Ultraman Zero GAIDEN Trailer: Sometimes, you have to rely on a sneaky man with a camera…

And that’s where this newest trailer has come from. Check out a super-exclusive, wholy unauthorized, first look at the upcoming, two-part, direct-to-video movie, Ultraman Zero GAIDEN: Killer the Beatstar:

Like the previous side movies, it will be released in two parts or stages, the first due out November 25th and the second on December 22nd. This story will act as a prequel to the final part of the Ultraman Zero Trilogy, Ultraman Saga, which will premiere February 2012.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

First Images of Kiba the Dark Knight Gaiden Released: Wait, a prequel where the main villain is the hero? That sounds familiar….

The first images from the highly-anticipated GARO spin-off, KIBA the DARK KNIGHT GAIDEN, have been released. It’s a direct to video prequel where KIBA, the primary antagonist in the GARO series, is now the protagonist. That sounds like another recently released direct-to-video toku spinoff, does it not?

This story focuses on Kiba, the malevolent suit of armor used by Barago in the GARO tv series. As I’ve stated before, it’s a prequel that takes place several years before the events in GARO, and is expected to explain the origin of the armor, as well as what makes it unique, among other things. New images reveal the GARO protagonist Saejima Kouga will appear in this movie as a child, along with his father and previous Garo user Saejima Taiga.

JAM Project’s Kageyama Hironobu has already revealed that he will be singing the theme song for Kiba the Dark Knight Gaiden. And there will be a new GARO series, GARO Makai Battle Chronicle, which is currently under production.

KIBA the DARK KNIGHT GAIDEN will be released on Blu-Ray (6090 yen) and DVD (5040 yen) on September 7th. Movie run-time is 45 minutes, and includes special bonus features such as a the making of, a trailer for the movie, and more.

So if you’re a big time GARO fan, go out and pre-order this now!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin