New Proposal to Saban Brands on Adapting Go-Kaiger: Why do all the work?

Dang, that’s a lot of Sentai Senshi. And it’s also one of the biggest hurdles (figuratively AND literally) to adapting Go-Kaiger into a Power Rangers series. So much of the footage features all of these other Sentais that either existed before Power Rangers was finally able to get off the ground or were just never adapted, and so much of the storyline is wrapped up in getting the Grand Powers from all 34 of them that trying to reduce that number to fit the current number of Ranger seasons would be a monolithic task that would end up diverging almost too much from the source material. So that once again begs the question that many have been asking for months; how will Saban end up handling Go-Kaiger? What will they have to do in order to adapt Go-Kaiger into a new Power Rangers series?

At present, there are really only two possible solutions to this conundrum: 1) Either try to do what they can to adapt most of the series they can by trying to incorporate the older Sentai series into the Power Rangers franchise, or 2) Try to redo most of the show from scratch, keeping only the footage they could get away with using while working around the clock to create hours and hours of brand new material that focuses just on the series that have already been or will be adapted. And either way will end up becoming a massive production, as so hinted in the recent memo that was sent by Power Rangers Casting Director Iris Hampton to casting agencies. So what should Saban do?

While I can’t predict what Saban will end up doing, I can offer a suggestion for how they could go the first route, how they could adapt the whole of Super Sentai in one sweep, and the best part about my proposal is that Saban would have a lot less work.

My proposal is: Fan Video Contest!

Yes, a fan video contest, but not just any fan video contest. No, the main goal of this video contest will be to have fans shoot, direct, and create their own “Rangerized” version of the yet-to-be-covered Sentai series past and present. This is how I imagine a contest like this working: Saban would put up stock footage from these previously unrecognized series on a special contest website, where potential contestants could download and try to create a short 10-15 minute “pilot” for whichever series they want, coming up with a name, setting, and plot line for the series based on the footage, just like the way Saban comes up with ideas for a new Power Rangers series. Then the contestants would either upload the video onto the contest website or send it to the SabansPowerRangers YouTube page (for ease of access purposes). And from those submissions, Saban would choose the best videos, one for each series. The winners of this hypothetical contest would get a chance to sit in the director’s chair and help create, and possibly star in, a mini web series (around 10 or so episodes) for the series.

The perks of Saban Brands holding a contest like this: 1) It would give fans a chance to be part of the creative process, 2) That would be less time Saban had to spend coming up with a storyline for each of these new series, 3) Fans already make videos like this and post them to YouTube all the time, so Saban really wouldn’t have to wait too long for submissions to come in, and 4) By using these pilots to make new mini web series for these past Sentai series, it would act as a point of reference for adapting the whole of Go-Kaiger when trying to explain where all of these previously unseen and unheardof Ranger Teams came from. The only real drawbacks from holding a contest like this would be either dealing with a lack of decent submissions, or having to further spread the fact that Power Rangers IS an adapted series (which is common knowledge to anyone that spends five minutes researching the series online, but then again, some people in the US still don’t know that “The Office” is an adaptation of a BBC Comedy, so there you go).

Now no one can predict what Saban will ultimately do (trust me, I’ve tried many, many times with utter failure), but that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t do something like this. But imaginary contests aside, if they are planning on adapting Go-Kaiger as the next Power Rangers series, then they do have quite the Herculean task ahead of them, and I wish them the best of luck.

My only suggestion to them: don’t be afraid to ask your fans for a little help. 😉

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Power Rangers 2013 Casting Postponed!: So what are we gonna do, Saban?

Major shocking news (that came out two days ago)! It looks like Saban has postoned casting for the next Power Rangers series (which will be in 2013), because they plan on doing something major. Check out this letter from Iris Hampton (casting director for Power Rangers) that was sent out to casting agencies:

Monday, Nov. 7, 2011, 12:56 PM Pacific
Addendum to 10/3 8:53 PM, 9/27 11:37 AM

POWER RANGERS (Memo from Iris Hampton)
Non-Union Episodic

Dear all agents who participated in the Power Ranger casting process,

We want to express our sincere thanks to your clients who recently auditioned for Power Rangers’ 2013 season and provide you with a quick update. Since we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary season in 2013, we have decided to elevate the season’s creative to entirely new heights. This will require us to commence production in 2012 rather than 2011. We hope that the great talent we met during our recent auditions will still be available when we recommence casting and promise that you will be the first to know when that will occur. At this time, we plan to resume the casting process March to early April 2012.

With kind regards and respect,

Iris Hampton
Power Ranger Casting Director

So, what does all this mean? I’m not sure. Some people think this is an indication that they’re skipping ahead to Go-Kaiger, others think they might just be trying to do something new with the Goseiger footage. Either way, they’ve got big plans, and those of you that may have missed the previous casting session could have a second chance next March/April.

And this is just a side note, but one of the big problems with skipping to Go-Kaiger will be accounting for the 15 other Sentais that came out before (or in the cases of Dairanger and Goseiger, before and after) Power Rangers. Check back in later to see my proposal for what Saban could do to correct that.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

UK Martial Artist made honorary Ranger: No, this isn’t a stunt to promote the 2012 London Olympics…. :P

This is Aaron Cook, a 20-year old Tae Kwon Do champion who will be representing the UK in the upcoming 2012 London Olympics, and one of the strongest hopefuls they have to bring home the gold in that category. And in a bid to bring attention to his profile ahead of the 2012 Games, he has become the first honorary member of the Power Rangers.

On Friday, he exhibited himself at London’s Westfield Shopping Centre, as a real-life action figure. Hoping to bring attention to the launch of PRS in the UK, he mentioned how much of a Power Rangers fan he is.

“I’m hoping that by joining the Power Rangers I’ll help to inspire British children to follow in my footsteps, which will hopefully include a medal at the London 2012 Olympics”, said Cook. “I was mad about Power Rangers as a kid so my parents took me to a local Taekwondo club in Dorchester where I fell in love with the sport. The rest, as they say, is history.”

I’ll admit, when I first read this story, I thought it was purely promotional. But seeing that he is a fan, and that he was more interested in getting kids inspired to follow martial arts, I gotta say, this is pretty cool. Whoe would want to be an honorary Power Ranger, or be a life-size action figure. Hard to belive that he actually went through with it, standing in a plastic box all day, but hey, more power to him. I can definitely see why Saban would agree to do this.


Third link that’s too long for the post.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Saban Brands Official Announcement: No, it’s not for free morpher day, but it’s just as awesome!

First off, let me say that I have to give so much credit to Saban, they really know how to put on a show. And now for the bit you actually came to see:

Led by the Samurai Rangers, all the past generations of Power Rangers came together for one very big reunion in Las Vegas! Hell of a family reunion, huh? Pictured here with Haim Saban (right) and Saban Brands President Elie Dekel (left), they appeared at the Saban Brands Booth at this year’s International Licensing Expo. This reunion is to commemorate the Netflix announcement that I mentioned earlier. For those of you who haven’t seen that post, it will be here. They were apparently so excited about it that they brought in two Yellow Wild Force Rangers (look at the center, then go just a little to the right, you see it now?).

Here’s all the Rangers do some sort of dance together. And is it just me, or does the Red Mystic Ranger look more like Kamen Rider Accel at the moment?

And here’s everybody taking the escalator down to the the floor the Expo is on. Would not want to be at the end of that line. 😛

Anywho, that’s it as far as the expo was concerned (for now), Saban really does know how to put on a show. If anything else pops up, I’ll be sure to let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Power Rangers on Netflix: Live-streaming the Power!

HUGE EPIC news from out today. Starting June 15th (hey, that’s tommorow) the ENTIRE collection of Power Rangers episodes, from MMPR to RPM, will be available for instant streaming from Netflix! Not only that, they will also have episodes of VR Troopers and Beetleborgs available as well. This is huge massive news. This is the first time EVER that they’ve done anything even remotely like this. To have all of this content in one place, and to have it in a digital medium as well, I’m just speechless. If you’ll excuse me, I need to sign up for Netflix.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

UPDATE: (6/15/11) Saban recently stated as a responce on their Twitter feed that they will also be releasing DVDs soon, along with the Netflix releases. And I’m pretty sure they mean more than just some dinky dvd with three to five episodes on it. These announcements can’t possibly get any bigger!

Power Rangers Samurai Lost in Translation: What ever happened to Super Shinkenger Mode?

There are some rumors flying around about PRS that, quite frankly, I find disturbing. Mainly, that Shinkenger‘s Super Mode will NOT be in Power Rangers Samurai. Instead, it will be replaced by this:

This is their “Battlized Ranger” figure, which is basically an overly-decorated version of their Mega Mode Figures. While some have thought that this looked cool, a bit more samurai-ish, I think that it just looks bulky and unneccesary.

These rumors come out of last week’s new episode of PRS, which was based on ep.23 of Shinkenger, the episode where Genta completed the Inromaru, the device they used to enter into Super Shinkenger Mode. However, in this most recent episode of PRS, Antonio wasn’t able to finish the Black Box, and they replaced a lot of the fight scenes with ShinkenRed in Super Mode with new scenes and a fancy group attack finisher. So this has led many to speculate that instead of using the Shinkenger Super Mode, they will replace and reshoot all of those scenes with this Battlizer, which really is nothing more than a modified version of the Mega Mode.

Personally, I’m just hoping that they’re just putting off introducing the Black Box and the Super Mode, because the show will have a second season and they just don’t want to rush in and introduce it yet. They’ve already skipped almost ten episodes ahead, and the use of the Inromaru was so heavy that it would be impractical to reshoot all of that and replace it with this. I could understand using this during the megazord fight scenes, where the Black Box could upgrade the Mega Mode and morph Jayden into the Shogun Samurai Ranger, mostly because they’ve already reshot those scenes. But outright replacing the Super Mode would just be stupid and unneccesary.

I don’t know what will end up happeneing, but I do know that thet will have more than one season to do it, so who knows where they’ll go with it. Heck, some people think that they will take the Goseiger footage and pull a Zyu2, if not a Zeo, and just use some of what was there to make this stuff, and that controversy started months ago when they first unveiled these toys. I don’t know, we’ll just have to wait and see.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Power Rangers Samurai E3 Announcement: Why’s it just for the Wii?

Recent news from Namco states that at their conference at E3, they will be announcing the official Power Rangers Samurai game, currently for the Wii, and they’ve already uploaded their game trailer onto YouTube. Link to the video here: The game is expected to be released this holiday season, along with a version of the game for the Nintendo DS.

E3 itself has been very exciting itself, with two new console debuts and so many awesome-looking game titles announced so far. I would go more into it, but this isn’t a gaming blog.

Also in Japan, they recently announced a Go-Kaiger Wii game, so now I understand why  the Samurai game will be Nintendo only. It’s called Super Sentai Battle: Ranger Cross and features five teams: Go-Kaiger, Goseiger, Shinkenger, Go-Onger, and Goranger. It will be coming out this fall. Here’s a promotional poster for it, along with a link to the official Bandai Games website for it:

And on a final note, Saban Brands has announced that they will be at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and that the cast of Power Rangers Samurai will be there as part of their exhibition. And you could win VIP treatment by entering the “Power Rangers Power Con” Contest! For more details, just check out their Facebook Page here: And for more details about Comic-Con itself, check here:

That’s it as far as any big convention or gaming news for toku stuff is concerned at the moment. If anything else pos up, I’ll be sure to let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Female(?!) Red Samurai Ranger: Saw this one coming a mile away…

Well, now that the Gold Samurai Ranger has debutted, everyone is all abuzz about the the debut of the Female Red Samurai Ranger. Which, for those of us who watched Shinkenger, it’s not that big a shock.

The big news here is that people think they’ve figured out who has been cast as the female Red Ranger, but just remember that this is rumor and speculation, so I wouldn’t freak out yet if I was you, at least not until anything can be confirmed.

