Go-Kaiger New Toy Pics: Well, I know what I want Santa-chan to bring me this year!

We’ve got some new scans of upcoming toy releases for Go-Kaiger. So get those wish lists out, because you’re about to make some changes.

And this is what a t-shirt looks like when someone who knows what they’re doing designs them. I might have to rip some of these stuff off…

And there is also some news for Dice-Oh!

Yeah, so there’s a whole lotta new stuff, and some big updates here, so go get those credit cards out and get ready to charge the living hell out of them! And could someone get me something too?

-M.C., the Quantum Twin


Merry Christmas from Santa-chan!

Happy Holidays to Everyone, and Happy New Year!

Your Friends,

HenshinHead and M.C.