New Power Rangers Season 20 Casting Breakdowns COMFIRMED!: I’m back! And I brought you a present. :)

Hey, how’s it going everybody? Sorry I’ve been gone so long, but sometimes life gets in the way of things you really like to do. Anyway, we now have new official casting info that I hope will make up for it!

That’s right, we’ve got new breakdowns from Actor’s Access (note: you’ll need an account with them to view it, which is totally free), and it seems to be almost exactly the same as the last set. Check it out below:

Tuesday, May. 1, 2012, 6:21 PM PacificPOWER RANGERS (AA) Non-Union Episodic Casting Director: Iris Hampton Interview Dates: April 24th – June 1st.  Callback Dates: TBD  Shoot/Start Date: Shoot-October/Required to relocate in early SEPT. Pay Rate: There is pay. Pay to be determined.  Location: New Zealand
ALL TALENT must be willing to relocate to New Zealand for approx. 6-8 months. Must have valid or current passport with at least one (1) year left before renewal or able to get one. Please note the names noted in the character breakdown are temporary names for the Rangers needed for this season. PLEASE NO PHONE CALLS AT THIS TIME. Casting phone is not up and running until Tuesday, April 24th.
ALL OF THE FOLLOWING POWER RANGER ROLES are a group of five teens 18-23 years to play 15-19 years. They are all nice looking, charismatic, energetic, outgoing and confident. They must have SUPER HERO LOOKS with average height and in great physical condition. Martial arts or gymnastics is a plus, but not mandatory. We are hoping for a very young looking cast this season.
[RED RANGER – REESE] Any ethnicity male, 18 – 23 to play 17-19 years. Reese is an attractive young man with super hero looks and a nice athletic build. He is a natural leader with honorable intentions. He is a much disciplined young man.[BLACK RANGER – BARON] All ethnicity Male, 18 to 23 to play 17-19. He has good looks with a slim build. He is fearless, fun and athletic. He wears his heart on his sleeve.[BLUE RANGER – PARRY] Any ethnicity Male, 18 to early twenties to play 16-19 years. He is a bit on the nerdy side. He is a studious and highly intelligent.

[PINK RANGER – SADIE] Any ethnicity, 18 to 23 to play 16 to 19 years. Average height. Sadie is a beautiful, sophisticated, intelligent and confident. She is very intuitive and genuinely cares about others.

[YELLOW RANGER – AVA] Any ethnicity, 18 to early twenties to play 16 to 18 years of age. Average height. Ava is STUNNING and athletic. She is generally unflappable and tough, but has a heart of gold. A young Angelina Jolie type.

Yep, everything you’ll need for said auditions. And for my fellow toku fans, I can now hereby confirm that the 20th season of Power Rangers will be based off of Tensou Sentai Goseiger and not any later Super Sentai series like many had predicted. And because they haven’t formally announced the series yet, the show still doesn’t have an official title, though the name “Power Rangers Megaforce” was trademarked last year by Saban Brands last year, so that may still possibly be the title. Anyway, here’s a little sneak preview of what the next team of Rangers will look like:

A fitting bunch to represent the 20th Anniversary celebration of the Power Rangers franchise, don’t you think?

Anyway, some possible spoilers: This group will use card-based attacks, which will include special cards for morphing and summoning their zords. And a new twist on the zords: instead of constantly summoning new zords to create some massive thrown-together eyesore, the will summon attachable zord heads which will unlock new combinations and special moves. In the original Goseiger, they went up against three different enemy organizations, with one enemy constantly reappeaing, but they might not include all three if they don’t run it for two seasons. And yes, there is a sixth ranger, but it won’t be another teenager, or human for that matter!

Aright, enough spoilers for today. Just get out there and start sending in you resumes! That goes for all of you that have been asking about this new updated info since last June.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

UPDATE: As of Friday, May 25th, they have stopped accepting new auditions for this next season of Power Rangers, and are now moving onto the next stage of the process, whittling down the number of applicants. Currently, they have about 50 people per role, so it will probably be awhile before we hear anything about an official cast. And yes, there has been unofficial confirmation from people auditioning that one of the roles is for a Black Ranger, confirming a Goseiger adaption. Yes, I know that some of the casting sides were straight out of Go-Kaiger episodes, but that doesn’t mean diddly squat at the moment.

Long Overdue UPDATE: To anyone still interested, I posted this story months ago, and the audition process for this future season of Power Rangers (a.k.a. Power Rangers Megaforce) has been over. The new cast has been picked and revealed already, so please, DO NOT POST ANY MORE OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW! This is NOT a casting agency website, this is just an informational fan blog. I have no influence over the casting process whatsoever, I’m just a fan like the rest of you. So unless you want to get spammed like crazy, please stop leaving you personal information. And just to be clear, I have no idea when they will be auditioning for future Ranger series, so don’t ask about that either.

NOTICE: To anyone looking for info on the next round of Power Rangers auditions.

I know that there are a lot of you out there with questions about the next Power Rangers series, including audition info and advise. In fact, most of the comments I’ve been getting since the initial announcement for the 2012 (now 2013) auditions have been mainly focused on audition advise and/or info. I’d just like to say a few things here and now in regard to these questions:

  1. I would like to point out here and now that I am NOT a casting agent, nor am I involved in any way with the casting process. I’m just a fan like everybody else, and I’ve happened to look into doing this before myself. I get my info on this the same way I get any other piece of news for my blog; I search around various other websites/blogs to find out what’s going on, just like you guys. I’m as far from an insider as you can get.
  2. Part of the reason I haven’t been responding to comments related to this lately is because the auditions have currently been postponed until late March/early April, and a billion rumors have come out of the woodwork about what they might end up doing. I don’t want to tell you guys anything yet until I know for sure what’s going on, and it looks like we might not hear anything about it for months. So settle in, because we’re going to be stuck here waiting until the whole thing comes out of limbo.
  3. I’m sorry, I know almost anyone that’s asked wants me to personally email them any info I can get, but I just can’t do that. I’m sorry, but I’m just not going to sift through (what will be about) eight months worth of comments in April to tell everyone that’s asked about it. If you want to know more about these auditions when I do, then either subscribe to the blog via email (just click the “Sign Me Up!” button on the right, between the Meta and Top Rated sections) or follow me on Twitter. I promise, those will be the fastest ways to receive any updates.
  4. I don’t want to give out any advise yet, but if you really need to know, here’s what they’re usually looking for from people auditioning:
    a. People usually between the ages of 18-23.
    b. People who are physically fit or at least in shape (so not fair to the chubby fans).
    c. Would prefer some previous acting experience.
    d. Would prefer some experience with anything requiring choreographed stunt work (not solely limited to Martial Arts, but that’s a plus).
    e. Must have a legal, up-to-date passport.
    f. Must be willing to move to New Zealand for the duration of the filming (about 6-8 months).
    g. Must be willing to work 13 hour days, up to nine days at a time (usually filming three episodes within that period).
  5. For those of you wondering what to include on your audition tape, just remember to introduce yourself, whatever casting agency you’re with (I highly recommend signing with a legitimate one), and the part your going for. If there are sides or scripts available for the role (depending on where you look, there will usually be some available for download), then try to do a reading for that part. Then, because the part is for an action series, include a short collection of action shots showing off your best work. Overall, the video should be between 5-10 minutes, with the video only as long as it needs to be. Again, I’m not a casting agent, but I am getting this advise from legitimate sources, and anything said here can be found online.

These are the only real answers I have for everyone’s questions. If you questions are general, I’m most likely going to send you to this post. For more specific questions, I’ll try to answer those on a case-by-case basis. Keep in mind, though, that I don’t have all the answers. Who they eventually pick, and how they pick them, is solely up to Casting team. Good luck to anyone who tries out. And seriously, can we go easy on the questions for the next couple of months? Thank you.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

UPDATE: (5/2/12) Good news everyone! The casting calls are back on!! Check out the new breakdowns here.

New Proposal to Saban Brands on Adapting Go-Kaiger: Why do all the work?

Dang, that’s a lot of Sentai Senshi. And it’s also one of the biggest hurdles (figuratively AND literally) to adapting Go-Kaiger into a Power Rangers series. So much of the footage features all of these other Sentais that either existed before Power Rangers was finally able to get off the ground or were just never adapted, and so much of the storyline is wrapped up in getting the Grand Powers from all 34 of them that trying to reduce that number to fit the current number of Ranger seasons would be a monolithic task that would end up diverging almost too much from the source material. So that once again begs the question that many have been asking for months; how will Saban end up handling Go-Kaiger? What will they have to do in order to adapt Go-Kaiger into a new Power Rangers series?

