Kamen Rider OOO PuToTyra Combo confirmed for Climax Heroes Fourze: Isn’t that character a bit of a dinosaur at this point? :P (I joke)

Will we ever run out of OOO fanart? Probably not.

It’s been confirmed through the Japanese edition of Playstation Magazine that the OOO PuToTyra combo will appear in the upcoming PSP game Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze.

In the previous game Climax Heroes OOO, Kamen Rider OOO could only use his first three combos (excluding TaToBa, which is his primary combo), from GataKiriBa to SaGoZo. But with this new expansion to the game, OOO will have all of his in-show Combos, which also includes TaJaDoru and ShaUTa. For a look at the issue of Playstation Magazine this story came from, check out the video below:

It’s very informative, if you speak Japanese.

Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze will be released for PSP and Nintendo Wii this Winter. Price is still TBA.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider OOO Movie, Series and Final Form news: PuToTyranno Shocker! (not the bad kind)

We nearing the end, folks. The end of OOO that is. That being said, even with the last five episodes approaching, and news about Fourze coming out every five minutes, there’s still plenty of news and rumors floating around the interwebs, including info on the upcoming movie, summaries for the next two episodes, and some interesting news about OOO’s final form, or should I say lack of thereof. I’ll explain a little farther down, but first, onto movie news.

Recently, one of the series producers, Naomi Takebe, was interviewed by Otofanami magazine (issue No.35) about the current Rider, and on his upcoming movie. Here are the main points about Kamen Rider OOO THE MOVIE: WONDERFUL, Shogun, and 21 Core Medals:

  • The movie is set in about events that happened in June in the TV series. But it will be aired in August, so it is different from the series. People will be reminded of the ‘good times,’ where Date is Birth, and Gotou is the support.
  • Because Eiji has travelled around many countries before, the movie is trying to create an atmosphere in a foreign country.

Of course, these aren’t the only things revealed in this interview, as we also have some info on the final episodes of the series as well.

In that same interview with Otofanami, Takebe also revealed some new info on some of the new big changes in the story that are just around the corner:

  • Eiji, Ankh and Hina’s relationship will have a big change. Eiji  eventually will have to fight Ankh, although they are working together  now.
  • Eiji and Ankh’s aim are different, Ankh wants a complete body, while  Eiji doesn’t have any desire. All these and Kougami’s aim will be  revealed.

This series just can’t sit still, can it? Anyway, here are some possible episode summaries:

Episode 43: The Vulture, the Confrontation, and Ankh Returns – July 24
A couple is sitting at a park and a white Yummy is born out of the male. The Yummy eventually grows into the Vulture Yummy. The Vulture Yummy starts to immediately go after his targets. Meanwhile, Ankh takes over Shingo’s body again. But with one of his Core Medals broken, he cannot fully recover anymore. Ankh leaves Eiji and heads to Dr. Maki, what is his aim…?

Episode 44: N/A – July 31
Ankh recruits Kazari, Uva, Gamel, Mezool to snatch the purple medals inside Eiji’s body. Gotou and Hina are worried about Eiji, who’s slowly growing into a Greeed, so they ask Kougami for help. Kougami tells Eiji to look at some important information about Core Medals.

Wow, we still have so many questions, and there doesn’t seem to be enough time left to answer them. But there is one nagging question that we do have an answer for, although the answer is just as surprising as the series itself.

Going back to the interview with Takebe, we’ve now learned that OOO does NOT have a final form! Breaking with the recent tradition from the past few years, OOO will not have a final form, and PuToTyrano does not count as a final form. Takebe explains in her interview,

Over the past years, there was a “final form” for Riders to end the series. This time the 6 Combos of OOO have appeared quite a lot. In OOO the Combo change is the main gimmick, and this gimmick will be continuously used in the series.

This comes as quite the shock to fans of the series that saw the dinosaur-themed combo as his final form. And overall, it is unusual to see a modern Heisei Rider that doesn’t have a final form. Then again, does OOO really need a final form, with all the Combos and possible Medal combinations at his disposal?

That’s it for now, if anything else pops up, I’ll be sure to let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider OOO Upcoming Episode Summaries: Is this the mood they really want to end the show on?

So, Ankh was absorbed by Lost Ankh at the end of this most recent episode, leaving Eiji with only the purple core medals to fight with. Will Eiji be force to rely on this uncontrollable power, or did Ankh have one last trick up his sleeve? Read on to find out:

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Episode 41: Brother and Sister, the Rescue, and Eiji Leaves
Lost Ankh, who finally absorbed Ankh, feels like he’s complete. But then he notices that something is missing. He realizes that he needs something from Hina in order to be complete. Lost Ankh tries to attack Hina, but is stopped by Eiji. Eiji runs away with Hina and realizes that she has a hawk medal. Lost Ankh eventually catches up, Eiji has no other choice than to use the purple Core Medals. While they are fighting, Lost Ankh’s right arm stops moving.

Episode 42: N/A – July 17
After Ankh was absorbed, Shingo regained consciousness. Eiji and Hina don’t want Shingo to be involved in all the fighting, so they leave him at Cous Cousier. Maki confronts Eiji and demands the purple Core Medals. Eiji refuses to hand them over. But then Maki tells Eiji something important.

Episode 43: N/A – July 24
A couple is sitting at a park and a white Yummy is born out of the male. The Yummy eventually grows into the Vulture Yummy. The Vulture Yummy starts to immediately go after his targets.

Episode 44: N/A – July 31
Gotou and Hina are worried about Eiji, who’s slowly growing into a Greeed, so they ask Kougami for help. Kougami takes them to a certain place of his foundation.

Well, this series certainly is full of surprises! So, is Ankh lost for good? Can Eiji be rid of the purple cores before he changes into a Greeed? Do they have enough cores to avoid using the PuToTyrano combo?