This is New Zealand-born actress Kimberly Crossman, the person currently rumored to be playing the role of the Female Red Ranger, whose name is suppose to be something like Meghan or Lauren. I’m not sure about the name, but I do remeber form the Breakdown (casting call) that her character was going to be refered to as the Princess. Excellent work with that translation, #TV-Nihon. Anyway, the reason everyone suspects that she’s going to play the role is because she’s been tweeting about Samurai fighting, and skills and training, as part of an acting role she’s been picked for. But that’s not the only reason.

Before their roles on the show were confirmed, both Paul Shrier and Rick Medina hinted on their Facebook pages about being part of PRS, and it is possible that she could be doing the same with Twitter (By the way, you can follow me on Twitter, just look for @henshinhead). And Hector David Jr. (Mike/Green Samurai Ranger) tweeted that filming for the series is still on-going, while the suit-actor Namiehi Koshinge posted on his blog that they already finished filming for the last episode of Power Rangers.

With this news, and conflicting reports about filming, people have speculated two things: 1) That Kimberly Crossman will be  playing the role of the Female Red Samurai Ranger, and that she might appear much sooner than expected, and 2) That Power Rangers Samurai might try to pull a Zeo or a Zyu2 and just take the current cast and carry them over into the Goseiger adaption. I’m not sure about all of that, but I think that it’s finally sinking into Nickelodeon just how successful this show could be again. We all know it, but the tv execs at Nick are a little slow, so we’ll just give them time to figure it out. Especially if they figure out to put the merchandise into more than one freakin’ store!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Power Rangers SPD Japanese Dub trailer: NANI?

Hello peoples. I bring strange news to you today. The first trailer for the Japanese dub of Power Rangers SPD has debutted. No vocal parts, but a whole lot of action. For those of you unaware, as part of the celebration for the 35th Anniversary of Super Sentai, Toei recently aquired permission from Saban to dub over and replay old episodes of Power Rangers SPD. They will premiere June 21st on Toei Channel. To see the video, just click the link below.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

More stuff Saban hid in the closet: Zord designs for unfilmed Zyu3 project!

Hey everybody, I was just poking around looking for actual news to put on the blog (this has been a very slow week for toku news, but for anyone in regular news, they can hardly keep up) when I stumbled across this pic from the Henshin Justice Unlimited forums:

These were zord designs for MMPR’s later seasons designed by the actual Toei sentai mecha designers. The stroy behind this is that it was either designed for the Zyu2 footage, but they settled on the Dairanger footage instead, or, and for some reason I find this more likely, it was designed for their third season, the never-filmed Zyu3, as a way to replace the Dairanger mecha/Thunderzords with zords that better reflected their powers and costumes. If you look at these designs, you can see the overwhelming similarities and drastic differences between these and the original Zyuranger mecha/Dinozords. The design is much more stream-lined, much smoother and cleaner looking, and yet they stil retain the same look and feel of the original, and it looks like they combine the same way too. And it seems to have features that other mecha would use later, like the built-in bow or the drill fist. It may be possible that they went back to these designs when they started work on Abaranger, because there are just too many similarities here for them not to have used these. And as proof that they made this for Saban and Power Rangers (other than the big bold letters on top that say “POWER RANGERS”) is that they incorporated the lightning bolt logo into the design, and they included an updated version of the Tigerzord. Not only does it form it’s own separate robo like the original Tigerzord, it can also combine with the Dinozords, and the Type A formation uses the face from Dragon Megazord. In fact, this version of the Tigerzord borrows a lot from the Dragon Zord. And, at least for the Type B version, the Tigerzord could act as a cannon weapon for the main Megazord.

You know the more I look over this, the more I can’t help but notice things that would go into later mecha designs. Other than Abaranger, I can see design elemants for Hurricanger, Gaoranger, Gingaman, I think that some of it might have even made it over into Kakuranger. These designs, these concepts are just way ahead of their time compared to other mecha designs from around that time. Don’t get me wrong, if they had made, it probably wouldn’t have looked a thing like this, but it still looks like a mecha you would have seen this decade.

Picture comes from the Super Sentai Robot Artbook.

-M.C., the Quantum twin