actor’s Access, turns out that I might be wrong:  http://www.actorsaccess.com/projects/index.cfm?view=breakdowns&breakdown=256982&

O…M…G… you gotta see this

New sneak peak of Power Rangers Samurai on nick.com.


Go, watch it now. Do it! Stop reading this post already and go! Quickly!

Power Rangers Samurai: Heads or Tails

As anyone should know by now, back in May of this year Saban bought back the rights to Power Rangers from Disney(the soul-sucking giant that has slowly been ruining the franchise for the last seven years) and formed a partnership with Nickelodeon to show new episodes on nick and nicktoons sometime between the end of this year and spring of next year. With this, we will finally have an adaptation of Shinkenger starting sometime next year, and while this is good news, there are also some drawbacks to this as well. Here’s what I see as some possible positive and negative things about this:


  1. Power Rangers keeps existing as a franchise, back under the guidance of the people who originally created the show.
  2. We finally get to see if it is possible to Americanize Shinkenger successfully
  3. New Toys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. It won’t be on ABC or Disney!


  1. Nick is owned by Viacom, so it will be near impossible to watch new episodes on YouTube. 😦
  2. There is a slim chance that it could suck in comparison to Shinkenger
  3. By the time the show finally airs, it will officially be two seasons behind Super Sentai , which works for them but come on, who wants to wait that long?!
  4. Despite the fact that the show is samurai-themed, they insisted on having a caucasian red ranger( this could have been the year of the asian red ranger).

And on top of all of this, there are still alot of beople who still don’t know about this. The shows popularity and overall success could come down to a flip of the coin. So take your pick: Heads, or Tails?

-M.C., the quantum twin

UPDATE: According to the official Power Rangers website, and some recent commercials on Nick, Power Rangers Samurai will premiere Monday, February 7th, 8 pm ET! Yay, Samurai! Boo, Mondays! (Seriously, whose idea was that?)