Samurai Vs. Samurai Revisited: Which Episodes will they remake?

To get this out-of-the-way first, yes I know that I’m reusing the same image. It’s a related article, so there should be no surprise.

Now that that’s out-of-the-way, let’s talk episodes. Like I said before in my last post, we can basically expect Power Rangers Samurai to remake the original Shinkenger episodes to come up with a working storyline. So that got me thinking (oh no, I’ve been thinking, run for your life!), of the 49 episodes, two movies, and V-Cinema series release(s?), what will Saban reuse to make Power Rangers Samurai? What will they remake, what will they change, what will they inevitably have to skip over? And why am I asking so many questions?! Let’s go Act-by-Act, episode-by-episode and make some speculations.

  1. Shinkenger Act 1: This is when the Shinkengers first meet and team up, and even though they clearly remade this episode (just look at all the promos) there is still no word on whether they will actually use this stuff in the show itself.
  2. Shinkenger Act 2: First time they formed ShinkenOh, no word on whether or not they will use anything from this episode either.
  3. Shinkenger Act 3: Remade, first official episode of PRS
  4. Shinkenger Act 4: Remade, one with kid that gave up his baseball dreams thinking that the Gedoushu/Nylock would bring back his dead grandpa/military father over seas.
  5. Shinkenger Act 5: Remade, Kabuto Origami/Beetle Zord
  6. Shinkenger Act 6: Remade, episode with the monster that could turn mental pain from his insults into physical pain.
  7. Shinkenger Act 7: Remade, episode that premiered today, featured Kajiki Origami/Swordfish Zord.
  8. Shinkenger Act 8: Remade, comes on next week, the episode where Daiyu (same name for both series) kidnaps a bunch of brides during their weddings, and we learn about how she became a Gedoushu, although there is no guarantee that Saban will use that part of it. In all honesty, I did not expect them to use this episode, just because of the whole “wedding bride” thing.
  9. Shinkenger Act 9: Will definitely be remade, because it has both the Tora Origami/Tiger Zord (will it really be called anything else?), and a Red v. Blue fight (Blue will be possessed by monster-of-the-week and be forced to fight the other Samurai rangers).
  10. Shinkenger Act 10: I’m sure it will be, because it feature the first combination of the Beetle, Swordfish, and Tiger zords to form DaiTeknu (no clue what they’ll call it over here), and it’s one where Chiaki gets more in touch with his Mojikara. I doubt they’ll pass up on a chance to have Mike progress as a character.
  11. Shinkenger Act 11: Maybe, but if they do this one, they’ll have to remake the next one. While Juuzo has already appeared, this will be the first time he’s fought and gone directly after Red. And with this fight, there is an instance of where Red doubts himself enough to run off. So, they might have Jayden go through all that.
  12. Shinkenger Act 12: Like I said before, depends on whether or not they remake Act 11. But if they do, then Jayden will come to accept his new responsibilities after meeting a small kid that reminds him of himself, and they combine the three new zords with the Samurai megazord.
  13. Shinkenger Act 13: I’d say that this one is definitely a maybe. It’s the one where all the children in town are sad because their parents are getting confused by the weird featureless Shiro-Oniko, who are replacing the children in their parent’s eyes. Mako and Kotoha end up fighting alone in this one. Even if there is a bit “girl power” in this one, but I still don’t know if they’ll make this one, partly because it would involve hiring extras to play the Shiro-Oniko.
  14. Shinkenger Act 14: I seriously hope they remake this one. If you want to know why, it’s because of two words: Mister Brown. If they need to, they could replace Mister Brown with scenes that have Bulk or Spike in them.
  15. Shinkenger Act 15: They could possibly do this one. It features a Gedoushu that shapeshifts and poses as Chiaki to get him in trouble with the others, and I’ve noticed over the years that the producers really like episodes like that, so this might make it through.
  16. Shinkenger Act 16: I would definitely say no on this one. This episode is about the Kuroko, and since they aren’t in PRS, I highly doubt they’ll use this episode, unless they heavily edit it and turn it into an episode about helping others or some BS.
  17. Shinkenger Act 17: Yes, because it features ShinkenGold, so they need this episode to formally introduce the Gold Samurai Ranger.
  18. Shinkenger Act 18: Yes, because this is when Genta was accepted as a Shinkenger, so they’ll need to put this one in too. It also has Ika Origami/Squid megazord combine with ShinkenOh for the first time.
  19. Shinkenger Act 19: They might include this one, where Ryunosuke and Genta butt heads over the fact that Ryunosuke didn’t see Genta as a true Samurai. They could have some kind of worked situation between Kevin and whatever they will call Gold, but this might not be necessary.
  20. Shinkenger Act 20: Yes, because it features Ebi Origami/Lobster(?) Zord. This one also has a scene at the end that marks the start of the cross over special between Shinkenger and Kamen Rider Decade, but they can’t use that stuff, for very obvious reasons.
  21. Shinkenger Act 21: Maybe, it has Chiaki and Mako running into Chiaki’s father at a restaurant, and they get involved with an Ayakashi. They could do this one, but by this point they would be either nearing the end of the first season or starting the second. It also leads into the second part of the Shinkenger-Decade special, but, once again, not happening.
  22. Shinkenger Act 22: No, really doubt it. I won’t even explain the episode, that’s how much I doubt they will use it.
  23. Shinkenger Act 23: They might use this episode, they get the Inromaru, but then they’re attacked, and it turns into a two-part episode.
  24. Shinkenger Act 24: In this one, they complete the Inromaru and use it to change into Super ShinkenRed. I have a feeling that they’re going to shrink down what happened into a single episode.
  25. Shinkenger Act 25: They probably will use this one, because it has Daiyu’ shamisen getting torched by Dokoku as punishment for not killing Juuzo. They have an Ayakashi that traps everyone in the dream world, and we really learn about Daiyu’s past, so probably.
  26. Shinkenger Act 26: This one has a duel between Red and Juuzo, and Blue uses the Inromaru, so they’ll use that one.
  27. Shinkenger Act 27: They might use this one, mostly because it’s rather funny. The Ayakashi in this one switches people’s souls out with inanimate objects, so they could do a more Western spin on that and use that one.
  28. Shinkenger Act 28: Yes, because they have DaiGoyou in this episode.
  29. Shinkenger Act 29: Yes, because it would be the first episode about DaiGoyou. Other stuff happens too, but I’ve been doing this now for a while, so I rather not go into too much detail at this point.
  30. Shinkenger Act 30: Maybe, it takes place in a Japanese private school and involves possessed students, so they could skip this one consequence-free.
  31. Shinkenger Act 31: Yes, because it brings Kyoryu origami/Dino(?) zord into the main storyline, and Takeru becomes Hyper ShinkenRed.
  32. Shinkenger Act 32: Yes, they will have to remake both this one and the next, because it introduces Ushi Origami/Bull(?) zord
  33. Shinkenger Act 33: Yes, because they capture Ushi Origami and fight with it as Mogyudaioh (not sure what name they will come up with).
  34. Shinkenger Act 34: Maybe, it’s about Mako and her father wanting her to quit and move to Hawaii with him, so they could use this one, explore more into Mia’s past, maybe have some weird connection with her own mother.
  35. Shinkenger Act 35: Yes, they will need to, because it will be the first instance of Samurai HaOh, and they can rewrite the episode to accommodate for the fact that Kevin is a swimmer, and not a kabuki dancer like Ryunosuke.
  36. Shinkenger Act 36: Definite maybe, this episode only works if they make the Gold Samurai Ranger also a sushi chef.
  37. Shinkenger Act 37: If they use this one, it will purely be for humor value. Basically, the Ayakashi glues ShinkenBlue’s and ShinkenGreen’s hands together, and they have to deal with that. So they’ll probably do that episode.
  38. Shinkenger Act 38: Yes, because it will introduce the MogyuBazooka and have Jii take a day off.
  39. Shinkenger Act 39: Possibly, it involves a town full of deranged, paranoid people attacking each other and the Samurai, and Takeru kind of back pedals in his relationship with the others out of some false sense of weakness.
  40. Shinkenger Act 40: Probably, it would be the first time Dokoku/Xandred would appear in the human world.
  41. Shinkenger Act 41: Probably, because it brings up Kotoha’s sister and her self-image issues, and how far she has gone since the first time this came up.
  42. Shinkenger Act 42: Yes, because in the next episode, Akumaro (sorry I haven’t mentioned him before now) will be destroyed.
  43. Shinkenger Act 43: Read above description.
  44. Shinkenger Act 44: Well, I know for a fact that they will include this one, since it shows that Takeru is a shadow, and that the real head of the Shiba Clan is Shiba Kaoru. And I also know that they will do this for Power Rangers Samurai, and that they already auditioned for the part (it was the same time as all the other auditions).
  45. Shinkenger Act 45: Ok, let’s face it, from this point on they’ll have to do the rest, from here to episode 49.

(for list of episodes, check here:

Now those are the episodes, and I want to pretend that we actually got somewhere with that. If we were to include the movies, the special dvd, and the one V-Cinema release, and depending on what they want to use and how long they will try to stretch out the series, they have more than plenty of material to use to come up with 40 episodes (plus a few specials), so I guess we just need to sit back and see what happens. And I need to update my images, maybe some composite of Takeru and Jayden slashing down (NOBODY STEAL THAT IDEA, I CAME UP WITH IT FIRST). And even though anybody who watched Shinkenger knows what’s going to happen in PRS, we will still sit there and watch it week after week. Because it’s Power Rangers, dammit!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin


Samurai Vs. Samurai: Is this the worst case of déjà vu or what?

So we are up to the fourth episode of Power Rangers Samurai, and for anyone who also watched Shinkenger (which luckily was easier to watch before Toei went crazy), you may have noticed some slight similarities. And by slight, I mean that the story line for each episode is a carbon copy of their Shinkenger equivalent. And believe it or not, that isn’t an exaggeration. Heck, there was even a short YouTube series by TeamNewCanada called Samurai Vs. Samurai (yeah, that’s where I got the title) that took scenes from both shows and compared them, and except for the Japanese stuff that most Americans wouldn’t get, and some of the scenes that they couldn’t put on the air for a kid’s show, it’s almost exactly the same (they stopped making them because their point had been made, but I wish they would have kept doing it, it was nice watching those episodes of Shinkenger again). Just take the episodes that have been on so far. The first episode was about Mike, and how he was behind the others in his level of training, and how he worked to overcome that gap his own way. Not only was that the premise of the third episode of Shinkenger (substitute Mike for Chiaki), but they copied what happened in the episode scene-by-scene. Him running off after practice, joining two friends of his at an arcade, his friends get hurt when the monster attacks, blames himself for what happened, and goes to practice under the moonlight while Red (either of them) meditates at their headquarters. And we’re not talking about stock footage here, they aren’t wearing spandex. This is what has happened. And a lot of people on the internet have cried fowl.

But can we really blame the writers for rehashing the episodes? Take what has happened  since Disney announced that they would not produce a new season of Power Rangers. First off, basically everyone that had been involved with producing Power Rangers for Disney was let go. Then, almost out of nowhere, Saban bought the brand back from Disney four months later, and announced that they would produce a new season, which they had intended on launching last year. But because of time and production costs, it didn’t launch until February. Plus, they had to bring in a new cast and a brand new crew, including a new writing staff, that had very little time to come up with a storyline for this new season based on what they had from the Shinkenger footage. What would be the fastest, easiest thing to do under those circumstances? Before now, the writing staff had months to prepare an original script for whatever series they were planning, maybe even while that series was on in Japan. Now, Shinkenger might have been over and done with in Japan, but they still only had so much time to throw a script together. Plus, they only had so much time to  shoot the whole thing, so there’s another time restraint. So, with all of that running together at once it’s no wonder that they basically rewrote the episodes, and added Bulk and that Spike character. And while some of the hardcore, old school fans might not like how similar it is to Shinkenger, it seems to work, because so far it’s ratings have been through the roof. So can we really complain?

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

How to Make a Kimono Girl Origami (with video) – wikiHow

How to Make a Kimono Girl Origami (with video) – wikiHow

via How to Make a Kimono Girl Origami (with video) – wikiHow.

Just randomly found this. Could you image if this had been one of the original Shinkenger Origami? Worst megazord EVER.

Go-Kaiger: What’s going on here?

So far, the season’s barely started and so much has already just exploded out of the series. So far, we’ve already learned a lot about where the story has been and where the story is going. Now, you’re probably wondering “How can you possibly know where the story is going to go beyond the next episode?”. Well, first off, stop interrupting me with all these silly questions and just listen; second, at this point, unless you just started watching the series, we all know the Super Sentai series story formula by this point. Everything you need to know generally about the series is usually revealed within the first 3-7 episodes. Within that, we can establish a general pattern for the overall story. Sure, they through in a few twists throughout the series to keep it interesting, but their not going to deviate too far from the formula. So let’s see what we can gather from what we know so far.

Let’s start with the first episode. From that we can gather three things: 1) In the very beginning, all the past sentai lost their powers defending the Earth in the Legendary War, so they probably won’t play an active role in future episodes, at least not until the last few episodes, or one of the movies. 2) From both the intro, and their own revealed background, they opposed Zangyack in the past, and that Zangyack destroyed and colonized their home world, so that means at some point they’re going to willingly and openly fight Zangyack at some point. And 3) They don’t see themselves as heroes, their identity as pirates are first and foremost to them, so they aren’t going to be embracing the idea that they are heroes for a while (even though their name actually means Heroic Rangers). Also, they apparently don’t have their own personal weapons, something that’s been part of the series since Goranger.

Now let’s take a look at the second episode (and some screenshots). First, I actually want to talk about Navi, the robotic parrot that plays two roles. It seems that Navi is both the navigator (duh) and the Go-Kaigers’ personal fortune teller. In the beginning of the episode, he predicted that they would need to find a man wearing black. While they didn’t find him then, he did show up at the end of the episode, but I’ll get to that later. So it seems that they are going to turn to Navi from time to time to get predictions of the future. Now if he could also grow and become a robo/mech then he’d have it made.

But enough about the bird, let’s talk about the part that EVERYONE is talking about. The flashback scene with AkaRed. For those of you who haven’t seen it, basically, the kid from the previews took the ShinkenRed RangerKey from Captain Marvelous, Marvelous went after him, found him, the kid said that he took it because he didn’t want anyone else to be killed like his grandfather was during the Legendary War protecting him, and that caused Marvelous to have a flashback to when he was (I guess) on his world running from Zangyack forces. While he’s trying to fight off the Gomin and get away from them, one of the Surgomin (the ones with the big arms and the blue heads) was about to finish him off when AkaRed jumped in and protected him.


And then he tells Marvelous that their journey together is ending, and that Marvelous needs to continue in his place and find the greatest treasure in the universe, giving him the chest with the Ranger Keys in it. (If you look closely, you can see that the logo on his chest has been changed to the 35th anniversary logo, and I think they also redesigned his belt buckle too)

Afterwards he runs towards the Gomins and fought them in a giant fiery explosion. But there’s something amiss here. First off, take a look at this photo.

Now, just because he’s using a Go-Kaiger weapon may not necessarily mean anything. But he also had the chest and Navi, and in the last shot in this scene, Marvelous is calling out to him in that cheesy dramatic “oh no, he’s just run straight to his doom” sort of way, but you don’t actually hear him, and it almost looks like he’s mouthing the word “Captain”. This makes me wonder if this is AkaRed at all, and not some former captain of the Go-Kaiger crew. I mean, how likely would it be that there could be an AkaRed RangerKey? And if you pay attention to the way Marvelous looks and acts in this scene, he’s not very captian-like. So that begs the question, where did they get the RangerKeys in the first place? Is that AkaRed who brought gave Marvelous the Go-Kaiger powers, or is it someone else who just happened to have the RangerKeys? And if this is someone else, how did he get the RangerKeys, and did he know about Earth and Super Sentai? I guess we’ll have to keep watching and see. While it would be cool, and sem-believable if it was AkaRed, it would also suck, because that means they just killed him off. So, I’m personally going to hope that it’s someone else, so that AkaRed could still be alive on Earth.

So, we’ve seen what we learned about AkaRed in relation to this series, let’s talk about the fact that anyone can use the Mobirates and RangerKeys to become any past senshi. ANYONE CAN USE THE MOBIRATES AND RANGERKEYS TO BECOME ANY PAST SENSHI. How awesome is that?! I mean you pull out the key for the senshi you want to henshin into, flip open the mobirate, insert the key, twist, and just like that, you’re that senshi. Take the scene where Zangyack attacks. Marvelous gives his mobirate to the kid that took the RangerKey, and let him change into ShinkenRed and fight Zangyack.

(The description below says Shinkenger) And surprisingly, the kid manages to hold his own for a minute, at least against the Gomin. He was fine until he took a swing at Bon Gun (a.k.a. monster-of-the-week), when this happened.

He was also thrown into the building in the background, but he was ok. He also learned a lesson about how serious and dangerous fighting evil was, but who cares about that. The Go-Kaiger learned from this kid how precious the Earth was, but that was going to happen anyway. The real moral of the story is that anyone could use the Go-Kaiger’s powers, a major change from past series where only certain people could be Sentai senshi and use those powers. So this could be something that happens again, though I doubt it will happen twice the same way.

Because of this openness, because of this level of flexibility, that’s what allows them to continually change into other senshi and not be restricted by color or gender. Take these  shots from their fight scene.

Okay, so that’s the same color scheme, but look at these other shots.

(I added the third pic so that you could see which senshi turned into which) After fighting as Dekaranger, they change into Hurricanger and right there and then, we see the first real instance of gender/color swapping revealed before now. Then they finish off Bon Gun by changing into various red senshi from different, nonsequential series. I wish I had pics from the finisher they used on him, it was really cool. They trapped him in a fire vortex using GoseiRed’s and MagiRed’s power, then Go-KaiBlue and Go-KaiPink pounded him as GaoRed and GekiRed respectively, and then Go-KaiRed dealt him a final slash as ShinkenRed, and then he blew up.

So, what we can get from this and the previous episode is that they will go through three different transformations in each episode, not including their initial transformation into Go-Kaiger. And of course, now they’ve brought out Go-KaiOh, so now that’s been brought in, and the formula is being adhered to.

And something tells me that they will be sailing off into the sunset at the end of almost all the episodes.

But, there seems, Go-Kaiger will have another special aspect to the series, because this man popped up at the end of the episode.

For those of you who may or may not know, this is Hashimoto Atsushi, he played Ozu Kai a.k.a. MagiRed in Magiranger and will appear in the next episode. For some reason he’s wearing a black robe with the Magiranger emblem on the chest (he also did something very odd with his hair). Not sure what exactly his role will be, but I’m assuming from the preview that he will give them MagiDragon, as there is a scene with Go-KaiOh and it suddenly has wings and a dragon head on its chest. Here are some pics from it (sorry, no Go-KaiOh).


(In the smaller pics, Go-KaiBlue is Big One and AbareBlack, Go-KaiYellow is GaoWhite and NinjaBlack, and Go-KaiPink is White Swan and Go-onBlack) Those are the three transformations, sorry I don’t have any of Go-KaiOh combined with MagiDragon. I can say that the pattern for this show has been established. I can also say though, that this is going to be a very unpredictable series. You never know what a pirate is going to pull out of his bootie! Long live bad pirate puns!

-M.C., the quantum twin

UPDATE: (3/1/11) Well, new episode, new information. For anyone that saw the third episode, we saw that during the episode, Kai/MagiRed had tested Marvelous and Doc, well Doc more than Marvelous, and that allowed them to fully access the Magiranger powers, including of course MagiDragon. It turns out that a.) Kai had lost, not only his sentai powers, but his ability to use magic, and b.) that when a previous character comes on, they will test Go-Kaiger in some manner, so that they learn about the real source of their particular powers, such as courage for Magiranger, and that when they pass that test, they will have full access to those powers, and may get a mecha/zord that they then can use with Go-KaiOh. In fact, their are going to be a number of appearences of past sentai senshi within the next few episodes. This includes encounters with DekaRed and GekiRed. For now, here are some picks from the most recent episode.


And here are some from episode 4. Looks like it will be a Joe/Go-KaiBlue focused episode.



New posts coming soon.

My policy on episode reviews: You may not like what you’re about to read.

So you’ve probably been going to my website over the past week or so, looking for episode reviews of the new episodes of PRS, Go-Kaiger, and OOO. Well, I hate to tell you this, but I don’t really plan on making episode reviews every week. Sorry, I just don’t really have the time or attention span to post reviews every week. Now mind you, I may talk about stuff that pops up in episodes, and if there are any sort of specials or movies that I see I’ll make reviews for that, but that may be it. Of course, if a series begins or ends, or there is just an episode that I really really like, I’ll review it. While we’re on the subject, I wouldn’t expect toy reviews either, mostly because I’m broke and cheap (that’s why this is still a URL address). Toy news, yes; toy reviews, no. And of course, I will cover any general toku news. And try to include more stuff in my posts, like pics and links and maybe the occasional vid or soundbite, or any kind of general media stuff. And I’m not sure just how many people like them, but I’ll try to do more polls, since everyone seems to respond more to them than they do my regular posts.

My next couple of posts will be discussing stuff that’s happened in the first two (maybe three) episodes of Go-Kaiger, I’ll talk about how way too similar and way too different Power Rangers Samurai is from Shinkenger, and I will do that Kamen Rider OOO über-gallery that I promised, and maybe HenshinHead will post more stuff too, now that there won’t be a lot of toku news for a while. Ja na.

-M.C., the quantum twin

500 VISITS!!! YAY!

Well, its official. Thanks to all of you, the site’s up to 500 visits! And Go-Kaiger hasn’t even premiered yet. lol. So anyway, PARTY TIME! You bring the food, I’ll bring the drinks, and we’ll all meet up on top of Tokyo Tower! (Please note that I will not actually be at Tokyo Tower and that if you go there and find a party going on, it won’t be mine) As always, I’ll try to keep you up-to-date on all things tokusatsu, including Power Rangers Samurai, Kamen Rider OOO (when I remeber to look up stuff for it), and the upcoming Go-Kaiger. My next big celebration will be when we get to 1000 visits (just so I don’t fill my blog with these posts), and for that, we’ll all meet up at Disney World dressed like our favorite Power Ranger, just to rub it in. In fact, if you have a Shinkenger outfit, wear it. See you then!

UPDATE: (2/9/11) Just wanted to say that yesterday another record for this site was broken. There were 43 visits, the highest its ever been. Admittedly, this number has been building up over the past few weeks, but I never expected to grow as quickly as it has. Might not be fast by internet standards, but considering that I have a very specialized blog with very stiff competition, that’s something. Oh no, no exclamation points! Wait there’s one! Now two! Three! OK, I’ll stop there. Ah, who am I kidding! WEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: (2/11/11) Now it’s 600! And this has been the busiest week Ever! And over 200 people have visited the sight just since the start of February! More Excaimation Points! WWEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: (2/15/11) Well, this is a little unexpected. Over the weekend, before, during, and after the premiere of Go-Kaiger, I had a major spike in the number of visits to the site, with 70 people on saturday, 118 people on sunday, pushing the total visits well past 800. I also collectively had over 350 people visit the site just last week, and over 500 people have visited the site just since the start of February. So to that, I must say this: Well hello. Where did you come from? So glad you could visit. (Sitting seductivly) I hope you have time to stay, and that you’ll remember to come back soon. I’ll be waiting here, just for you. 😉

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Power Rangers Samurai Premiere Episode review: Are you sure it’s the first episode?

Well, for those of you in the know, and maybe a few of you who aren’t, tonight was the premiere of Power Rangers Samurai on Nickelodeon. Now, for those of you who regularly read my posts and visit the site, you’ll notice that I didn’t end that sentence with an exclamation point. It’s not because I was disappointed by it. Far from that, in fact. No, it’s because, and I may be wrong on this, that didn’t seem like the first episode, for a lot of reasons. Let me tell you what happened.

For those of you who watched Shinkenger, essentially this episode was modeled after the first episode that focused on Chiaki. It started off with all of them training at the Shiba house (can you say reference?), and Mike, the green Samurai Ranger, basically keeps getting hit in the head, because he can’t sense the attack coming. Jayden tries to demonstrate with Kevin how it’s suppose to work, but after a minute, Mike sneaks off in the middle of training. Cut scene to the boat on the Sanzu river (in some ways, I’m glad they kept some of these names, but in other ways, it just feels like lazy writing, you know?) where you see everybody hanging out on the boat going on about how they need to flood the river with human tears to fill it and enter the human world. And that’s when Nylock-of-the-week (no name mentioned) pops up and says “Hey, I’ll beat everybody up with my special super-punchy fists”, or something like that. Back to the Shiba house, where Takeru (no ranting this time) tells Jayden how nobody has seen Mike since practice. Turns out he’s in an arcade with some friends he had before becoming a ranger, and tries to explain to them where he went and what he’s been doing. And that’s when fist-face pops up and attacks a crowd of people right next to Mike (how convenient!). He goes to fight the monster alone, gets the snot beaten out of him, his friends get hurt, and the Nylock leaves because he was drying out. Mike’s upset that his friends got hurt and that he couldn’t sense the monster’s attacks, and runs off to practice on his own while Jayden meditated under the moonlight. It’s the next day, and the Nylock attacked again, this time the other four go to morph and fight him, when Mike flips over everyone and says “I can take this guy alone”. Big fight scene where he eventually tangles the monsters arms around a building and takes him out. Then the monster grows bigger, they change into mega ranger mode and summon the Samurai megazord and take out the monster again. Then at the end there’s a big lesson about teamwork and how they can accomplish anything together. There’s also a scene in the middle of the episode with Bulk and Spike, but everyone’s scene it at this point and it’s inconsequential to the rest of the story. In fact, most of the episode made its way online by now, sooooooo…………….

First things first, that couldn’t have been intended to be the first episode. The whole time I watched it, it felt more like the second or third episode. Everything had already been established, they all knew each other and developed a team dynamic. I’m not sure why they skipped ahead, or if they’ll eventually show the episode where they team up later in the series, but I had a hard time getting past that.

 Even if it felt out-of-order, it was still a good episode. It had all of those Saban characteristics that Power Rangers has been missing since 2003. The cheesy jokes, the poorly edited transition scenes, the slapstick humor. It’s good to be home! Although I still want to find the person who thought that the whole “mega ranger” thing was a good idea and beat him with a stick. Rangers Together, Samurai Forever!

-M.C., the quantum twin

UPDATE: Apparently, the proper spelling of Nylock is “Nighlock”. Just fyi. I will try to remeber that spelling in the future.

UPDATE: (2/10/11) After seeing the episode again, I realized that they’re actually calling Takeru “Master Jii”. Still a reference to Shinkenger, even if it’s not a shout out to ShinkenRed.

Farewell, Goseiger: A Tribute to one of the finest Super Sentai series I’ve ever seen.

Today was the finale for Tensou Sentai Goseiger, and I must say, they did an excellent job with it! For those of you who saw the episode, skip on to the next paragraph; if not, then keep on reading. The episode started off with very fast-paced action, as they continued their fight with Burajira, starting with a combined suit-less roll call while they individually henshined, fighting Burajira without needing to rely on their super Goseiger powers. Of course, while they fought, the full solar eclipse took place, so Burajira attempted to take advantage of the situation, but they managed to fight him off, even having a giant mecha battle where they summoned the other headders to fight with them, forming a Skyick Landick Seaick Gosei Great, but even that wasn’t enough to stop him, though it made a big dent. After a giant explosion, they find themselves on the ground again with a nearly defeated Burajira, when Alata charges at him once more. Alata asked Burajira again why he was so intent on destroying the very world that gave him life, and Burajira justs gave that maniacal laugh, and thus the fighting started again. After a couple of minutes of back and forth, Alatat struck him down, at least he thought. The eclipse passed, and everything seemed like they were in the clear, but thats when Burajira popped up and allowed himself to be destroyed, filling the drills with his Dark Gosei Power, which shot them into overdrive and left Goseiger ten minutes to stop the drills and save the world from destruction. While they were trying to stop the drills Alata told them all of the great realization he had: that the reason that they were given the powers they have and why they were left on Earth to carry out the Gosei mission even though they were innature, was because they were immature, and after another one of his supershort inspirational speeches, they channeled their Gosei power, flew into the air, and combined their power and focused it across the whole world. Not only did they undo the damage caused by the drills, but the energy was enough to rebuild Heaven’s Tower. After that, there back at Dr. Amachi’s observatory and Master Head is telling them that they are full Gosei angels now, and that they can come back to Gosei World. But they ask to stay on Earth for the time being, so that they can experience more and mature a little more. Nozomu was excited by this, thinking that they planned on staying with them, only to be upset when they tell him that they aren’t. After running out of the room, Alata, goes after him to explain to him that just because they weren’t staying, didn’t mean they would never come back, or that they didn’t care about Nozomu. And with a small goodbye scene on the bridge that they showed in the ending credits, they all flew off to their own way. Datas and GoseiKnight, well they just sort of flew off into nowhere, while the rest of the Goseiger sort of went back to what they were doing before they came together. Hyde landed on the shore, Eri went to a children’s park, Agri and Monet went back into the woods, and Alata landed on top of a building, looking over the city.

So, I think its safe to say, that Goseiger was a suprisingly good series. When I say that, I’m refering to the fact that a lot of people, including myself I’m big enough to admit, thought that this was going to be a flop of a series, as big a fail as Magiranger was(to all Magiranger fans, lets face it, Magiranger wasn’t very good as a Sentai). We saw the advertisements, heard the opening, and nearly wrote the series off before it could start. I thought that this series was purposely targeted at the youngest of the sentai audience, and would be too simplistic to really enjoy. But boy, am I glad to be wrong! This series had me hooked from the first episode, and managed to keep me there through the whole series. It was very innovative too, introducing the headers, the use of the card medium (which may not be original, but is new to Super Sentai), senshi that have intra-group alliances (in other words, the fact that they come from specific tribes and that that identity precedes and nearly supercedes their Goseiger identity), and traditionally non-senshi helpers becoming either full members of the sentai or major partners (i.e., GoseiKnight and Datas).

What really defined the series wasn’t just watching the Goseigers develop and grow into their roles, but also watching Nozomu grow and open up through his friendship with Alata and the others. This has been one of the few series to really put focus on a character that wasn’t ever meant to be either a senshi or anything of the like. And in many ways, despite the fact that he’s about ten years old, he matures almost as much as any of the Goseigers. Not to mention that his “childish” understanding of how the world should work is part of what kept the Goseigers on path through some of the more difficult parts of their journey.

Overall, this has been one of the greatest series to come by in a long time, not to say the ones before it weren’t. It’s uncommon to see two equally good and equally popular Super Sentai series one after another. I guess it’s more of a credit to the writers of the series that they can just keep making gems. I just hope that Go-Kaiger is just as great.

Well this has taken me nearly all day to write, due to your usual set of distractions (chores, emergencies, internet-related schtuff

Power Rangers Samurai: OMG its almost here!

Its been awhile since I’ve written something about Power Rangers Samurai that wasn’t an update to something that I already posted. While, admittedly, there really isn’t anything new to report about it, there’s still a lot of stuff to say about it. For one, Nick has apparently picked up on just how popular the show has already become (without the series even starting), so they’ve actually been promoting it like crazy. Several new tv spots have come out just within the last couple of weeks, including some very epic minute-long commercials, like the ones with the rotating helmets. Both the Power Rangers Samurai webpage and the Power Rangers official website have really been working to improve their look and feel to make them more appealing, although, since the 145 Days of Power Rangers ended yesterday (Jan. 31), I’m a bit down. I hope they decide to keep them all online somewhere accessible. And in this time, we’ve come to know the upcoming story and these new characters a little better.

You have Jayden, the Red Samurai Ranger, the strong and fearless leader who seems a bit warmer than his Shinkenger counterpart. Then there’s Kevin, the Blue Samurai Ranger, the strict, disciplined one, who seems a little less over the top than Ryunosuke. Of course, they are followed by Mia (seriously, who picked these names?), the Pink Samurai Ranger, whose the big sister of the group (sound familiar?). Then there’s Mike, the Green Samurai Ranger, who is kind of a goofball and not all that interested in the disciplinary side of being a Samurai (in defense of the writers, they brought in a bunch of new ones, and there still learning the ropes, so give them some credit). And, of course, there’s Emily, who is, you guessed it, the Yellow Samurai Ranger, and a little country girl who went in place of her sick sister.

Outside of the main cast, there’s Takeru, who trains and watches over the Rangers. And they brought back Bulk! And with him they added a character that I’m assuming is Skull’s son, although I’ve got no idea of what his name will be. I’m not sure what they’ve renamed the Gedoushu in general, but the Nanashi Renjyuu are now called Moogers (sounds like something from TMNT, and I’m referring to the 80’s cartoon).

I’m so looking forward to the opening episode. I’m waiting on pins and needles for the February 7th premiere. Wow, these things are really starting to hurt. Anyway, that all I have to say for right now. Comeback the day of the premiere to get my review of the first episode. I can tell even now that it will be glowing. Ok, not waiting on these damn things anymore! And so we’re clear, you’re more than welcome to come back as many times before or after as you want. Who knows? I may just post more stuff between now and then. Dang it, I still have a needle stuck on my butt!

-M.C., the quantum twin

UPDATE: Apparently the character thats suppose to be Skull’s son is named Spike, and he calls Bulk “Uncle Bulk”. Don’t we all wish we had friendships that strong and that last that long. Video on IGN and YouTube of the two interacting with each other.

UPDATE: The Gedoushu are now called the Nylock (or something like that).

Will you look at that: Gender Reassignment in Go-Kaiger

Now I know what your thinking from the title, “Holy Crap! What kind of show are they making?”, but calm down, it’s not that kind of gender reassignment. Although now that you mention it, who are you to judge?! But seriously, no, it’s not that at all. This has more to do with the speculation over how many members Go-Kaiger will end up with. You see, when the rumors about Go-Kaiger started popping up, a good deal of them dealt with the possibility that there may be more than one senshi with the same color, like say, a male and female yellow, or a male and female blue. Other rumors included the possibility that there would be a number of extra senshi that would have a wide spectrum of colors in order to fill the color gap, such as the Go-KaiBlack rumors. But, according to recently released photos and screenshots, it seems that neither of these rumors were ever true.

There are two main sources that put the final nails in the coffin for these rumors. The first is the released footage from the Goseiger Vs. Shinkenger movie, that shows the entire squadron changing into red senshi from the previous five seasons. That’s a huge indicator that show that clearly any one of them can turn into any previous senshi. The second source comes from a magazine (publication unknown to myself)that has both a two-page spread where each of the senshi are surround by all the previous senshi they will change into in the show AND a foldout poster that feature them in the center and images of the team changed into previous teams organized around the poster. And let me put it this way, there are a number of them who are wearing skirts now that weren’t before, and there are even a couple missing skirts.

Well, here’s the skinny of how the teams will be worked out. Basically, all past yellow senshi are now female, all past blue are male, and Go-KaiGreen will mostly be changing back-and-forth between green and black. Now it’s not completely strict to that. Go-KaiPink, for example, will change into Black Bison from Liveman, KuwagataRaijer, GekiChopper, and Go-OnBlack. Go-KaiYellow will also take the role of Big One from JAKQ, and ChangeMermaid. And Go-KaiGreen will also change into KabutoRaijer. And in two cases the full team isn’t there. SunVulcan only has three senshi, and Abaranger doesn’t include AbareKiller. The only real consistency is that, at least on that poster, red is always male. But considering the possibility that any of them could be any one of those past senshi, who knows what could happen!

But, at the end of the day, who can really say for certain what will happen, and who cares? As long as they do a decent job with it, and they’re able to get past the problems that have shown up in other series that have done the same thing already (although I would like to say that I liked Kamen Rider Decade, even if some people absolutely hated it). And besides, when they’re not past senshi, they’re pirates, and pirates are always cool, mostly.


-M.C., the quantum twin