Power Rangers Samurai on the 4th of July: Rockin’ the Power at the Rose Bowl Stadium!

(Sorry I haven’t posted anything before now, I haven’t had internet access for 24 hours. It’s a surprise that I even still have the little bit that remains of my sanity.)

Well, it looks like everyone came out to celebrate the Fourth of July this year, including the Power Rangers Samurai. This year, they delighted huge crowds at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California (hey, that’s where Power Morphicon will be), performing some big Ranger stunts to deafening cheers and video from the series playing on the giant scoreboard. Those who attended even got a chance to meet and pose with the Rangers after the show. This was part of the annual July 4th fireworks show in Pasadena, held at the Rose Bowl Stadium. Here are some pics from the event:

Wow, look at that crowd! The only other time I ever see that many people at the Rose Bowl Stadium is during the Rose Bowl!

(A small explanation for my international audience: For those of you who don’t know, the Fourth of July is the United States’ Independance Day, so that’s why they came out and did the show. It’s normally celebrated with big fireworks shows and other related festivities. The Rose Bowl, and Rose Bowl Stadium, are part of the “College Bowl Series”, it’s one of the biggest American Football championship games in the country (for college/university-level football), and the stadium is used to house special events year-round. The name comes from the annual “Tournament of Roses” Parade, which started long before the Rose Bowl, where contestants create various parade floats and decorate them using flowers and flower-based products, such as petals and seeds, as well as other “natural” materials. There are several awards given out for the best floats in given categories, such as “most original”, “best arrangement”, and the coveted “Best in Show”. For more info on these or other related events, Google it.)

-M.C., the Quantum Twin