At present, there are really only two possible solutions to this conundrum: 1) Either try to do what they can to adapt most of the series they can by trying to incorporate the older Sentai series into the Power Rangers franchise, or 2) Try to redo most of the show from scratch, keeping only the footage they could get away with using while working around the clock to create hours and hours of brand new material that focuses just on the series that have already been or will be adapted. And either way will end up becoming a massive production, as so hinted in the recent memo that was sent by Power Rangers Casting Director Iris Hampton to casting agencies. So what should Saban do?

While I can’t predict what Saban will end up doing, I can offer a suggestion for how they could go the first route, how they could adapt the whole of Super Sentai in one sweep, and the best part about my proposal is that Saban would have a lot less work.

My proposal is: Fan Video Contest!

Yes, a fan video contest, but not just any fan video contest. No, the main goal of this video contest will be to have fans shoot, direct, and create their own “Rangerized” version of the yet-to-be-covered Sentai series past and present. This is how I imagine a contest like this working: Saban would put up stock footage from these previously unrecognized series on a special contest website, where potential contestants could download and try to create a short 10-15 minute “pilot” for whichever series they want, coming up with a name, setting, and plot line for the series based on the footage, just like the way Saban comes up with ideas for a new Power Rangers series. Then the contestants would either upload the video onto the contest website or send it to the SabansPowerRangers YouTube page (for ease of access purposes). And from those submissions, Saban would choose the best videos, one for each series. The winners of this hypothetical contest would get a chance to sit in the director’s chair and help create, and possibly star in, a mini web series (around 10 or so episodes) for the series.

The perks of Saban Brands holding a contest like this: 1) It would give fans a chance to be part of the creative process, 2) That would be less time Saban had to spend coming up with a storyline for each of these new series, 3) Fans already make videos like this and post them to YouTube all the time, so Saban really wouldn’t have to wait too long for submissions to come in, and 4) By using these pilots to make new mini web series for these past Sentai series, it would act as a point of reference for adapting the whole of Go-Kaiger when trying to explain where all of these previously unseen and unheardof Ranger Teams came from. The only real drawbacks from holding a contest like this would be either dealing with a lack of decent submissions, or having to further spread the fact that Power Rangers IS an adapted series (which is common knowledge to anyone that spends five minutes researching the series online, but then again, some people in the US still don’t know that “The Office” is an adaptation of a BBC Comedy, so there you go).

Now no one can predict what Saban will ultimately do (trust me, I’ve tried many, many times with utter failure), but that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t do something like this. But imaginary contests aside, if they are planning on adapting Go-Kaiger as the next Power Rangers series, then they do have quite the Herculean task ahead of them, and I wish them the best of luck.

My only suggestion to them: don’t be afraid to ask your fans for a little help. 😉

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Power Rangers 2013 Casting Postponed!: So what are we gonna do, Saban?

Major shocking news (that came out two days ago)! It looks like Saban has postoned casting for the next Power Rangers series (which will be in 2013), because they plan on doing something major. Check out this letter from Iris Hampton (casting director for Power Rangers) that was sent out to casting agencies:

Monday, Nov. 7, 2011, 12:56 PM Pacific
Addendum to 10/3 8:53 PM, 9/27 11:37 AM

POWER RANGERS (Memo from Iris Hampton)
Non-Union Episodic

Dear all agents who participated in the Power Ranger casting process,

We want to express our sincere thanks to your clients who recently auditioned for Power Rangers’ 2013 season and provide you with a quick update. Since we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary season in 2013, we have decided to elevate the season’s creative to entirely new heights. This will require us to commence production in 2012 rather than 2011. We hope that the great talent we met during our recent auditions will still be available when we recommence casting and promise that you will be the first to know when that will occur. At this time, we plan to resume the casting process March to early April 2012.

With kind regards and respect,

Iris Hampton
Power Ranger Casting Director

So, what does all this mean? I’m not sure. Some people think this is an indication that they’re skipping ahead to Go-Kaiger, others think they might just be trying to do something new with the Goseiger footage. Either way, they’ve got big plans, and those of you that may have missed the previous casting session could have a second chance next March/April.

And this is just a side note, but one of the big problems with skipping to Go-Kaiger will be accounting for the 15 other Sentais that came out before (or in the cases of Dairanger and Goseiger, before and after) Power Rangers. Check back in later to see my proposal for what Saban could do to correct that.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin